The 2015 Cytun election hustings debate at Trinity Church  arbitrarily excluded one of the candidates  – Ross Saunders of the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition. No reason was given.

The candidates hoping to be elected next week at the new MP for Cardiff South and Penarth have at least managed to side-step one of the potential bear-traps of the campaign;  there is to be no public debate held in Penarth.

Penarth’s Stanwell School was the venue for the ITV Wales “Leader Debate” on May 16th 2017  – but this was not an event open to the general public (it was by invitation only)   and did not include any of the local candidates.

Penarth’s Stanwell School was the venue for ther ITV Wales leaders’ debate on May 16th – but  the audience was there by invitation only

The Cardiff South and Penarth constituency candidates – who have yet to be seen together on one platform, anywhere, are  – in alphabetical order  :-

  • Andrew Bevan – UKIP
  • Anthony Slaughter – Green
  • Bill Rees – Conservative
  • Emma Sands – Lib Dem
  • Ian Titherington – Plaid Cymru
  • Jeb Hedges – Pirate Party
  • Stephen Doughty – Labour

Left to Right: Emma Sands(Lib Dem) Stephen Doughty (Labour), Ian Titherington (Plaid), Bill Rees (Conservative), Andrew Bevan (UKIP) Jeb Hedges (Pirate) Anthony Slaughter(Green)

At the last general election in 2015 there were 3 public debates held in the constituency .  Two –  in Penarth itself –  were held by the now-defuct organisation the Penarth Woodcraft Folk and the other by the religious umbrella body “Cytun” [ Churches Together in Wales] at Trinity Methodist Church.

Party campaigners said that there had been some early enquiries made about the possibility of holding public debates – but the idea appeared to have withered on the vine for this election at least .

In the past some political activists have had reservations about putting their candidates on stage at hustings organised by bodies like Cytun,  where organisers try to impose their own own agenda on the discussion, limit the questions to “faith” matters and tend to lace such  events with irrelevant and unnecessary ingredients like hymns and prayers which tend to exclude most ordinary members of the public.

Cytun – which has a public hustings tonight in the Cardiff North constituency [at 19:30 at Whitchurch Methodist Church, Penlline Road,  Cardiff CF14 2AA]  has no hustings event organised anywhere in  Cardiff South and Penarth.





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  1. Lame excuses. Face the people of Penarth.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      No surprise really!
      Utility “Bill” Rees now invisible along with Alun “Marathon Man” Cairns.
      Alun Cairns did a runner with Teresa May out the back door in Wrexham rather than face the Press.
      Didn’t want to talk about their Tory plans to grab OAP’S Homes via the Dementia Tax apparently!.
      Also known as a disingenuous Inheritance Tax grab– by the …… ……”back door”

  2. Chris David says:

    Secularity is a must. Lets not cloud the debates wherever they may be with fantasy. More importantly religion continues to demonstrate how dangerous, illogical and cruel it is in its differing guises and 1,000 false gods. Sadly some of the the electorate seem to follow Labour with religious like fervour, they could put up just about anyone and get the vote- well they have. Meanwhile Wales fails on a national and local level. Poor Wales.

  3. Chris Franks says:

    Both Labour and Tory candidates refused to take part. Plaid’s Titherington was willing. Echo of the row within the Tory leadership between Alun Cairns and ‘Penarth’s’ Andrew RT Davies. Next election could some of the regular contributors to PDN organise something?

  4. Chris David says:

    Well I Holy support PDN’s assertions.

    • AK says:

      Holy support ?

      I thought you wanted to keep religion out of it !

      • Chris David says:

        I was replying to some Reverend someone or other that seems to have been deleted. She was trying to gag PDN- So…

  5. Peter Church says:

    The choice is Labour or Conservative, other votes are just plain wasted as they all add up to less than 15% combined. You may as well vote for your cat.

    If you want Corbyn as PM Vote for Doughty.
    If you want May as PM Vote for Rees.

    Simples 🙂

    • penarthblog says:

      I understand what you are saying, I really do. but I have to vote for the party that has the values that I’m comfortable with, it may well be a wasted vote, but I have to do it.

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