The Christian website “Premier” wrongly refers throughout the feature to the Cardiff South and Penarth Conservative candidate as “Bill Reeves” – [ his real name is Bill Rees]

Just days before the General Election the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth – Bill Rees – has suffered the embarrassment of being wrongly name-checked in a feature and audio interview on the  Christian website “Premier”.

Throughout the feature, Bill Rees is wrongly referred to as “Bill Reeves”  – a name which will not be appearing on Thursday’s ballot paper.

Premier –  which claims an audience of 1,000,000 people a week – describes itself as a “flourishing multi-media organisation across radio, magazines and interactive websites with on-demand video and audio” which exists to “enable people to put their Faith at the heart of daily life”.

The on-line feature article and the accompanying audio interview was conducted by Eno Adeogun and is part of a series of discussions with “Christian candidates that will be running for the first time for the three main political parties”.

Conservative candidate Bill Rees , his wife and young family campaigning in Penarth

In an audio interview accompanying the article  “Bill Reeves” / a.k.a. Bill Rees,  explains how he first became involved in Christianity and in politics. He explains how he sounded out his pastor and family who advised him to  get “life experience” before entering politics. As a result he embarked on a career in business and and finance (in the renewable energy sector)  but was simultaneously involved in church projects including assisting former prisoners on their release from jail.

In interview Bill Rees explains why he thinks voters should support Christian candidates in the General Election.  He says “When you see someone who is a Christian running, I think it should encourage them to think ‘well, there’s someone there who knows that they are accountable to the electorate but also they themselves make themselves accountable to God in heaven’.

The feature and audio interview are on

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  1. Eddie says:

    I am still waiting for Bill Rees to say what his views are on fox hunting and whether he would vote to repeal the hunting ban. I for one would not vote for a candidate who was in favour of this barbaric ‘sport ‘.

    • Peter Church says:

      Yes, this is right up there on the things the new MP should have on his mind. Forget about security, the health service, roads, businesses, education, national debt.
      If there is any animal that deserved to be hunted it’s seagulls, only problem is horses and dogs cant fly.

      • Eddie says:

        It might not be important to you Peter Church but it is important to me, as well as lots of others for whom animal welfare is a priority. I think I have a right to know what the views are of our candidates in order that I can make a fully informed choice on Thursday. It doesn’t mean that other issues are not important as well.

    • BigPooPski says:

      I agree

    • Mark Foster says:

      The governement needs to ban hallal and schechita slaughter of animals. That’s far more barbaric.

      • Chris David says:

        For once I actually wholeheartedly agree with you. Now now don’t be disingenuous.

    • John south says:

      I’m sure he’ll be pushed hard by all the hunts through Fishpond Wood!!

      As it happens, my wife asked him about this on the doorstep (he was in Sully the other day) – he’s against even starting the conversation about hunting in Westminster. Said it was a distraction (just like Peter Church said). There are more important issues to be getting on with – issues which Doughty can’t be bothered to deal with because he’s too busy playing politics with his boss.

      • Eddie says:

        I think that it is a real concern that Bill Rees is not being transparent about his views on hunting. He is making it a distraction by not being open and honest. Animal welfare is a major concern for many, many people and does impact on some people’s voting preferences. Including mine. And yes, I am concerned about live exports and animals not being stunned prior to slaughter as well. By the way I emailed him a fortnight ago regarding this and still haven’t had a response.

    • The Milkmaid says:

      Eddie, with the greatest respect, I think you are living in a bubble. Control of undesirable animals on farmland is ongoing and I don’t think the ill thought out fox hunting bill did a lot to alter matters. If anything is needed its the old bill repealing and a balanced approach to animal control.
      Mark hits the nail on the head when he says halal slaughter is barbaric, it is.
      Doesn’t happen on my farm, we’re organic and love our animals.

      • Eddie says:

        I think you will find that I know the facts about fox hunting which is precisely why I am opposed to it. You say foxes are undesirable on farm land – why then is there evidence that hunts have kidnapped fox cubs and intentionally bred from them, in additional to feeding wild foxes, apparently to encourage population growth in order to later kill them? Hounds are bred for stamina and not speed and so ensure a long chase. Hunters intentionally block foxes’ underground escape routes so the chase often lasts hours, during which time foxes sometimes rupture their internal organs in their desperate attempts to evade the dogs. Once they are caught by the hounds the foxes die of profound trauma caused by multiple bites and in many cases are disembowelled whilst still alive.

