In the thick of it at protests over proposed housing development at the BP Sully Sports Ground.  Cllr Bob Penrose (Independent Sully and Lavernock) is a popular and well-regarded councillor in Sully and Lavernock

Cllr Bob Penrose – who was elected as an Independent candidate for Sully and Lavernock on the Vale of Glamorgan Council on May 4th  – has been explaining why he’s joined the Conservative Group on the council:-

In joining the Conservative Group Cllr Penrose provided the extra seat the Conservatives needed to assume overall control of the Vale Council for the next five years.

In a letter to local residents Cllr Penrose says:-

Dear Resident,

Following the recent local authority elections on the 4th May 2017, the Vale of Glamorgan Council was left with no political groups having the necessary number of seats for overall control of the authority.

The Conservatives had the largest share, with 23 seats out of the total of 47 seats available, but this of course left them with one seat short than was necessary for the overall control.

Personally, I only want what is best for the residents of my ward of Sully and Lavernock and for the residents the Vale of Glamorgan overall.

Accordingly, I decided to enter a coalition with the Conservatives in their group, but I will retain my Independent status and I have not joined the Conservative Party.

For me to work with the Conservatives in the administration of the Vale of Glamorgan Council it is necessary for me to be involved in the decision making of the Cabinet and to that end I have accepted the role of Cabinet Member for Learning and Culture.

In this role, I will not only be involved in decision making of the authority generally, but I will also be working with the Director of Learning and Skills, the Head Teachers and their staff in the continued performance monitoring and planning of our Schools, Libraries and all places of education and culture.

At present the Vale of Glamorgan Council schools’ performance makes us second overall in Wales ( at Level 2+ ) for 2015/16, but we will all be striving for the future to attain the cherished first place.

Assuring you of my continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Councillor Bob Penrose

Independent – Elected Member for Sully and Lavernock Ward

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  1. Will you champion the sos I love Penarth community campaign. Pacl out, directors and trustees brought to account, forensic review of accounts and the Vales 125 year lease as top priority ?

  2. Ian Perry says:

    No mention of the salary connected to accepting the job with the Conservatives. An extra £16k a year was clearly too tempting an offer to refuse.

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