Penarth’s 2017/2022 town councillors on the front lawn at West House last night

The new Labour-controlled administration of Penarth Town Council officially came into being last night when 12 newly-elected councillors joined 4 re-elected members from the previous Labour administration to begin what will be a 5-year term of office running until 2022.

The newly-installed Mayor of Penarth Cllr Ken Lloyd (Conservative Cornerswell)

As forecast by PDN on Thursday, Cllr Ken Lloyd (Conservative Cornerswell) was elected as the new Town Mayor for a 1 year term.

He succeeds Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines) – who will remain as Leader of the Council .

[ The full list of elected councillors following the May 4th election is on]

Elected as Deputy Mayor (which means he will be Mayor in 2018/19) was newly-elected councillor Jon Luxton (Labour Stanwell) .

Before the inaugural Annual General Meeting of the council began, members posed outside for official photographs to be taken on the front lawn of the council’s HQ at West House. Apologies were received from the newly-elected Kathryn McCaffer (Conservative Plymouth Ward) who was unable to be present. She is the daughter of Conservative leader Cllr Martin Turner (Conservative Plymouth Ward) .

Outgoing Mayor Cllr Mike Cuddy was wearing his chain of office for the last time before handing over the regalia to his successor

Opening the meeting the outgoing Mayor – Cllr Cuddy – welcomed the presence of Mayors and deputies from “all the principal towns in the Vale of Glamorgan” and guests.

The Town Clerk Emma Boyden confirmed that, following the results of the local elections on May 4th,  all elected Penarth councillors had signed “letters of acceptance”.

She also announced that the Leader of the Labour Group on the Council (11 members) would be Cllr Mike Cuddy [resuming the role he had in the 2012/2017 council] and that his deputy will be Cllr Ian Buckley (Labour Cornerswell)  .

Cllr Martin Turner, (Conservative Plymouth Ward) Leader of the Conservative Group

The Leader of the 5-strong Conservative Group will be  Cllr Martin Turner (Conservative Plymouth Ward) and his deputy is to be Cllr Ben Gray  (Conservative Plymouth Ward). It was Cllr  Turner who  invited to propose a candidate for the election of the Town Mayor.

Cllr Turner nominated Cllr Ken Lloyd (Conservative Cornerswell) to serve as Penarth’s new Mayor .  Cllr Lloyd – Cllr Turner said – was “born and raised in Maesteg, had worked in coal mines, NHS hospitals and – for many years – at the Royal Mint in Llantrisant “. 

He said Cllr Lloyd had also given “valuable service to Penarth” by working in the local Cancer UK charity shop and had previously been a Councillor and a Deputy Mayor of Penarth [ 2011/2012] .

Cllr Turner’s nomination of Cllr Lloyd as the new Mayor was seconded by outgoing mayor Cllr Cuddy, who then bestowed Cllr Lloyd with the ceremonial Mayoral chain, symbolising the official transfer of office. 

The council table has now been changed to a long -“10 Downing St-style cabinet table”. Here the outgoing Mayor Cllr Mike Cuddy is congratulating the new Mayor of Penarth, Cllr Ken Lloyd (Photo Penarth Town Council)

Cllr Jon Luxton (Labour Stanwell) is the new Deputy Mayor of Penarth

Cllr Cuddy then proposed that the new Deputy Mayor of Penarth should be newly-elected Cllr Jon Luxton (Labour Stanwell) –  a motion which was seconded by Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell)  and passed by acclamation.

Making his first official speech as Town Mayor,  Cllr Lloyd said he felt very proud to be elected as Mayor of Penarth Town – returning to the council chamber after an absence of 5 years during which  he had closely followed the council’s activities.  “I will do my very best to represent Penarth Town – and give it all I’ve got”  he said .

The new Mayor of Penarth Cllr Ken Lloyd

Mayor Lloyd said “We’re only a little town but we’ve done great things through the councils “ – and paid tribute to the previous [Labour] administration which he said had “done some good things and worked hard”.

He said “I hope I can continue in a good vein , to look after the people of Penarth and serve the people well. I hope you will be well satisfied”  – a comment which was followed by applause.

He paid tribute to the achievements of the previous council including the new lift for the use of disabled people at West House – telling Cllr Cuddy “That’s one pleasing thing that you have done in your reign”. Cllr Lloyd also praised the new finger-post  direction signage in Penarth and the town’s inclusion on the Sunday Times  list of best places to live in Britain.

Mayor Lloyd announced that his nominated charities would be Cancer UK and the Royal Institute for the Blind.

