Rebecca Adlington OBE samples a cup of coffee “The Training Ground” at Station Approach, Penarth

The “Training Ground” may sound like just the place for Olympic champion – but this particular “training ground” – being opened today by record-breaking swimming star Rebecca Adlington –  is actually Penarth’s latest coffee bar. 

Rebecca Adlington – who retired from competitive swimming aged 23 – is a frequent visitor to Penarth

Rebecca is a close friend of fellow-Olympic swimmer and Penarth resident Tom Haffield and also of Simon Baston  – the boss of local development company Loftco –  who has  bought and renovated the British Legion building in Station Approach, Penarth as a state-of-the-art office complex.

Creatively squeezed into what was once a mere ground-floor cupboard between the entrance to the new offices and   “The Bottle Shop” is   – the “Training Ground coffee bar .

Just a few yards from Penarth Station the new coffee bar is ideally located to serve the hundreds of rail passengers who pass by every day.

The Training Ground at Station Approach  serves coffee to go from 07:00 to 13:00 six days a week

The Training Ground coffee bar opened for business on Monday and has been an instant success with rail commuters and local shoppers . It’s open Mondays to Saturdays inclusive from 07:00 until about 13:00 .



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  1. LeighA says:

    I can confirm they serve an excellent cup of coffee! Good luck with the venture

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Every success to Rebecca Adlington OBE -your entrepeneurial, community spirit is refreshing in every sense of the word.

      Just “a few yards from Penarth Station” sadly unsporting, abusive, yobbish behaviour continues by speeding “Lycra Louts on Bicycles.” gets worse!
      What I desperately need is your contributor Ms. Paget to contact me as a matter of urgency. I am in need of the good lady’s valuable contacts with H.R.H. Charles and others who reside in close proximity to the Royal Parks. -No-this is certainly not a jest!

      My hope is that with Ms Paget’s help and contacts will be able to persuade the Prince of Wales that his subjects being able to perambulate in safety without the presence of the “cut throat” attitude of cyclists on the Penarth to Cosmeston Railway Path is just as important as that of his subjects in the Royal Parks. (Hyde Park Kensington Gardens)

      Hopefully the new Conservative controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council will help as well as H.R.H. Prince Charles. After all what is good enough for the Royal Park is OK for Penarth surely?

      From ROAD c.c. CYCLING MAGAZINE 10 MAR 17

      “The London Evening Standard reports that the plan is to fit 28 rows of raised granite setts – or “rumble strips” – between Speakers Corner and Hyde Park Corner. New signage will also be put up, reminding cyclists of the presence of pedestrians.”

      “Simon Richards, who leads The Royal Parks’ Cycling Board, said: “Everyone has to recognise that when they come into a park they’re entering a very different environment; for everyone’s sake we want to encourage cyclists to adjust their behaviour when moving from busy roads to peaceful paths, and similarly pedestrians need to be aware there are a whole variety of other users they have to watch out for.”

      “Our parks welcome a range of visitors, all of whom come to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. While we welcome cyclists and offer 68 miles of cycle routes, pathways and horse tracks, it is important we do all we can to ensure everyone can enjoy our parks in safety.”

      The Royal Parks wants cyclists to ride at a “considerate cycling speed” of 8-12mph – although this is not legally enforceable.

      “Royal Parks statistics showed 1,200 cyclists used cycle paths through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park during rush hour. 6.6 per cent were clocked riding at over 20mph, 29.5 per cent at 16-20mph, 43.1 per cent at 12-16mph, 13 per cent at 10-12mph and 7.7 per cent at 10mph or below.”

      “One cyclist was clocked riding at 32mph.”

  2. Peter Church says:

    £2.50 for a take away coffee??
    Make your own for 9p as this is the true cost of actual coffee per cup.
    Unless you want to pay for business rates, business rent, staff costs, insurance, food hygiene certification costs, heat, light, disposable cup, disposable stirrer oh and another 20% on top of everything top for VAT
    A Take away coffee every working day for a year is £650
    Go buy a great coffee machine a years supply of coffee and 5 insulated cups and you will still be quids in.
    Penarth, wake up and smell the hype!

    • mikeyorke says:

      Or save your money on a computer and write a letter to Penarth Daily News instead saving you even more money and also the environment by using recycled paper.

