A veritable cavalry commands Penarth Esplanade (Photo Sally Orchid- Orchid Films)

More than 30 horses and riders rode around Penarth and sauntered along the Esplanade in the summer sun at the weekend as part of a drive by the horse-riding community to bring their “Pass Wide and Slow ” campaign to public attention.

For a Victorian town like Penarth it was almost a throw-back to 19th century when everyone travelled either on horse-back or by shanks’s pony.

The horses were looking forward to taking a breather on the grassland of Cliff Walk (Photo Sally Orchid – Orchid Films ) Twitter

The campaign aims to improve the way in which car-drivers and horse-riders co-exist on the highway  and  is calling on the Welsh Government to run an annual road safety awareness campaign.

Similar town-rides were taking place in Swansea, Neyland, Flintshire, Machynlleth and Portmadoc over the weekend.

Horseriders say the areas where they can ride their steeds is “very limited” – and , in any case, usually have to reached by road – so almost every horse-ride does involve a road journey.

The weekend ride began at Cosmeston Farm Livery on Lavernock Road Penarth and traversed Westbourne Road, Victoria Road, Stanwell Rd, Rectory Rd, Beach Rd, The Esplanade, Cliff Hill, Raisedale Road, Westbourne Road, Lavernock Road ending back at Cosmeston Farm … and no doubt provided local gardners with some useful fertiliser en-route.

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  1. 249ers says:

    I fully support the riders campaign of “Pass Wide and Slow” however when the group passed us near Cosmeston there was no indication why the group was riding together. There were no banners or placards. The only indication it was an event was that people were walking alongside the horses with clipboards.
    The group were very polite shouting out their “thank yous ” but I’m sure many of the car drivers caught up in the massive queue behind them would have been more supportive and patient if they had known the reasons for this parade.

  2. Great idea. Could we do a keep your distance from pacl – public protest by sos Penarth ? On the pier – whose in. That will bring the TV cameras again for sure

  3. Frank Evans says:

    Selfish well to do individuals who could care a jot the mess their animals leave behind.

    • Frank Evans says:


    • Vicky says:

      Are you describing yourself there Frank?

      • Peter Church says:

        No I think he was referring to horse riders, who let their horses foul footpaths, cycle ways and roads and seem to think that’s its nothing to do with them!
        At least the Police when they use horses have a contract with the council to clean up the mess after them.

    • Michelle says:

      They went behind them and cleaned up the mess none was left in the town or the seafront, and us riders are not well do to feel free to pick up the mess it will help your garden!!

    • Viv says:

      The majority of rider’s are hard working mum’s .& On this occasion truck was following behind picking up any dropping s

    • Sarah Griffiths says:

      The majority of Horse people are not well to do and a large majority of manure was picked up and at the end of the day there is nothing bad with horse manure as opposed to Dog facies as people pay to have manure put on their allotments to grow their vegetables

  4. NickP says:

    Just another entitlement hobby that neither pays towards their use of nor insurance against damage or injury while using the roads.

    • Ford Prefect says:

      Do the fossil car drivers pay for the 29000 deaths per year they cause? Do they compensate the families, pay for the funeral costs? Or do they just chug along in blissful ignorance, assuming some sort of god-given right to poison the world as a result of their lazy and selfish choices?

      • Kira says:

        Think you will find the only reason road tax is paid is due to pollution? Electric cars are free and so are lower emission cars. Horses don’t pollute so therefor don’t need to pay road tax. Next generic comment please.

  5. Ulrike says:

    Hi Nick, all riders on the ride had public liability insurance. We all pay our taxes and if you refer to use of the famous ‘road tax’ car drivers supposedly pay, that was abolished a long time ago. So horse riders contribute as much as car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to the up keep of the roads. Horse riding is a physically and mentally stimulating hobby that leads to lots of social and inter generational interaction. You should give it a go! We welcome everybody.

    • Peter Church says:

      There are plenty of fields to ride around in all day long, roads are for transport.
      But like most elitist hobbies, the most import thing is to be seen!!

      • Kira says:

        if we rode in the fields that farmers use to produce your food I’m sure you’d have an issue with that too 😒

      • Ford Prefect says:

        Ahh the moans of someone who has chosen a life outside of society, who sits at home and groans and grumbles about everything and everyone that is different to himself. I’m not sure who riding a horse is elitist, or a bike for that matter. Horse riding is pretty low cost, cycling even more so. What is expensive, is buying and fuelling a car. Very expensive. Tens of thousands of pounds. You couldn’t get much more ‘elitist’ than that.

