The Crazy Cafe on Penarth Esplanade is “open” in all senses of the word – with its bi-fold windows admitting plenty of sea air – to complement the aroma of coffee and freshly-baked bread

The newest addition to Penarth Esplanade – the “Crazy Cafe” – been successfully pulling in the customers during its first week of successful trading.

The cafe/coffee shop  has its own in-house bakery and  patiserrie baking bread, cakes and pastries and is also a bistro .

The interior of the new “Crazy Cafe”/bakery/patisserie and bistro is a world away from “Rabaiotti’s”

The premises occupy the same site  on the “right-hand side” ground floor of the re-built £8,000,000 Beachcliff complex –  just where the Rabaiotti’s snack bar used to be in the dim and distant days when the original Beachcliff was still standing.

The big difference with the Crazy Cafe is not only what it sells, but also its bi-fold windows which means that, in warm weather,  the cafe is open to the sea air.

The Crazy Cafe name raised a few eyebrows at first – but now seems to be accepted

There was some debate about the “Crazy Cafe” name – and the logo, which has now been rendered in colour rather than the stark black and white of the original version . Large Banksy-type artworks decorate the interior.

There is a window counter for people who want to order their coffee or pastry on the go.

Fresh bread and pastries – baked every day on the premises – are a signature feature of the new cafe

The cafe is the idea of  Penarth resident and South Wales property developer Richard Hayward  whose Hayward Group carried out the whole of the £8,000,000 Beachcliff development .

Still to be completed next door (between the Crazy Cafe and the entrance to a planned new  top-flight hotel) is a new top-of-the-range ice-cream parlour – coming soon.

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  1. A big business investment which has been contained – we wouldn’t want big business interests taking away our community gem the pavilion now would we – nope 500,000 I think you said, 1 million, 10 million wouldn’t do it for us IF it’s only about the Money for me attitude, which it was and no thought for our community . 8 million ish investment now reflected in 2.75 for a takeaway coffee – I hope all can enjoy: the prices are high but the coffee was enjoyable sitting outside at 8 in the morning, and I guess if budgets are tight you go across the road and have the same for £1.75 or on the pier for £1 or bring your own in a flask for “free”. It’s fun at our Penarth seaside

    • Tom S says:

      Would this make sense if I put it through google translate?

      • Philip Rapier says:

        Yes it would be better translated though I prefer Windows 10- here it is in ” Klingon” courtesy of Microsoft’s Edge/Bing Translator.
        PACL will also find this helpful as they are on a different Planet to the rest of Penarth. -Have a great Bank Holiday everyone.

        .”tIn malja’ investment baS ngaS – tIn malja’ pavilion Separ community DaH – nope wouldn’t ruch 500,000, 1 ‘uy’, 10 ‘uy’ vIHar vaj neH vIHtaHbogh jIHvaD Huch attitude, baS lI’ wIjmeH SIbI’ community Qub pagh wouldn’t wIneH. laH tIv Hoch vItul DaH wIj qech takeaway qa’vIn – 2.75 8 ‘uy’ ish investment: ‘ay’ jen ‘ach qa’vIn enjoyable ba’taHvIS Hur 8 qaStaHvIS po, ‘ej chaq budgets Qey SIbI’ across road ‘ej rap ghaj £ 1.75 pagh pier £ 1 pagh qem SoH loy jIH qaStaHvIS “tlhab” flask. ‘oH fun DeSDu’ seaside Penarth”

      • Peter Church says:

        Let me just translate that in “Socialist Speak” using Nu Labour V4.6

        All business investment should be taxed more heavily – we don’t want any business interests taking away our community gem of the pavilion now would we – nope 500,000 new taxes I think you said, 1 million, 10 million which wouldn’t do it for us IFS said we are mad it’s only about the Money for the rich attitude, which it was and no thought for our community . 8 million ish investments rejected in now reflected in 2.75 workers for every job for a takeaway coffin – I hope all can enjoy Labour: the prices are higher every day but the coffins was enjoyable striking outside at 8 in the morning, and I guess if budgets are tight you go leave the UK across the channel and have the same for £1.75 for a week to live on or on the jump off the pier for £1 or bring your own in a flask for “free”. It’s grim at our Penarth seaside under the Marxist Goevrnment.

      • Ben Cox says:

        Strewth Church, I can’t believe you had enough time on your hands to come up with that drivel. Get out and enjoy yourself.

  2. Reblogged this on Page1world and commented:
    Money for nothing. Nope 2.75 a takeaway coffee in Penarth gone crazy

    • Ermintrude says:

      A coffee costs a lot more at The Dorchester Hotel Nikki, don’t you remember? Whilst we’re on the subject… have you found where the money has gone from The Dorchester fundraiser yet?

    • John Street says:

      I spent 5 minutes reading through some of your comments. I thought it was a joke at first, because its written so badly, some sentences/paragraphs just don’t make any sense.
      I am not sure what exactly are you campaigning for, nor probably do you.
      This is an example of some of the stuff you write, what on earth does it mean?

