Cyclists deliberately riding the wrong way around the roundabout at the bottom of Dock Hill, Penarth. The Greens say that if cyclists “contribute” to an accident, their compensation should be “reduced”.

Anthony Slaughter, the Green Party’s candidate for the Cardiff South and Penarth Parliamentary constituency is calling for the drivers of motor vehicles to be automatically regarded as being responsible for any accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists.

Only if “the casualty” – [ i.e. the cyclist or pedestrian] has “contributed to the collision” would their compensation be “reduced”.

If the casualty was an “impaired” person, or  a child, or an elderly person – [ described as being “70+”] then they would not have their compensation reduced – even if the accident was entirely their fault.

Part of the statement signed by Green Party candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth Anthony Slaughter

Anthony Slaughter is the Green Party candidate for the Cardiff South and Penarth parliamentary constituency in the General Election 

Mr Slaughter – who doesn’t have a driving licence himself –  was one of the main protagonists of the “Twenty’s Plenty” campaign which sought – unsuccessfully – to introduce a Penarth-wide 20 mph limit.

That campaign did gain some local support and the policy was adopted in Llandough – but all the Penarth wards voted against the idea  in a consultation carried out by the  Vale of Glamorgan Council in 2013 .

The Green Party is now aiming to “change the culture of road justice and civil compensation with a road danger reduction approach”.

It’s not clear how the policy would apply in cases in which a cyclist has collided with pedestrians [as has happened on the Cardiff Barrage and on the Railway Path]  or with a parked car [ the cause of a cycling fatality in 2014]  .


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  1. Penarth says:

    On the same logic collisions between cyclists and pedestrians it’s the cyclists who is always at fault.

  2. penarthblog says:

    On his main point, I don’t really know enough about the subject, but on the idea of a 20mph speed limit, that’s an idea I would find attractive.

  3. Frank Evans says:

    With policies like this no wonder the greens got 5% at the last general election here. Don’t waste your vote.

    • Lolli Pop Lady says:

      It was 3.7% who voted for him.
      3.7% who don’t or can’t drive, but expect lorries to bring them their food.
      3.7% who expect the police,fire and ambulances to be able to get to them quickly.
      3.7% who wasted their vote.

      Oh and why are they called the Greens, because this is the only traffic light colour they see.

  4. And this amply demonstrates the nutcase entity that is the Green party.

    Chuck yourself and your bike at a passing car driven by an innocent competent law abiding driver and hey presto go for Compo.

    • Vic says:

      “Chuck yourself and your bike at a passing car driven by an innocent competent law abiding driver and hey presto go for Compo.” completely agree with you there!

    • whatsoccurin says:

      agree, and the awful thing is it does happen-on a few occasions I have parked in the Marina, noticing a group of distant cyclists in the cycle lane-opening the car door immediately incurs a load of abuse because the cycling group are now straggling the cycle lane,pavement and road, so that they can chat to their “fweinds”-surprised that so few accidents occur.

  5. Anom says:

    The man is a tit im fed if this culture of free loading cyclists who dont pay in to the roads like motorist do geting everything for free thrn along comes a loony toon like slaughter with a half crack pot idea . Wake up u want more pay your way

  6. M Miggs says:

    What an incredible idea. Cyclists, pedestrians should not be on the road any way. They pay nothing to use the road whereas motorists pay a fortune. Jay walking should be a criminal offence and cyclists should have to be insured.

  7. Philip Rapier says:

    Her Majesty the Queen has a different view on speeding cyclists who choose to put others in danger. Speed Bumps have had to be installed in The Queen’s Royal Parks at Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park earlier this year because that same 20 is plenty is achieved on the Paths by bullying cyclists who are not man enough to do their speeding in a Velodrome.
    I regularly witness speeds of 15 to 20 mph on the Railway Path so I assume that accidents on a shared path under this rule would presume the Cyclist to be at fault.
    However the Green Party do not have a Policy on Speeding Cyclists why should they as they all probably vote for them!

