Cooling off in the sea last night was this big Mercedes 4X4  – parked on Penarth’s foreshore on the rising tide.

The driver of a luxury Mercedes 4X4 has discovered, the hard way,  one of the big snags about using Penarth’s foreshore as a temporary car park … the Bristol Channel tide.

The Merc – and its boat trailer –  had been parked-up on the shore alongside the mostly disused Northern Promenade – out of the sight of any prying parking wardens.

In the driver’s defence – there are no “No Parking” signs and no double yellow lines at this spot.

…But the driver hadn’t reckoned with the rise and fall of the current run of big spring tides.

It wasn’t long before the £50,000 car – with the registration letters “SAD” – was looking a bit sorry for itself  – and taking a paddle, with the sea lapping around its wheels.

With some advice and assistance from Penarth Coastguard officers the luxury Mercedes and its trailer was eventually retrieved from the sea. There’s another high tide due tonight (Photo Peter Stealey)

Eventually the owner did manage to retrieve the vehicle and its trailer – but the incident provided a graphic warning to any other motorists who might be  tempted to try to park on the shore without first consulting the tide tables.


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  1. AK says:

    Company car – who cares !

  2. Vic says:

    That’s a local car and boat owner so will be well aware of the tides, and the fact that the water wasn’t up to the sills it looks to me that they know what they are doing. No news to see here then.

  3. Frank Evans says:

    I saw them unloading a speed boat a few weeks back and how they managed it was beyond. I reckon they must go through a new clutch every month.

    • Penarth Slipway Observer. says:

      A some what Unfair Statement Maybe The Salt Air Affected your Vision and your Correct recordings of you comment . Or perhaps ALL Speed Boats to you Look Alike. So easy to make a Mistake.

    • Dan says:

      It’s an automatic ML

  4. Anne Greagsby says:

    There should be NO vehicles parking there at any time.

    • Dan says:

      We pay membership, we’ll park where we want, Anne.
      Get off your high horse.

    • Vic says:

      Anne, so you think vehicles should not be parked on the slip way yet you cycle on the pavement along the seafront on your tricycle! bit hypocritical don’t you think?

  5. Brian Selby says:

    These are the sort people who expect the lifeboat crew to turn out because of their incompetence at sea as well.

  6. Old Penarthian. says:

    Anne, This Gated compound & slipway is for the use of Authorised Key Holders for launching & storage of Trailers / Vehicles.

  7. The Tax payer says:

    What was the need for Penarth coastguard to attend I asked ??. But I have now been told they all get paid per call out so I kind of understand now why they attend everything that happens on or near the water.
    So if you have a fish pond in your garden and a cat falls in you now know her to call. Don’t worry about the cost as the government pays it all 😎

    • Amphibian says:

      If the tide had been any higher or even the wake of a passing ship could have caused the car to float on its tyres possibly into the shipping lane,Costing thousands of pounds to recover and creating a hazard for shipping and leisure craft not to mention the fuel and oil damageing the

      • Amphibian says:

        Btw I have seen a pickup truck float from the same spot about 5 years ago it was saved by another pickup driver who managed to get a rope on it before it drifted too far.
        The rescueing pickup burnt out his clutch and the floating one was probably severely damaged.Not to mention £50,000 insurance that would have cost us all in the long run had the Mercedes floated off.

      • Dan says:

        He’s left that car there when we’ve been out skiing since the 80’s we are well aware of the risk but also the tide.

        Christ, the owner of the boat (my father has done this since the 80’s, including every other member of penarth water ski club.

  8. AK says:

    So it’s fine to block the slipway to prevent anyone else launching ?


    • Vic says:

      The slip way at the top is very wide so plenty of room for others to pass. But don’t let facts and common sense get in the way of you having a good old moan if it helps to make you fell better about yourself AK

  9. Dory says:

    Very shellfish

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