        If Teresa May was looking for a way to alienate a large majority of the British public, she has found it.

  2. Chris David says:

    Ruddy hell what a choice. Doughty who thinks he’s god (no caps not real) or a fantasist who believes in a god. Which one is this then Mr Rees.

    • Lord of the Bay says:

      You do know that Doubting Doughty is a member of Christians on the Left, don’t you!

      • Chris David says:

        Yes- he’s dodgy on several fronts. He acts like he’s pontificating from on high to boot.

      • The dry-stone waller says:

        Doughty professes Christianity but is happy to walk hand in hand with ISIS’ Cardiff branch. Its time he nailed his sail to the mast and informed us confused voters why he is happy to walk with and by inference, support ISIS. He must know who these local ISIS supporters are. I hope he has reflected on his friendships and reported them to the relevant authorities.

  3. Joe blow says:

    It doesn’t matter who we vote for, humpty dumpty aka doughty will get in.

  4. Ford says:

    The last thing we need is more religion.

  5. Dizzydeb says:

    Well said Eddie! Teresa May has upset every animal lover in the UK. No mention either of what she will do about the unnecessary live animal exports once we are out of the EU. Her campaign so far is on a par with the useless Remain campaign. The Pirate Party is looking appealing!!!!

  6. Anne Greagsby says:

    The Tory candidate Bill Rees doesn’t even live in the constituency never mind Wales. And we don’t want a holy joe either.

    • Lord of the Bay says:

      No holy Joe? I guess you’ll be voting for the Plaid candidate then?

    • The big bass drum says:

      Anne, Bill Rees is a Welsh speaker from Welsh farming stock. Do you speak Welsh Ann?… If not, how could you have fully represented people? You had only just moved into Penarth (according to the electoral roll) when you stood for Council.
      S Doughty was on the electoral roll in London, his social life was and is based in London, he just happens to represent CS and P.
      Bill Rees and Stephen Doughty are both Christians so looks like you’re getting a Christian whether you like it or not, lets not feed Christians to the lions this time around, how about republicans and the loony left? If you had not realised Penarth has many thriving Christian Churches.

    • Victor Y says:

      Seriously Anne, are you really mocking someone for their religious beliefs?? What if he were a Muslim, would you mock him for that or would you worry about being branded a racist?

      • Chris David says:

        Don’t know about Anne but I mock them all. I believe in the great chocolate teapot god- now don’t risk mocking me eh! Religions is pure fantasy and holding Sapiens back to the detriment of “us”, our fellow creatures and the planet. Don’t confuse racism with realism VicT

      • Victor Y says:

        The arrogant Chris David has spoken therefore it must be true lol!

      • Chris David says:

        Ha, accusations of arrogance coming from a presumed Christian or other religious delusionist (sic) representing those that have browbeaten imprisoned and killed atheists, scientists and realists with laws for centuries. Not to mention raped, pillaged and slaughtered their way around the world. Well thanks VicY you’re right and I’m grateful xx

  7. Chris David says:

    In the UK, Jewish and Muslim communities are exempt from legal requirements to stun animals before slaughter. Shechita (Jewish) and Halal (Muslim) slaughter methods involve cutting the animal’s throat with a very sharp knife, often without pre-stunning. There are different interpretations of the religious laws on slaughter within both communities. Barbaric and disgusting, takes as much as 30 seconds for an animal to die in agony and just another bogus selfish religion overriding our laws and basic humanist principles. If Rees is religious he’s part of the problem. I’ve had enough of them all.

    • Mark Foster says:

      The problem is if you banned it, many members of the Jewish and Muslim communities would have to leave the country.

  8. Old McDonald says:

    Careful Anne, I seem to recall there was some debate about your home address in a previous election –

  9. Andrew Worsley says:

    So that’s what a snowball in hell actually looks like?

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