    • Ford Prefect says:

      Could be because there is not a problem with cyclists killing people using their bikes. There is however a big problem with car drivers killing people with their cars. And not just a few people, lots of people. Thousands in the UK and over a million annually worldwide. 1,250,000 people are killed every year because of car drivers. But don’t vote for someone who would try to reduce that Philip, just let them die.

  8. Chris says:

    Maybe if cyclists followed the rules of the road that Motor Vehicles have to, such as waiting at traffic lights and cutting across onto the pavements to avoid them – then maybe there would not be so many accidents that cyclist blame motorists for

    • Vic says:

      I commute by by car to work every day and on my journey see more car drivers and motorcyclists breaking the rules of the road than cyclists.

      As for traffic lights, many drivers do not seem to not realise, or intentionally ignore, that when they stop at a red traffic light that has a cyclist refuge by law they must not cross the first solid white line. Doing so is classed as jumping the red light which is obviously illegal. You can see drivers doing this all the time particularly at the Stanwell Rd / Plymouth Rd junction where it is rare not to see drivers do this. So based on this I’d say more drivers jump red lights than cyclists.

      • Ford Prefect says:

        Agreed Vic. Go down to the Bute Street / James Street junction at Mermaid Quay, and watch as car after car run through the lights after they have changed red. But it’s OK, they are in cars, its not like their going to kill anyone is it…

  9. The Tax payer says:

    What a complete prat ?? This Anthony Slaughter is with his comments about car drivers. He needs to get out more by the sound of it as only today I was traveling through a set of lights (on Green) when I just had to brake hard to miss s cyclist going through on (Red) and I’m the one paying road tax and insurance. It reall ——— me off when dim whits like this blame car drivers

  10. New Age Traveller! says:

    Anthony Slaughter is a tired politician who has moaned on about the same subjects for years, no one listens nor do many even bother to vote for him anymore.
    Best thing he can do if offer help in Jeremy Corbyn’s allotment on the 9th June, ’cause they will both have lots of time on their hands.

  11. Local Eye says:

    So cyclists are saints and Car drivers are sinners. What a stupid simplistic conclusion to reach. Idiot and not worth discussing further.

  12. Lolli Pop Lady says:

    Anyone remember Pippa Bartolotti the face of the Green Party in Wales?
    Go own you do, the women who drives the huge gas guzzling Jaguar?
    Yes you do, she looks like she has just stepped out of a Dr Who set.

    This might jog your memory!

    • Peter Church says:

      She looks like she has P*****d herself!
      Sorry for being crude but oh so funny.

    • Anne Greagsby says:

      Glad you are enjoying my picture! Taken after a meeting that Bartolotti implored the audience to change their ways for the sake of the planet! Then she went straight to the car park for her jag! Monumental hypocrisy from the green party. She is back as deputy leader of the Wales section of the Eng&Wales green party.

  13. Joe blow says:

    I am amazed at some of the comments here, for example from “the tax payer”.
    I don’t know any cyclists who don’t run cars as well. I have two taxed cars and a taxed motorbike as well as my pedal bikes.

    Perhaps the taxpayer would be happier if all the cyclists used their cars everyday instead of cycling, contributing to more traffic jams and bigger waiting times at the NHS because of their reduced fitness?
    Honestly these people need to engage their brains before using their keyboards.

  14. Papa Lazarou says:

    Totally insane..I have lost hours slowly drving behind cyclists in the Vale as they have a nice chat three abreast on a main road..

    • Ford Prefect says:

      Don’t worry about the LIVES that are lost as a result of the filth coming out the back of your car, or the 2500 people directly mowed down by car drivers annually in the UK. Just worry about your precious minute that you lost.

  15. Tim Hughes says:

    These policies are a bit progressive for Penarth at present but judging by the huge increase in cycling in Penarth in recent years and the incoming younger electorate he may be on to something. This election might be a bit soon for Anthony but change is coming.

