This is as near as the Champions League trophy gets to Penarth as it’s delivered by Welsh soccer legend Ian Rush – by Cardiff Harbour patrol RIB to the National Stadium. Taking the train home to Penarth today will mean missing the match.

Penarth soccer fans hoping for a night-out in Cardiff  for the Real Madrid v Juventus Champions League match have discovered that  the last train home to Penarth from Cardiff leaves before tonight’s the kick-off.

German-owned Arriva Trains Wales has – in fact – urged people not to travel to Cardiff by train unless absolutely necessary because of special restrictions in place today .

Any soccer fans who ARE travelling by train are advised to arrive in Cardiff by 13:00 and should aim to be in the National Stadium by 17:45 because of the additional security checks in place.

The Champions League pre match ceremony starts at 19;30 and the match – billed as “the  biggest sporting event of 2017” – is due to start at 19:45. The day’s last train from Cardiff to Penarth leaves at 19:30.  

The last train for Penarth leaves Cardiff Queen St at 19: 29 – before the match kicks off. There are “no post-match services” to Penarth – and no trains to Penarth from Cardiff Central station.

Most major roads in Cardiff city centre are closed all day and will not reopen until 03:30 BST on Sunday, with motorists being warned not to drive into the city.

There are no outdoor big-screen tv displays showing the match anywhere in Cardiff.

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  1. There are services to Barry Island into the small hours of tomorrow so why cannot Penarth people walk up from Cogan? The government in London does not allow ATW enough trains for normal services so how do you expect them to cope with this silly event?
    This is just more evidence that Cardiff cannot cope with such a big event. More people are being seriously inconvenienced that actually visiting Cardiff.
    By the way. Can anyone explain why this game is in Cardiff when neither team is from the UK?

    • M.Jones says:

      “Can anyone explain why this game is in Cardiff when neither team is from the UK?”, are you serious? What a stupid question.

      Did AC Milan or Inter Milan play in last years final, that was staged in Milan?

      UEFA decide where the final is being played two years in advance, so no one knows who is going to be in the final at that time. Granted though, no chance of Cardiff City making the final 🙂

      • Chris David says:

        Ah the mystery of it all. Did watch a bit- saw Tom Daley there recruiting divers and got bored, Switched to Dad Army- much more dynamic.

      • Nick Davies says:

        Chris David, why does it not surprise me that Dad’s Army is your comfort zone?

    • Football Fan says:

      Martin May I suggest you do a little research in future before asking any question (UEFA Final venue).That Way on reflection your Comments wont make you Feel so Embarrassed.

      • Chris David says:

        Ha so what’s your point Nick Davies? I’m comfortable with Harari to (Google him) so do give us your pro opinion. 🙂 x

      • Nick Davies says:

        Harari? Isn’t that a Japanese sports car? My point is, although I tried to make it subtly, that you appear to be a fully subscribed member of the Penarth Old Buffers Club.

      • I don’t feel at all embarrassed by my question and none the wiser after reading your responses. It’s quite obvious that Cardiff didn’t cope with this event and quite how it was allowed to go ahead I don’t know.

    • 92 and a social butterfly says:

      …shuttle bus from Cogan to Penarth then would be a good idea for next time.

      • Chris David says:

        Not subtle Nick Davies but amusing, thanks- yup got the point and just wanted to tease you out ha. If you were up to the minute you’d know who Harari is. Ps- as for old I have a bus pass and far more hair than a lot of 30- year olds 🙂 So – have you got your motorbike licence yet?

      • Nick Davies says:

        Yes, Sapiens is engaging but I found it rather careless, exaggerated and sensationalist. I can see why you enjoyed it.

      • Chris David says:

        Rowlocks Nick Davies- you’ve never read it or you’d know Sapiens is a bit part…. and you’ve nicked a Guardian quote. True Pseud intellectual. Get out of those short trousers your turn ups are dragging x

  2. Chris David says:

    Will Cardiff / S Wales make a profit from all this or is it going to be a net cost to the tax payer? Anyone know?

  3. Surely the whole point of public transport is to be available at times of greatest need and demand?

  4. Peter Church says:

    To stop train services completely at 7:30pm is very strange. A reduced service would fine, but they might have well said locals you can stay for the build up but we don’t want you in town when the match is on.

  5. Mark Foster says:

    These are the most stupid comments I have ever heard on any subject in any newspaper anywhere, ever. What’s the matter with you Welsh? If you’re not educated and can’t write something sensible then do the right thing, shut up and don’t waste people’s time.

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