It was pitch dark; But then the whole of Penarth, including St Augustine’s Church (in the background) was lit up by sheet lightning last night (Photo Deiniol Harries)

A powerful thunderstorm woke many Penarth residents overnight with a series of dazzling lightning bolts, accompanied by rolling thunder.

The flashes were so powerful they were seen even by people who were sound asleep and scores of people were roused from their slumbers to watch the dramatic weather

One local well-known local Penarthian, Deiniol Harries, captured the storm on  video and posted parts of it on Twitter (see above) which showed some of the flashes were sheet-lightning which lit up the whole of the town almost brighter than broad daylight.

On the big flood tide last night Penarth lifeboat launched to investigate a “false alarm with good intent” regarding people trapped on Sully Island (RNLI photo)

Before the storm Penarth Lifeboat launched just after 18:00 last night to go to people said to be cut off by the tide at Sully Island last night. It turned out to be a “false alarm with good intent” .



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  1. Must confess that I’ve never experienced lightening like that before.

    There were literally hundreds and hundreds of strikes going off in quick succession for about 20 minutes, it was literally like automated flash photography going off repeatedly right outside the window, several strikes of sheet lightening a second lighting up the entire area interspersed with a number of forked strikes.

  2. God says:

    Rats! Missed!

  3. mikeyorke says:

    Stepped through the whole thing and so did the rest of my family. My little boy even slept in until 8am. 👍🏻

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