      Better still, make your own flags out of discarded food wrappers and send the via semaphore

    • Vic says:

      Peter, you’ve completely neglected to include the time it takes to make a proper cup of coffee in your cost calculations. I estimate that it would easily add 5 to 10 minutes to my daily routine to boil the kettle to preheat the flask, grind the coffee, time for the coffee machine to heat up to 90C, fill the coffee basket and tamp it down, make the coffee, then more time for the coffee machine to heat up 100C and then heat/froth the milk, and not forgetting the cleaning up afterwards (plus cleaning the flask when I get home). I can earn as much if not more in that 10 minutes than it costs me to by a good takeout coffee so for me it is not the rip-off you claim it to be. I enjoy making my coffee at the weekend, but when I’m rushing to work in the morning I, like many, do not have time to make it so will happily pay for a decent cup of coffee.

      As for the environmental issues; yes there are some coffee shops who certainly need to change the way their branded cups are made so that they can be recycled, but many already use cups that can be.

      All the best to the new business!

  3. Nincompoop says:

    Good luck! Hope Sian from Foxys isn’t going to complain!

  4. mikeyorke says:

    Good luck to yet another business in Penarth opening its doors. Great to see 👍🏻

  5. The Dairy Farmer says:

    Peter Church – get a grip – did you not realise that it’s taxes from running successful business which pays towards the NHS which will look after you when you are “carted off to the funny farm”
    Good luck to the “Training Ground”

    • Peter Church says:

      Take away coffee is a rip off. No wonder every street corner in the land is full of coffee shops, the closest thing to being able to print money we have!
      The electricity and gas companies get around 6% margin and there are calls to regulate them.
      Take away coffee sellers have 94% margin and everyone thinks this is OK?
      Good luck to this business, but coffee take aways is also responsible for a huge increase in non recyclable waste.

      • Sick of the same old politicians says:

        Just had the same conversation with a friend earlier today but if some one is daft enough to buy it let them!

      • Mike says:

        So what isn’t “daft” to spend your money on then? A meal in a restaurant? A pint in a pub? A holiday abroad? If people are happy to spend nearly £3 on a coffee leave them to it. What’s your view on those who spend a small fortune at James Sommerin?

      • Peter Church says:

        I don’t have a view on James Sommerin Restaurant as I could not AFORD IT!
        If anyone would like to sub me I would be very grateful. 🙂

  6. sjleworthy says:

    How does it work? Is it still the bottle shop? Is it a coffee bar? Is it both? Wassup?

    • NewsNet says:

      It has no connection with The Bottle Shop. It’s actually in a former cupboard which was part of the main entrance into what used to be the British Legion.

    • Just to clarify its a totally seperate but welcome addition.
      I think as we have moved tables and seating into the front of our shop in recent months (was prev in back room) some people had thought we were serving coffee.
      It is in fact a very innovative hatch just to the side of our doors that will be serving coffee.
      Our seating is for people who wish to come in and have a glass of wine / beer with us – play board games or have a chat.
      That said if its raining we wont mind too much if people want to bring their Training Ground coffees in.

  7. snoggerdog says:

    notice they dont do CAMP coffee,now theres a coffee with the sugar allready in & added chicory. there used to be an advert on radio caroline the pirate ship brian alldiss with his most sincere tone, “tastes like good coffee should taste”

  8. Kevin Halborg says:

    Best of luck guys. Great innovation using such a small place to create a business. Great coffee too.

  9. Just wanted to wish our Neighbours all the best. Always great to see something new open especially if its a new concept and someone having a go.
    We have had lots of people coming into the shop asking about it the last few weeks so hopefully that will translate into a vibrant trade for Training Ground.
    A great addition to Station Approach (and Penarth)
    Plus Watson enjoys all the people watching the queues for coffee will bring.
    Team Bottle Shop

  10. A Smith says:

    Good luck to the new venture.

    Its good to see the former Legion building looking cared for and being used to its full potential something that was simply beyond the former clubs moribund, pitiable management.

    What a bargain that building was for £380K.

  11. 92 and a social butterfly says:

    Will they be doing those trendy expresso martinis?

    • Black Americano says:

      Probably not – it’s not the sort of thing one drinks on one’s way to work in the morning.

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