  16. Fishhenge says:


  17. Paul Lewis says:

    Glad to see that Mr Slaughter is getting a slating on this issue. I travel the road between Penarth and Sully most days and see dozens of cyclists on the road. None of them ever seem to be using the cycle path provided.

    The council has spent pounds and pounds on providing cycle ways over the past ten years or so and it seems like wasted money to me. Nobody ever uses them.

    Cyclists should be made to use them where provided and then there wouldn’t be any accidents to blame the drivers for in the first place now would there.

    And by the way, Red Lughts mean you as well you know. They aren’t there just for the cars.

  18. Clive Jones says:

    Ridiculous idea. A compo seeker dream.

  19. John Guilfoyle says:

    June 1 2017: 1844. A group of seven cyclists passed through Sully, holding up all the traffic because they were riding up to three abreast, and taking up the whole of our side of the road. I was in the tail-back behind them. They had done the same along the road from Cosmeston to Sully. The Highway Code says cyclists should ride in single file in traffic, and never more than two abreast. Cyclists are their own worst enemies, and this group of well-equipped people should know better.

    • Peter Church says:

      While working on Saturday I was driving via Usk and there were numerous cyclist each side of the road on the “Tumble Circuit” causing huge traffic disruption. They are selfish sods who use the roads as a means of entertainment who don’t give a dam about anyone else.
      If this is what the Greens care about I really don’t care for the Greens.

    • Victor Y says:

      I was driving along the link road towards the M4 this morning on my way in to work and there was a car doing 55mph in the outside lane, and taking ages to pass the cars they were over taking…held me and all the cars behind me up for, oh I don’t know, a minute maybe, and definitely added a few seconds to my journey time. This road has a 70mph speed limit so how dare they slow down my progress!!! I bet their journey wasn’t even that important, they might have even driving just for pleasure (oh the blatant audacity of them!!) So using your logic this means that ALL motorists all selfish sods and should get out of my way unless they are prepared to drive at the speed limit on all roads at all times….no excuses!

      • Local Eye says:

        This is a bit of piste but I’ve been stuck behind some clueless muppet driving at 50 all the way up the link road to the M4 from the Culverhouse junction and would not move over. Hate to say it but I ended up on the inside lane and that solved the problem but it is incredibly frustrating. Mind you following a perfectly good car at 30 mph along the road to Sully is up there as well.

  20. Dan Potts says:

    Thankfully for the rest of us slaughter and his like will never get elected, I predict yet another lost deposit, he would serve the community better by giving the money he spends trying and failing to boost his political ego to a local charity, it must be in the £ thousands by now !

  21. Nincompoop says:

    I think there needs to be common sense on both sides, as both a cyclist and car driver, I get fed up of idiotic cyclists whizzing by when I’m out with dogs and kids, especially the Railway path, the barrage and along the taff trail. Unfortunately there seems to be a minority of cyclists who think it is acceptable to go far to fast , often don’t use a bell, or tut and make presumably offensive comments. It seems really difficult to be able to go for a walk and “switch off” as it’s feels like I’m walking in the road. As for cyclists paying for the roads, I disagree, although I think insurance is fair.
    As for car drivers just try and be more considerate, I’m all for reducing speed limit, Cornerswell road, Redlands road are like racing tracks at times. Well done to Mr Slaughter for trying to do something about this.

  22. Simon says:

    This ludicrous proposal actually flies in the face of natural justice, so essential in any democracy. Perhaps someone should tell this to Mr Slaughter. Also, some statistics to digest for this Green Party member who clearly believes cyclists are angels on wheels. Between 2008 and 2015 there was a 47 per cent increase in accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians with 3,476 people injured, 696 of them were serious injuries.

  23. Ken says:

    This exemplifies the sense of victimhood many (but not all) cyclists have.
    Added to that, many cyclists (but not all) have an arrogant, holier than thou attitude, because they falsely believe they are better than others by being “oh so green”.
    Losing this sense of entitlement (as seen in many Audi drivers) would do wonders for all road users.

