Penarth Cemetery this weekend – only a few areas have been strimmed – most of it is overgrown

Once again the Labour-controlled Penarth Town Council is being  criticised for failing to carry out basic maintenance of the grounds of Penarth Cemetery

The town council – which describes itself as “ambitious” – imposed the highest ever precept on local council-tax payers from last month  and now employs more than 20 staff –  but actually only has 3 statutory responsibilities. They are:-

  1. Operating and maintaining Town-Council-owned or leased properties (Paget Rooms, the Kymin and West House)
  2. The management of Penarth Allotments (what are now called “Leisure Gardens”)
  3. Running and managing Penarth Cemetery.

A few areas have been strimmed recently but most of the cemetery grassland is overgrown and unkempt.

The  responsibility for the maintenance and oversight of Penarth Cemetery is one of the Town Council’s most basic  functions – but yet again it is coming in for criticism from local residents for not carrying-out proper maintenance of the grounds.

Local resident Clare Morgan told PDN  “I would like to raise my concerns about the disgraceful state of Penarth Cemetery . It currently resembles a wilderness , all overgrown and grass almost knee-high in places.”

Several gravestones in the cemetery are impossible to identify

A number of bereaved family members are now said to be taking matters into their own hands and visiting the cemetery equipped with gardening tools to tidy up the neglected graves.

Ms Morgan says: –” A cemetery should be a tranquil area where people can visit the graves to reflect on their memories and pay their respects not have to go armed with strimmers and shears, to do what Penarth Town Council have failed to do  – yet again .”

Yellow warning notices are strapped onto several gravestones which are allegedly unstable

A number of gravestones in the cemetery are still unsafe following a survey carried out some time ago and are strapped to wooden posts with yellow notices warning mourners not to touch them.

Penarth Town Cemetery now comes under the “Venues” Committee of  Penarth Town Council which has yet to meet following the May 4th election in which a Labour administration was re-elected – although with a reduced majority.

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  1. snoggerdog says:

    on a personal level i think it looks wonderful.but i also appreciate some people like everything to be neat & tidy if i was laid there it would warm the cockles to know that up above there would be wild grasses & flowers with the bumbles& other insects buzzing around also maybe hedgehogs,slow worms & some pipistrelles at dusk, strimmers just sound like metallica on 78rpm.

    • Clare morgan says:

      Nice woodland burials available if that is a persons prefernce but that not what penarth was intended to be

  2. Mark Foster says:

    A bit of local culture for the Labour Party’s benefit:

    “No more may gulls cry at their ears
    Or waves break loud on the seashores;
    Where blew a flower may a flower no more
    Lift its head to the blows of the rain;
    Though they be mad and dead as nails,
    Heads of the characters hammer through daisies;
    Break in the sun till the sun breaks down,
    And death shall have no dominion.”

    Save yourselves. Consign Steve Doughty and Ruba Sivgnanam who would destroy your country and culture to the Dustbin of History

  3. Ann Other says:

    How can such a tiny little bit of insignificant (if expensive) activity possibly employ twenty staff? i wonder what the annual staff cost is, how it compares to previous years, how many are full time, how many are temporary, how many are paid for by project money of one sort or another. Has someone has been driven mad by delusions of grandeur and administrative vanity?

    • NewsNet says:

      Salaries, National Insurance and Pensions for Penarth Town Council staff cost a total of £281,049 in 2016/17 and will cost £283,719 in 2017/18 according to the council’s accounts.

    • Christine says:

      Ann, if you consider 20 employees to be too many to carry out “a tiny little bit of insignificant activity” it would appear that Penarth Town Council would disagree. Last week I saw two employees of Cardiff City Council preparing a plot for burial at Penarth Cemetery. This would suggest that PTC consider it necessary to pay for additional resources.

    • Clare morgan says:

      Penarth town council are a complete and utter waste of money . They are incompetent and the money wasted on them could be put to a far better use.

  4. Christine says:

    Penarth Cemetery is an absolute disgrace and signifies a lack of respect for the deceased and their grieving families. I was there on Wednesday and was so upset I contacted Penarth Town Council immediately. I was told that grass cutting had commenced on Monday and would take two weeks to complete. I hope this allays Ms Morgan’s concerns. When we all visit the cemetery next week there will be no need to take gardening tools. Oh hang on this is Penarth Town Council we’re talking about so don’t hold your breath. Penarth Town Council is not fit for purpose.

  5. AK says:

    My parents are buried in a woodland burial ground (elsewhere), it is a wonderful natural place to visit when I am there, with a heated log cabin to sit and see the bluebells. I’m afraid I would not have wanted to visit them in a ‘traditional’ cemetery, however well kept.

    You can just chuck me off the end of the pier…..

    • Clare morgan says:

      That’s nice to hear that your parents resting place sounds so pleasant but those that chose a ‘traditional’ cemetery should not be disadvantaged by a shambolic town council

    • Clare morgan says:

      That’s nice to hear that your parents resting place sounds so pleasant but those that chose a ‘traditional’ cemetery should not be disadvantaged by a shambolic town council

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