There is speculation that Cllr Bob Penrose (Sully Independent) may be been offered a cabinet role in the Vale Council’s new Conservative administration

Details of the new Conservative-led administration for the Vale of Glamorgan Council won’t be released until next week – but PDN   understands that Sully Independent, Councillor Bob Penrose, may be offered a seat on the new council’s cabinet.

Cllr Penrose was not available for comment today – and it’s not yet known how many Vale councillors will be appointed to the council’s ruling cabinet under Conservative Leader John Thomas .

Former Conservative leader Gordon Kemp (Rhoose) may also be in the new cabinet.

There is also speculation that the new Vale Cabinet line-up could include former Conservative Leader Cllr Gordon Kemp (Conservative Rhoose) who won his Rhoose seat back after being ousted in 2012.

However it is  understood that neither of the two new Penarth Conservative councillors elected to the Vale Council – Cllr Ben Gray and Cllr Kathryn McCaffer (both Plymouth Ward)  – have been offered cabinet roles.

Under the previous Labour administration in the Vale Council there were originally 7 members of the cabinet – including the council leader – but this was reduced to 6 when Cllr Rob Curtis resigned, and a further cabinet seat was removed when former Deputy Leader Cllr Stuart Egan (who has now retired)  became Vale Mayor.

A new Vale of Glamorgan Mayor will be elected next week.



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  1. If you are elected please do come to our requested community sos meeting with the leader and general manager of the Vale council re the pacl and pavilion fiasco and 5 million plus of public funds – we are demanding a public enquiry, review of vale lease to pacl, immediate stop to all funding until 2016 accounts are in and an independant financial, operational and marketing audit is undertaken and all directors and trustees past and present interviewed This is critical as it’s public money and non engagement by company and directors is not forth coming

    • Frank Evans says:

      Nicky you are like a broken record. If this is your idea of PR then no wonder you are banned from so many penarth venues.

      • Daft o dul says:

        Yes comes across as nutter PR.

        If I wanted a nutter promoted to the world I would use this lady!

    • Philip Rapier says:

      The previous Vale Cabinet was little more than an Officers rubber stamp and an affront to Democracy. That is why control was lost
      Four spaces deliberately unfilled to avoid anyone disagreeing.
      The Tories could allow three cross party appointments (Plaid Independent etc ) with little risk of vote overturning or meetings being held to ransom.
      Any malicious voting would easily be overturned by Full Council

      • David Moorcraft says:

        Dare I ask, since Labour has now lost control of the Vale Council, what, if anything has happened to the – until now , at least , – All Powerful Cabinet Member for So Many Things , Cllr Lis Burnett?

        This Lady does have strong views and opinions, granted, but I know that I ( yes, a Labour voter) was just one of many who did not share them.

        Incidentally, I wonder if the new Vale Council could look again at the traffic alignment over the railway bridge going up to the Barons Court traffic lights ? There’s definitely room for improvement to improve the flow of traffic out of Penarth and reduce pollution in Cogan.

  2. Ian Perry says:

    “Independent” within a cabinet with collective responsibility?

  3. Chris David says:

    I don’t give a monkeys about the bogus “cabinet” all I care is that Labours wacky decisions and plans are reversed and we see a council working for the people not against them here on in.

  4. The Dairy Farmer says:

    Tell us about the money you raised previously at the Dorchester and St Davids hotel Ms Page?

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