Outgoing Mayor, Cllr Mike Cuddy, thanked councillors and council staff for the support he had received in the previous council . He said the most significant change was the change in colleagues . He said “I’m sorry that we have seen a number of highly experienced councillors move-on or fail to be re-elected” but this was compensated for by the opportunities presented by a new council and the “fresh perspective they offer –  and the questions they ask ” .

One new councillor – he said – had asked him “why are there Mayors?”.  Cllr Cuddy said it was only when someone had been a mayor that they actually knew the answer –  and wished Cllr Lloyd good luck in the role. There followed a ceremonial change of gifts, a book for Cllr Cuddy,  flowers for female consorts, ties and lapel-pins for men.

 The chairs and deputy chairs of  the new council committees were announced:-

  • Policy Development and Innovation : Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines) , Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell)
  • Planning and Infrastructure : Cllr Nigel Humphrey (Labour St Augustines) , Cllr Cuddy (Labour St Augustines)
  • Venues Facilities and Events: Cllr Rhiannon Birch (Labour Cornerswell) , Cllr Yvonne Murphy (Labour St Augustines)
  • Democracy and Civic Services : Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines), Cllr Mark  Wilson (Labour Stanwell)
  • Finance and HR:  Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell) , Cllr Ian Buckley (Labour Cornerswell )

The council representatives on local school governing bodies will be:-

  • Albert Primary: Cllr Liz Fahy (Labour St Augustines)
  • Victoria Primary:  Cllr Rhiannon Birch (Labour Cornerswell)
  • Evenlode Primary:  A Dinas Powys councillor is to sit on this body
  • Cogan Primary: Cllr Laura Rochefort (Labour Cornerswell)
  • Fairfield Primary: TBA
  • Ysgol Pen-y-Garth: TBA
  • St Joseph’s:  Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustine’s)
  • Bute Cottage Nursery :  Cllr Ellie Evans (Labour Stanwell)
  • Cogan Nursery: Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustine’s)

Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustine’s) will remain the council’s representative on the board of the beleaguered “charity” Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd – which holds the lease on Penarth Pier Pavilion

The Penarth Town Council nominee trustee on the board of Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd[ the not-for-profit company/charity which holds the lease of Penarth Pier Pavilion] is to be the current council representative Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustine’s) who will continue in the role.

The new Vale of Glamorgan Council will appoint its representative to the board of Penarth Arts and Crafts next week.





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  1. Mike Cuddy then is the perfect person to come in front of a people’s independant enquiry as requested, today also, to the current vale leader of the council until Wednesday (when John Thomas we think takes over, who has pledged to brief the new leader and general manager personally on Wednesday) – of the need for a public enquiry on pacl it’s directors and council members past and present, who have been part of the fiasco of non accountability for 5 plus million pounds of our money – directors who can’t direct and trusted trustees of our heritage who don’t seem to be trustworthy?

    I’m glad that today, when I went into the Penarth town hall to find out where my written notification on so called banning order was, as still nothing has come in writing from the council or the clerk months later, one new representative was present; another was knitting.
    I also needed written understanding of the councils regulations of banning of people’s meeting flyers from the library and Kymin and support of banning from the Pavillion.

    He, the newly elected candidate seemed somewhat bemused at the issue on banning ordersI’m sure like me; under what legal authority has the council got against residents simply fighting for democracy and public accountability of elected members and professional services from paid staff, when simply booking a public events in public Penarth buildings. Council had doubled booked

    The other elected member knitted on. No comment – silence or, but it wasn’t me… is no excuse when it comes to right and wrong and the law and people’s money

    Ah well, democracy has many ways of showing itself it seems in Penarth – just as well some of us have very long memories.

    I wish the new comers to Penarth council success and sincerely hope for a more mature and transparent and inclusive attitude to help save our pavilion from unsafe hands – new leader I and the sos team representatives are very happy to meet you – just let me know when. I love ❤️ Penarth Community Action Group

  2. 92 and a social butterfly says:

    look at the camera and say cheese

  3. Jon Luxton. Please put some sense on the matter. Appreciate your support on the issue of overstepping the mark by old councillors and inappropriate leadership re pacl – cuddy is still muddy re the issues and needs to face the music so the people in the sos campaign feel – Nicki for I love ❤️ Penarth action group. Good luck in the role nice to see you today in the town hall

  4. The Dairy Farmer says:

    what about the money raised from your charity efforts at the Dorchester and St Davids Hotel Ms Page, only £1100 from two extravaganzas!!

    • Suggest you spend your time milking your cows rather than being so uninformed do your own homework lazy bones – who are you anyway get out of the cow shed into the sunlight – real identity happy to spend a few minutes face to face to educate you –

  5. clive williams says:

    Well done Ken and Georgia, enjoy your year. I am glad I asked you, in my role as President, to stand in the elections, I am only sorry I am not there to support you.

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