The Vale of Glamorgan Council HQ in Barry

The new Conservative administration in the Vale of Glamrogan Council appears to be  reverting to a 7-member cabinet in place of the 5-member cabinet which ran the old Labour Vale Council in its latter days.

Although no official announcement has yet been made, a leaked version of the list of new members of the cabinet is already doing the rounds.

The seven-strong cabinet – according to the “leaked” list  – are all Conservative members except for Bob Penrose (Independent Sully) who is said to be taking on the Education portfolio :-

  • John Thomas (Rhoose) (Leader)
  • Hunter Jarvie (Cowbridge) (Deputy Leader)
  • Gordon Kemp (Rhoose) (Social Services)
  • Bob Penrose (Independent Sully) (Education)
  • Geoffrey Cox  (Cowbridge) (TBA)
  • Andrew Parker (Cowbridge) (TBA)
  • John Bird ( Wenvoe) (TBA)

An official announcement – with the definitive list – is to be issued later this week. The original speculative leaked list – published this morning – contained errors and wrongly included the  Vale Mayor and Deputy Mayor – who are not cabinet members.

Subject to approval at Wednesday’s Annual Meeting of the council it’s  proposed to pay il pay a total of 15 so-called “Senior Salaries” . There  are also 2 “Civic Salaries” which would be received by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, as set out below:-


  •  Cabinet Members – 7
  • Group Leaders (in respect of Groups comprising 10% or more of the total membership of the Council) – 1
  • Scrutiny Committee Chairmen – 5
  • Chairman of Planning Committee -1
  • Chairman of Licensing Committee – 1


  • Vale Mayor – 1
  • Vale Deputy Mayor Deputy Mayor -1.

It is yet to be established whether the council’s Annial Meeting on Wednesday June 24th is being streamed live on the internet.

It is also not yet known whether Vale Council cabinet meetings of the new Conservative Vale cabinet are to be streamed live on the internet – something which the outgoing camera-shy Labour administration consistently refused to do – despite the £350,000 investment made in tv facilities in the council chamber.


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  1. Very telling no one from Penarth – so we have an independant view on the Penarth pavilion fiasco with people running pacl and Penarth pier Ltd and trusted trusteees and those on Penarth council still involved – urgent meeting John Thomas and chief executive please with me and sos community team is needed with public enquiry date for name and shame sessions in the public arena set

  2. Grey says:

    No reps from Penarth showing how little consideration the conservative council will be giving to our local issues

  3. Philip Rapier says:

    Turkey’s Erdogan must have advised the Conservatives on this little bit of neo-facist Strong and Stable Government. A typical Tory stitch up by the “Aga Louts” of the Vale.
    Cowbridge population “3616” has an unbelievable 3 representatives in the “Cabinet”
    Dinas Powys and Penarth are joined at the borders in the same traffic pollution overcrowded housing nightmare.
    We in Penarth /Dinas Powys have 1 representative in the Cabinet for a combined Population of 30000.
    Guess where the Aga Louts will make sure the unwanted unnecessary Housing Developments are built?

  4. Barry boy says:

    A rural vale cabinet. None of the six conservative councillor elected in the Barry wards deemed worthy it seems

  5. Penarth councillors not up to the job either

  6. Rhys Jones says:

    What about the poor people of Sully who have been duped into voting for an ‘independent’ only to find out that they actually voted for a Conservative candidate? Feeling very annoyed and dismayed by the whole scenario!

  7. Robert says:

    At least Liz can try and be quiet now.

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