Compass Coffee in Penarth Marina was judged to be the best cafe/bistro in Wales

Compass Coffee on Penarth Marina has been judged the overall winner (for the whole of Wales) of the title Cafe/Bistro of the Year in  the 2017  Food Awards Wales  ceremony at the Cardiff Marriott Hotel last night.

The owner and catering manager of Compass Coffee, Craig Pugh, said “We are all over the moon we are a small place who goes under the radar quite a bit by the local press so it means so much to get this recognition.”

The popular waterside cafe also took the award for the South East region of Wales.

Twin pillars of flame frame the front entrance of Penarth’s new ‘conceptual restaurant and bar’ “Etc”-

The new Etc…Restaurant on Stanwell Road Penarth took the title “Restaurant of the Year South East”.

Owners Julia Bakshi and Alex Mules said afterwards “We’re thrilled to have achieved this top award, especially so close to our first anniversary. We’ve achieved so much in our first year and this is just the beginning. This fantastic award is testimony to the hard work put in by our whole team who should be extremely proud of themselves. Thanks also to our customers and all who voted for us.”

James Sommerin – of Penarth’s Restaurant James Sommerin – here cooking not for his restaurant customers but for the homeless at Christmas 2016

The winner of the title “Chef of the Year” was James Sommerin at Restaurant James Sommerin on Penarth Esplanade

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  1. Dai Jones says:

    Well done James.

    • sjleworthy says:

      Well done all i’d say 😉

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Excellent News! Congratulations to the winners and all local Restaurateurs for their hard work, entepeneurship and committment to Penarth!
      The previous Labour Controlled Penarth Town Council looked positively on all Restaurant Applications, stringently within the Planning Law Guidelines of course.
      Predictably the antedeluvian approach of the Vale of Glamorgan Council was to be obstructive every inch of the way and even more strangely some of the Tories were not so keen either.
      The objective was clear – to deliberately allow Penarth to compete with the grossly unfair competition from the disproportionate number of Restaurants in Cardiff Mill Lane and The Bay etc.
      We may have succeeded but then it is not for me to say more other than…
      “Bon Appetit!.”

  2. penarthblog says:

    Fantastic news, well done to all of you. Deserved.

  3. RosyB says:

    I thought it was illegal to have flames so close to the traffic going past, as they have in the Etc.. When I first drove past them, I thought a fire broke out, and I swerved away from them. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. There must be regulations regarding that.

    • The Baroness says:

      And what about the loud music that is constantly playing via an outside speaker?

    • Jane Foster says:

      Weren’t they also warned about the amount of pavement space they have commandeered?

    • tom says:

      why would u swerve for false flames. if u can’t work out what is a real hazard then u shouldn’t be driving

    • Got to agree with Tom, you need to get your eyesight sorted before you get behind the wheel again.

  4. sjleworthy says:

    And look at that highly amateur topiary – surely a Labour funded experiment? Shouldnt that also be banned?

  5. Ceri Mably says:

    The comments on this site blow me away sometimes. Here we have a good news story about local businesses doing well. No doom and gloom, just good news and then you have comments like the above. Really is scary how people can be so negative all the time about this town.

    • Vic Mildew says:

      I was thinking the same Ceri but to be fare those are really big scary flames lol!!

    • GRR says:

      well done Ceri..its this relentless negativity from some that gets me…Why can’t people just appreciate and rejoice in other peoples success ? and in turn revel in the fact that we live in a wonderful town…shops, restaurants and all …. WELL DONE RESTAURANTEURS

  6. Peter Church says:

    ETC. also came second in the most environmentally unfriendly restaurant award. The winner was the Snowdon Summit Cafe, where everything has to be hauled up 3,000 feet.
    A spokesman for ETC said they would now leave the gas burners on 24 hours a day to ensure they won next year.

    • Vic M says:

      The only award you will ever win Peter is one for being the most negative person in Penarth. You only ever see the bad in everything, I feel sorry for you.

      • Annette Crosbie says:

        Do you approve of wasting gas that’s been transported from the far east to burn in the open air?

      • Vic says:

        I had no idea Peter Church was from the far east Annette,

      • Richard Wilson says:

        Victor, If I remember correctly I don’t believe you are still spouting this wasteful energy policy.
        Your character was killed off remember?

        Go and lie down in a darkened room.

      • Victor Y says:

        I don’t believe you Richard 😉

  7. AK says:

    Well done to the three winners.

    I’ve only tried one of the three, but friends speak highly of the others.

    To the moaners above, just stick to your microwave meals and bag of chips.

    • Frederick says:

      I prefer Sainsbury’s granola slices and a cup of tea.

    • Jane Foster says:

      None of us “moaners” mentioned the quality of the food at any of the establishments, which, I can say with confidence having eaten several times at all three, is yummy!

  8. Ivor Bagman says:

    Etc. Thank you for letting me toast my crumpets outside
    because I was too short of bread to come in.
    It amused the short-sighted drivers – they thought I was a gnome.

  9. The Dairy Farmer says:

    Welcome back Ivor, where have you been
    We’ve missed you
    Are you on day release from the asylum
    How is Betty have they found the body yet?

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