  6. Nincompoop says:

    Three points here:

    Nicky Page- yet to answer many many previous requests by other PDN readers questions regarding financial irregularities ( I’m surprised you still keep posting and are not embarrassed by your complete lack of accountability!)

    Frank: Get a life, I expect you are one of the regular moaners here on PDN, you are obviously basing your ill informed opinion on some out dated idea re riding being ” well to do”. Most riders I know of are “ordinary”-whatever that means people. Why describe them as “selfish”?

    Nick P: Are you related to Frank?? What is an “entitlement hobby”, if people want to spend their time and money caring for and enjoying riding their horses, why on earth shouldn’t they?
    I don’t understand what you mean when you state “… neither pays towards their use of our insurance against damage or injury while using our roads”.

    Why should they pay towards use of the roads when they cause little if any damage, and as far as I’m aware there are very few roads they can use safely, due to the number of idiotic and careless drivers who think they are king of the road!

    By the way I do not own a horse or ride one, but I’m fed up of all the moaners on PDN, let people enjoy their hobbies safely!

  7. whatsoccurin says:

    some months ago on a Sunday morning I purchased my newspaper and wished a lady riding a large horse on Bridgeman Road a “good morning”-however it was clear that there was a problem, the lady was having difficulties controlling the horse ans the horse was panicky because the road was slippery, and cars were travelling down Bridgeman Road much too fast-I ended up walking behind the horse slowing cars down-fortunately no mishaps of the fertiliser kind!!

  8. Sian says:

    I would like to point out that this ORGANISED ride and the council and police and other emergency services were aware. We had walkers behind us clearing up any mess, due to the number of horses.

    We have every right to ride on the roads.
    I pay over double for my horse insurance, compared to my card insurance on an annual basis, AND I pay for BHS cover to increase my level of public liability insurance.

    The roads are now funded through EVERYONES tax, and not VEHICLE tax.

    In our area there are 2 bridlepaths – one through the centre is cosmeston and one in the woods in Michaelstone le Pit. Neither are fit for purpose, both involve us risidinf to them. There is one additional permissive access route also in Cwm George Woods. To get to any of these off road routes we have to ride on the roads. NONE of us WANT to ride on the roads. Their increasingly dangerous, country lanes are actually thebworst of these as people use them as short cuts, drive too fast round blind bends and are frequently on their phones!! The council and government are not pro-active in setting out new bridlepath routes, and these are actually diminishing all over the county. A friend lives in the midlands where most of their riding in off road, in the edges of farmers fields. Due to the Brexit situation the farmers have lost their funding to keep the edges of their fields as tracks & have closed them down to riders. There is absolutely no help from local councils or governments to assist us on getting off the roads!

    All we are asking is that drivers take an additional moment to slow down & give us space. A horse can travel from zero to 60mph SIDEWAYS in under a second. It’s for your safety as well!!

    MOST (admittedly not all) riders are curtious, and appreciate when people wait. Everyone I know will trot on to a safe place to pass if a car is waiting behind them, I always pull in when I can to allow a car to pass without having to travel on the wrong side of the carriageway. I also ALWAYS thank anyone who slows down and gives us space, sometimes even if they have not slowed down enough but have made an effort to.

    Please don’t take our awareness ride as us ignorantly wanting to hold up traffic through Penarth. We thanked every driver we could for waiting for us! Our horses are our life. They trust us 100% to look after them and not take them anywhere they could get injured. They are flight animals and the listen to us if we say it’s safe. We are partners, and it takes us along time usually to become partners. I would not be here today was it not for my horses. They are my whole world, and without them I would be completely lost – as would 99% of the rest of the horse riding community. Please respect our partnership, and just take 2 minutes to give us some space so we can enjoy the thing we love most in the world.

  9. Sian says:

    For those of you complaint about horse riders on the roads please that the time to click through & view the video below outlining different road users access rights and responsibilities:

    Thank you 🙂

  10. AK says:

    They’re not as tough as they used to be these horses.

    Do you remember they used to race side by side with their riders shooting at each other, or race alongside noisy steam trains while the rider tried to get aboard?

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