      “”To get the Vale of Glam events director Bob to review his teams wellbeing strategies and integrated events and suppourt us with the Art of wellbeing event – moving from cardiff bay year 2 TO HELP PEOPLE in the Vale – not just public servants who have now wellbeing Wednesday – lovely to pop out and have an ice cream with colleagues, especially those that really go the extra mile and I have met some of those.””

  3. I was trying to find somewhere to park yesterday, without much luck.
    All the disabled spaces were full and I ended up doing a full circle to park by the pier to allow my disabled son (physically and mentally) and his electric wheelchair to be offloaded. Then I parked up the hill and walked back, luckily a kind friend whom I bumped into looked after him until I returned.
    Can anyone tell me why the majority of the parking spaces by the restaurants don’t have any parking restrictions? It does appear you can park here for as long as you like and some flash cars do just that. I thought that this should have been while the building work was ongoing but two years later it’s the same situation. I would not even mind short stay pay and display if they cant provide more disabled spaces as some people like me need to unload very heavy mobility equipment.
    Please, Please, Please, Councillors or those in power, can something be done about this soon?

    Helen G.

    • 92 and a social butterfly says:

      …and could they find somewhere to put a top quality ‘disabled toilet’ with a hoist and a changing table please.

    • Paul Fenton says:

      I have been complaining about this for over two years. The last response I got after my letter in Penarth Times was the Labour at the time didn’t have the budget to finance the scheme and nothing was done. It’s as far as I know still on the back burner. If it was in Barry Island it would have been completed immediately. What seaside town do you know where you can park 24/7 without any penalty? I’ve suggested that space outside the Pier should be reserved for the disabled and allow parking on one side of Bridgeman road. Also have 2hr restrictions on the beach hill leading to the Cliff Tops. All you hear the council is what a wonderful job they did with the Pier !!! They dismantled the multi storey car park and then put yellow lines everywhere ( except outside Sommerins)

  4. penarthblog says:

    Good luck with your enterprise.

  5. Grey local says:

    Re parking places . There are usually around 10 to 12cars/ vans parked in front of the Beachcliffe development by 8 am but the only people onthe seafront are dog walkers. They seem to belong to the developers and staff of the various establishments . Maybe a traffic warden to ensure visitors get a space to park?

    • The Milkmaid says:

      We know there are not enough spaces for all categories of parkers: disabled, able bodied, semi mobile, restaurant and café patrons, flat owners, dog walkers, workers, locals and groccles… time to rebuild the seafront car park.

    • AK says:

      Proof of identity ? Passport ? Utility bill ?

  6. Miss says:

    I think it would make more sense if Ms Page sent these blogs from Dubai !
    Wonder how long before she is banned from Crazy Cafe

  7. Anne Greagsby says:

    Free parking means not managing who parks or for how long. We need more disabled parking. At the same tine keeping the front of cafes and restaurants car free would make them more attractive to visitors. There is the same problem in the town centre with owners and employees taking up the free parking places.

  8. Black Americano says:

    Such a pity that the view is obscured by parked cars, and the fresh air is filled with fumes from a constant stream of cars.

    Time to close the esplanade off to traffic (maybe except the occasional bus).

    On another note, it was nice to chat to two other PDN readers / contributors outside the cafe in the former RNLI boathouse below the Fig Tree. They seem such normal folks too 😉

  9. Local Eye says:

    It all sounds very nice and a welcome addition to the Penarth foodie scene. Regrettably you don’t know who you might bump into to ruin your day. I think I’ll give it a couple of months to settle down.

  10. Paul Fenton says:

    My wife and I visited the Crazy Cafe today and it’s the best thing that happened down the Esplanade since they demolished Rabiottis.
    A proper cafe,nice decor,modern and friendly staff. Well done.

  11. Fishhenge says:

    Good luck, I hope it’s a big success.

  12. Mrs Watkins says:

    Has someone warned Crazy cafe that Nikki Page will be offering to be their PRGURU – beware!

  13. Elizabeth Mccarthy says:

    I still think the name ‘Crazy Cafe’ is stupid. Please change it to something else before the grockles/graffiti artists arrive.

  14. mikeyorke says:

    Good luck to another business opening up in Penarth.

    As for those moaning about the price of a coffee. Go somewhere else and leave your negativity at home.

  15. snoggerdog says:

    i used to be “told to go” by mr rab in the sixties i, (we) were accused of nursing our cokes,but were welcomed in tony hornes “rendezvous also they had a JUKEBOX.

  16. Pat Sullivan says:

    I will be visiting the Crazy Cafe soon if I can find a space to park.

  17. Ben says:

    Best of luck to Crazy Café – looked nice enough when I walked past the other day, will give it a go soon. However, it doesn’t seem to be quite the outlet that was promised by Richard Hayward last November… he planned to open the “best bakery in the UK” selling “a range of items, including pizza and artisan bread”. I had envisaged early morning weekend walks to pick up award-winning, fancy loaves but it looks more like a café with a few bakery goods on the counter to me… Have I missed something?

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