The driver wearing a baseball cap gets out of what the police say is a large black Lexus saloon. After filling up- and also putting petrol into a can in the boot – he drives off without paying . ….And no, the police can’t read the number plate either

Somewhat belatedly – South Wales Police are trying to trace the driver of a black Lexus  car who filled up his vehicle with petrol at the Tesco supermarket on April 18th – but drove off without paying for it.

The theft occurred on Easter Tuesday at approximately midday at the  Tesco petrol station, on Terra Nova Way, Penarth, at around mid-day – but only now have South Wales Police issued frame-grabs from the Tesco CCTV system.

CCTV shows the driver filling the car and then putting yet more petrol into a canister in the boot of the vehicle . Police say that on the video  he is seen to be “looking around and hiding his face” before getting into the car and driving off.

The driver is described as being white, male, 25-30 years old, 5ft 10 in height, wearing a beige baseball cap, a light jumper and a brown body warmer.

If anyone has any information should contact the police by calling 101 – and  quoting reference number 1700146354 –  or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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  1. Frank Bird says:

    CCTV that can’t read a number plate? Pish

    • Dave says:

      Quality camera. I think it might be a black car. Not many of them around should be easy to catch. Might be a good advert for how rubbish the Tesco cameras are. Looks like the road side rear pump is the free loader spot, not that I am condoning this sort of behaviour.

  2. Peter Church says:

    So all the yellow over head “Number Plate” cameras are fake?
    The image looks like from inside the shop, which is blown up an very distorted.
    There should be ANPR cameras on every fuel point and you don’t get fuel unless your ID has been verified.

  3. Robert says:

    Surely the cameras that scan your number plate for car parking would have caught his plate? I’m sure that they’re positioned further down the approach?

  4. AK says:

    Probably fake number plates – I see an increasing number of cars in Penarth missing their plates, presumably nicked to be used for some illegal purpose.

  5. whatsoccurin says:

    laughable!-bet Asda in Leckwith do not get this, because you have to pay in advance-why cannot all service stations sell fuel that way!

  6. Dunc says:

    A few years back Tesco also accused my brother in law of driving off without paying. Luckily he had kept his receipt which came in handy when the police came round. Apparently it had been the driver before him. He didn’t even get an apology.

  7. John64 says:

    whatsoccurin is so correct. In many parts of Europe it is unusual not to pay before filling or having to insert a debit / credit card beforehand which tells you the maximum amount of fuel you can purchase and the card is only returned after payment is taken. The only exception that I’ve come across is where the petrol station was attended.

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