Penarth’s D Class Lifeboat Connie Dains was halted en-route to Sully Island last night when Milford Haven Coastguards stood the boat down and instructed her to return to base

A full scale emergency was declared last night when two girls were reported to be attempting to wade across the submerged causeway from Sully Island to the mainland on the rapidly rising tide.

Customers of the Seashore Grill at Swanbridge saw them in difficulties and rushed out onto the beach and threw buoyancy aids towards them as the two girls lost their footing opn the submerged causeway in the rapidly-rising tide.

Both Penarth lifeboats were launched, Penarth Coastguard officers were tasked to attend the scene at Swanbridge and apparently two rescue helicopters were diverted to the area in what will have been an extremely costly operation.

Both waders/swimmers made it to the shore – but one of the casualties had to be rushed to hospital by ambulance.

Rescue  teams said the pair should not have attempted to swim ashore.

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  1. Chris David says:

    Cmon- it must be time people needing rescuing under these circumstances must be made to pay.

    • Vicky says:

      Yep, genius idea, then more people will risk swimming across the flooded causeway and have to be rescued…so instead the RNLI having to send out the D class there will need to be a full scale rescue…now just think for a moment Chris how much more that will cost…or would you rather we just left them to drown because after all its entirely there fault that they didn’t see the signs and got trapped on the island.

      • Chris David says:

        So you “think” that people faced with a bill will increase their risk of death? Genius indeed. Oh yes stupid people that have worked out your proposition in a flash and made the dive only to find their- well your unfathomable thinking was flawed beyond anyway. How on earth do you arrive at that idea. Hells bells somethings drowning.

  2. Yvonne Penny says:

    Why are some people so silly?
    All the information about the tides are there to be seen.
    The cost of this will be in thousands.

  3. Sully Island is getting almost as boring as elections.

  4. June says:

    The girls tried to walk back with tide rapidly coming in.One girl was taken by the tide. People from the Seashore grill went out with Lifebuoys to save her or she would have drowned. The Lifeboat didn’t come till later. About time people realised how dangerous the tides are when they don’t take notice of the tide lights on Swanbridge. Putting other people lives at risk to save them.

  5. Victoria Walker says:

    It’s not the same people that were there on Friday night is it?

    • June says:

      No not the same as Friday ..Theses 2 girls walked over quite late .she was so lucky was swept off the rocks into dear water .Something needs to seriously be done .They don’t take notice of the lights .Really need something like a Claxton to tell people it’s time to get back

  6. 249ers says:

    It is obvious that the warning signs are not seen or not being heeded, for what ever reason. People not local to the area see the island as a lovely place for a stroll and off they go having no idea of the deadly nature of the tides.

    Why are so many people not understanding the warnings already in place? It is all well and good for people in the know to criticise but something must be wrong for so many to be caught out.

    Maybe a charge is a good idea, but then again more might risk crossing to avoid payment. A Claxon would also be excellent but would they know what it meant, not having read the warnings in the first place?

    The Rhossili crossing to Worm’s Head is similar in many ways to Sully Island but it is manned and a blackboard warning notice is very clear about the perils of crossing after the times given. Maybe this crossing should be manned too, especially on sunny bank holidays either by paid or volunteer workers. What price a life?

  7. snoggerdog says:

    im sure there was a fatality years & years ago,someone called canute got swept away sitting on a throne,delusions of grandeur most prob,i think the boat that tried to save him is (the remains) still on sully island forshore

  8. Vince says:

    A footbridge?

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