    • Victor Y says:

      Ken, when you say “Added to that, many cyclists (but not all) have an arrogant, holier than thou attitude, because they falsely believe they are better than others by being “oh so green”.”…do you actually know that as a fact or is it just your opinion of what you think they are thinking? In my experience the majority of people who cycle are just normal people trying to get about without using a car and are more interested in staying dry and not being killed by motorists. Granted, some cyclists act in a dangerous and even arrogant manner, but maybe they are just Audi drivers trying to get fit???

      Please do not judge all cyclists based on the bad behaviour of others.

      • Ken says:

        Hello Victor Y.

        Is is my opinion based on conversations with some ” hard core” cyclists (some of whom happen to be close friends / acquaintances); it is also my opinion based on interactions with SOME cyclists.

        Obviously you didn’t read my post, as I twice used the phrase “…but not all…” when referring to cyclists; far from tarring all cyclists with the same brush.

        I referenced Audi drivers, purely on my personal experiences; note I used the word: “…many… ” as opposed to “all” Audi drivers.

        Your analogy of Audi drivers getting fit did make me chuckle.

  24. Anne Greagsby says:

    Amazed that the Anthony Slaughter party has now got a policy however unoriginal. However he could win the prize for the leaflet with most pictures of himself. His claims of community campaigning are hugely exaggerated. Perhaps he could tell us his occupation before he retired to Penarth to be a gardener to prove he has any relevant experience or education to back up his preaching to us. Note that Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands drivers are already held liable for collisions!

  25. Max Wallis says:

    A car ran me down when cycling on the Penarth Road by the Pumping Station. Driver said he didn’t see me, but the police checked my lights on the CCTV at Grangetown station. They could have prosecuted, but decided to let off the driver on condition he attended driving-refresher sessions, not paying costs of the police and ambulance time, nor even points on his license. His driving without due care was excused because he’d stormed out after a quarrel with his wife. I might have been seriously injured, but suffered only bad bruising, being catapulted onto the verge. His insurer paid up for a new bike. The issue was not, in my case proving liability, but the police/justice system being soft on couldn’t-care-less drivers. A driving ban for a year or two and a compulsory cycling course would be useful in educating offenders into proper regard for cyclists.

    • Ford Prefect says:

      This is such a common defence in the UK – ” I just didn’t see them “. Its one that the police and the courts absorb in a nonthinking, groupthink mentality. Imagine if a train driver said “I just didn’t see the red light”, or a pilot – “I just didn’t see that mountain” – they would be locked up. Or a cruise liner captain – ” I just didn’t realise there was a reef there ” – result, he is banged up for manslaughter. A car driver comes along and suddenly it’s the victim’s fault. This needs to change if we are to ever tackle our diabetes and obesity crisis.

  26. Tim Hughes says:

    I wonder if PDN readers have ever thought about the prioritry between pedestrians and car drivers in the large car parks of our supermarkets. These large flat areas have no kerbs but have delineated parking slots for cars. Sometimes they have delinated paths and roads but who has priority? Often there are young mothers pushing shopping trolleys with young children in tow trying to get to their cars. My view is that in these areas pedestrians should have 100% priority everywhere, there should be no zebra crossing needed and all cars owners should drive as if on eggshells. We have somehow managed as society to raise the status of a car and driver way above anything that is anywhere near appropriate for these polluting producing masses of metal and Mr Slaughter’s ideas are, in my opinion, an entirely appropriate first stepin trying to redress the balance.

  27. Ford Prefect says:

    Totally agree with Anthony. This is already the law in The Netherlands and is part of a system which sees far fewer deaths and injuries from cycling. As car drivers we should all be aware that our travel choice can kill in a heartbeat. Cars are large and dangerous objects that should be treated with the utmost care, and all vulnerable road users be they pedestrians or cyclists or people on mobility scooters, should be given full priority over motor vehicles.

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