The new Vale of Glamorgan Council cabinet meets for the first time this afternoon

The new Conservative-led Vale of Glamorgan Council  cabinet meets for the first time today to initiate the policies it will be implementing over the next 5 years.

The council is due to meet at  14:00 this afternoon at the Civic Offices in Holton Road Barry and includes the following members:-

  • Chairman – Councillor J. Thomas (Leader & Performance and Resources)
  • Councillor H. Jarvie (Regulatory and Legal Services)
  • Councillor B. Penrose (Learning and Culture)
  • Councillor J. Bird (Regeneration and Planning)
  • Councillor A. Parker (Housing and Building Services)
  • Councillor G. Kemp (Social Care, Health and Leisure)
  • Councillor G. Cox (Neighbourhood Services and Transport)

The previous Labour administration had come in for criticism for refusing to stream live tv coverage of its cabinet meetings on the internet – so that council-tax payers could actually follow the proceedings on their computers/ iPhones etc . In 2013 the council chamber, where the cabinet meets,  had been refurbished and equipped with all the necessary equipment to do so at a cost of over £250,000.

Cabinet meetings are always open to members of the public to attend – but so far the new Conservative administration has yet to announce whether it will televise its cabinet meetings. It was the policy of the Conservative-led UK Government elected in 2010 to enforce greater public transparency of all councils across the UK.

Today’s business includes the consideration of reports by the  Glamorgan Heritage Coast Advisory Group , the “Cabinet Annual Strategic Forward Work Programme: June 2017 to April 2018”  and “Cabinet Quarterly Work Programme: June 2017 to July 2017”.

Today the Vale Council cabinet is due to select a councillor to sit as its representative on the board of Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd – the troubled company which holds the lease on Penarth Pier Pavilion.

The cabinet will also be appointing councillors to serve on a number of outside bodies and joint committees.  Included amongst these the selection of someone to serve in the potentially hot-seat of the Vale Council’s representative of the board of trustees of Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd  – the struggling “not-for-profit” company/ charity which holds the 125 year lease on Penarth Pier Pavilion. The previous incumbent – former Labour councillor Gwyn Roberts – quit in February and there hasn’t been a Vale Council representative on the board since.

“Active Travel” routes Penarth

Other reports to be considered in today’s meeting are a report on so-called “Active Travel” [i.e. walking or cycling] in the main conurbations of the Vale including Penarth,  the Education Asset Renewal Building Programme 2017/18, the sale of land “Surplus to Requirements” at St Illtyd Primary School, Llantwit Major.

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  1. andrewsketty says:

    let’s hope it’s Cllr Penrose. entirely relevant to his cabinet post for a culture and the only local councillor who appears willing to stand up to the shower that is PACL

    • Whoever is nominated as trustee for the PACL will be required to keep to the same confidentiality as the other. I don’t expect their secrecy to be relaxed so do expect to hear anything more than we already have. The predecessor obviously had concerns and I hope he made these known to the Charity Commission.

  2. Mark Foster says:

    That bloke at the back looks like an older David Walliams.

  3. At least on of the routes shown on the map is closed and it’s intriguing to see the roundabout by Cogan station designated as a walking route. It’s one of the most dangerous places for pedestrians I know of in Europe. I even reported a particular safety hazard there to Barry but since they’re not interested in Penarth so nothing was done. In the end I fixed it myself when I was returning on the last train from Cardiff one night. I used to lay awake in bed worrying that I was going to be raided and arrested by the police for vandalism until I discover the CCTV was broken.

  4. Philip Rapier says:

    This photograph of the Cabinet is the best advert for Active Travel I have ever seen!!
    A “Dad’s Army” of Aga Louts from Cowbridge and Rhoose in charge of “active travel” is a bit like putting Captain Mannering in charge of the SAS.
    Get down the Gym you Guys (n..b. Ye Olde Stronge and Stayble Tory -Whig Coalition’s 19th Century policy locally means there are- no Gals- or Penarth- or Barry Councillors in Ye Olde Cabynet)
    Let us hope they actually do what they are supposed to and have a democratic consultation on “active travel” and start by installing speed bumps on the Railway Path.
    Unlike the previous administration who would only talk to the discredited SUSTRANS “charity” dependent on handouts from the pockets of the Cycle Industry.

    • 92 and a social butterfly says:

      …speed bumps on the railway path. for what?.. the walkers or the buggy pushers? There is a place for old fashioned courtesy and consideration for fellow travellers. Think small, be kind.

  5. Max Wallis says:

    The ‘Active travel’ map you reproduce supposedly combines walking and cycling routes without showing which. Better than previous maps in showing joined-up paths/routes and including roads (Penarth Rd, Cardiff Rd thru Dinas Powys) that cyclists have to use. But as a long-term plan (15yr) this is far from ambitious, with not even the easy off-road walk-cycle link from the Redlands junction to Caerleon Rd (Murch) shown.
    There’s no solution to the one-way cycleway along the Esplanade (cycle from the Pier but not to it!) and no indication of joining to a Headlands cliff-foot link to the Barrage.

    • NewsNet says:

      Unfortunately the key at the bottom of the map got accidentally chopped off in sizing it up. We’ll substitute it with a full length version . Thanks for pointing that out.

  6. Chris Wyatt says:

    At the end of April, not having received a response to my own application to join the PACL board of trustees as a representative of both the Penarth Civic Society and the National Piers Society, I assumed that my application had been unsuccessful. However, when I queried this with Professor Hazell, he responded that my application had not actually been put before the board as they did not wish to appoint any new trustees at that time. The new Conservative Council should also be aware of the legal position regarding the status of PACL trustees as explained in Professor Hazell’s reply to me below.
    ‘You are completely wrong in your assumption. Your application has not been considered by the Board as we have not been looking to appoint any new Trustees at this time. However, I must point out that no member of the Board is appointed to represent any organisation. This applies also to the two Trustees ‘nominated’ by the two local authorities. The Board has the right to accept or reject any such nomination and guidance from the Charity Commission and from the leading law firm in Wales, advising on charitable governance, makes it clear that any Trustee nominated by a local authority is not a representative of that local authority and must abide by all formal requirements of any Trustee, not least in respect of confidentiality. Should the Board decide at some time in the future that it wishes to appoint a new member or members, I will put your application to the Board though your declaration as applying “to represent the Penarth Civic Society and the National Piers Society” may well be seen as something of an impediment.’
    I have since withdrawn my application for reasons that are not relevant to this article.

  7. Why is this an all male cabinet? It is sexist. It is also rascist. All white. It surely fails to meet all tests of equality and does not therefore fairly represent the community. It’s a bloody disgrace. Local elections need a radical rethink.

    • A Local Resident says:

      What would you prefer, the likes of Diane Abbott on the cabinet.
      This would sure ticks the all the boxes:
      Ethnic diversity…tick

      • I so wish some of the people who comment on this site would simply transfer their mindless meanderings to somewhere like twitter where they can sit comfortably. Hidden behind their anonymity. Lost in their inanity.

    • A Local Resident says:

      Oh and I should have added racist as well!
      ”White people love playing ‘divide & rule'”
      This she said in 2012 and later had to apolgise for.

      We had Lis Burnett and she was a disaster, made Ms Abbott look competent.

  8. J24 says:

    This group doesn’t seem very representative of the population. Real shame.

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