The Johanna Lucretia salutes the bulk carrier “O.T.IDEAAL” as she passes Penarth

Yet another 19th century-style sailing vessel – the “Johanna Lucretia” has been passing Penarth Pier outward bound  and following in the wake of two other sailing vessels who’ve also been visiting Cardiff  in the last few days the square rigger Stavros S Niarchos and the Lord Nelson.

The latest to put to sea from Penarth is the topsail schooner  Johanna Lucretia – a traditional “Block n Tackle” sailing vessel – of the type which moved cargoes of  coal,  crops slates and live animals around the coast of Wales in the era before the coming of the railways.

The topsail schooner Johanna Lucretia passing Penarth Head

Now, instead of dropping-in at the nearest beach to unload her cargo and refloating on the next tide, Johanna Lucretia carries only a complement of trainees and passengers – all of whom want a taste of salt air and the thrill of sailing in a real working schooner.

She offers a variety of voyages ranging from a day trip to longer trips with a small group all of whom can participate in running the vessel as a full member of the ship’s crew.

The ship has an experienced skipper, professional crew  and passengers are also assured that – unlike the  hard-tack and ship’s biscuits of the 19th century – there’s now top class 21st-century cuisine served on board.

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