The hero of the American miners – and the mining industry –  President Donald Trump would “not have any welcome in Wales” claims Labour candidate Stephen Doughty

The Labour candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth, Stephen Doughty,  has again advised Prime Minister Theresa May to cancel her invitation for a State Visit to the UK by the President of the United States, Donald Trump –  scheduled for Autumn this year.

Doughty’s latest plea  comes in the wake of President Trump’s decision to pull-out of the widely-discredited Paris Climate Accord – which independent critics say is a “massive scam to shift jobs from the USA to the Far East” .

Labour candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth Stephen Doughty

In giving the Prime Minister his advice, Doughty has told MediaWales   I know that Trump would not have any welcome here in Wales”.  – although he does not quote any evidence to back up his assertion.

Doughty also claims  “there is a political consensus amongst most parties here in Wales on the devastating impact that climate change could have”.

However UKIP has already ridiculed Doughty’s comments.

UKIP leader in the Welsh Assembly  Neil Hamilton has fully endorsed President Trump’s decision to pull out of the contentious Climate Agreement.

UKIP Leader Neil Hamilton says he hoped President Trump WILL come to Wales

Hamilton said the US President was “ absolutely right” and his action had been fully in line with UKIP’s policy . He said “Quite regardless of whether mankind has been affecting the climate of the world, the Paris agreement is not going to make any progress towards carbon emissions because China is going to double its emissions of CO2 over the next 13 years and India is going to treble them.”

Hamilton  says India and China “currently account for a third of all global emissions. If  we close down the entire British economy that would only knock 2% off the world target so Donald Trump has woken up to the fact that this is a massive scam in effect to export jobs from the West to the East.”

Hamilton says he hopes the president will visit Wales on his State Visit … and find a site for a new golf course. – “like the one he built in Scotland”.


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  1. Papa Lazarou says:

    Gosh he’s like a God speaking for all of Wales. ..

    • Lm says:

      Totally agree
      I have no time for Trump but he is still the President of USA
      Who does Doughty think he is?

  2. Frank Bird says:

    Does anyone beleive anything Hamilton says?

  3. Anne Greagsby says:

    Nicaragua and Syria are the only other nations in the world not in the climate accord. The Financial Times and Guardian both published an annotated transcript of Trump’s speech, noting the many misleading claims he made and his apparent misunderstanding about how the deal was designed and works. Trump and his dodgy deal would be friends are quite simply ignorant and anti science. Most of the world laughs at trump in despair. I wouldn’t him welcome to Wales. Surely we’re smarter than that?!

  4. Brian Selby says:

    Doughty’s statement is quite untrue as he has never canvassed my opinion. The best thing we can do for climate change is to either make all our own goods or to import from countries who do care. Expecting cheap imports comes at a price, but I suppose it’s OK if it’s not in our backyard.

    • I am happy to welcome President Trump to Wales, our portly Parliamentary person doesn’t mumble for me. Let him keep his ISIS friendships… He believes those to be fine and dandy. I do not agree with President Trump’s views on care and love for our planet but refusing dialogue with him serves no good. Doughty has proved himself naive repeatedly… A political lightweight.

  5. Louise C says:

    Let’s hope Trump is in FBI custody before the State Visit occurs. I’d love to see him in an orange jumpsuit.

  6. Chris David says:

    Please don’t give Doughty publicity. He’s a lightweight grandstanding fool. Far more important to give the matter of climate change some thought as a subject and not a football. New thinking is being developed in the academic communities. Significantly a group including Bill Gates, R Branson and a few other clever billionaires are investing huge sums in climate change theory, control and new energy sources. Far more important to see what the science and business communities are proposing / doing than listening to any short term “thinking” by self interested, third rate vaudeville politicians.

  7. Anom says:

    Of back to ozz Dorothy there you can folow your own little trail because you dont speack or repersent me

  8. BigPooPski says:

    Doughty’s an idiot he would be the first one to grovel if Trump come here. Go away Doughty no one cares what you think.

  9. Peter Petherick says:

    Trump is right .. China, Russia say what we want to hear … And then carry on their own merry way … Its just lip service.
    We in the UK are just minnows at pollution.

  10. Peter Church says:

    Doughty is an idiot, just likes the sound of his own voice. He acts like he is some global politician and has done nothing for local people here in Penarth.
    Vote Doughty, get Corbyn!

  11. Tim Hughes says:

    India’s per capita carbon emission from the consumption of energy is less than 1/12th of that of the population of the United States so even if they trebled it they would still be creating less than quarter of that of people in the US. UKIP’s approach is entirely consistent with that of a colonial power, they do not like immigration nor do they like people from other countries to play on a level playing field wi8th us in their own country.

  12. Vince says:

    I live in Wales and I don’t recall giving Mr. Doughty permission to speak for me.

  13. whatsoccurin says:

    wonder if the Americans will retaliate by banning Doughty?-the American media would probably say-who?

  14. Ann Other says:

    Doughty is suffering delusions of adequacy (again).

  15. Jackie says:

    Who does he think he is. 200,000 children in poverty in Wales do something useful Doughty. You
    dont speak for me!! Dont vote for this idiot!

  16. Ford Prefect says:

    Well he certainly wouldn’t be welcome in my house. Trump is an ignoramus, a sexist, a pervert, a serial liar and totally out of his depth. He got rich because his Dad gave him loads of money. He got famous being rude on a reality TV show and then he got elected because of a dysfunctional electoral system in which two head to head candidates produce a winner which fewer people voted for.

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