Double or quits? A window display at Ladbroke’s betting shop in Stanwell road helps Penarth punters  weigh-up the General Election odds.

Penarth bookmakers are now pulling in the punters by offering a wide range of bets on the outcome of Thursday’s General Election .

At Ladbroke’s on Stanwell Road, the manager told PDN  some customers are putting up to £20 a time on Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn becoming the next Prime Minister . A bet of  £20 he said  could reap an attractive payback of  £90…but that’s only if Corbyn wins .

Ladbroke’s Penarth are expecting the next two days to be even busier than usual

On the other hand customers can bet on Theresa May continuing as Conservative Prime Minister with odds at 20-1.

The odds in the Parliamentary constituency of Cardiff South and Penarth have been fluctuating but have now settled down.

Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott was flummoxed on Sky News by questions on the Harris Security report . Voters know a vote for Doughty is a vote for her to become Home Secretary.

Labour candidate Stephen Doughty is quoted at 1-5   – meaning that a £1 bet on Doughty would yield – if he wins –  a return of only 20p, plus the return of the original £1 stake.

This is presenting not only an unattractive bet for punters but a dilemma for tactical voters  – one of whom said today – “the snag is, a vote for Stephen Doughty is a vote for Diane Abbott to become Home Secretary – which would be a disaster”.

Diane Abbott yesterday struggled to answer questions on Sky News about a far-reaching security report written by Labour peer Lord Harris – the latest in a series of embarrassing interviews during the election campaign, in which she has struggled to answer questions on her brief.

Ms Abbott was booked to appear on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour this morning but pulled out at the last-minute citing “ill-health“. Sky reported there had been suggestions that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell’s team had  attempted to keep her off the airwaves after series of broadcast gaffes.

The bookmakers are quoting odds for Cardiff South and Penarth Conservative candidate Bill Rees at (3-1) and Prime Minister Theresa at May (20-1)

Meanwhile Cardiff South and Penarth Conservative candidate Bill Rees is quoted at 3-1 to become Penarth’s next MP –  meaning that a £1 bet would produce winnings of £3 plus return of the original £1 stake = £4. So far Bill Rees’s timely intervention yesterday  (potentially to save Penarth Pier  Pavilion) –  has yet to be reflected by any change in the odds being quoted for him to win .

All the other parties are quoted at 100-1 except for the Pirate Party which is quoted at 200-1 – easily the most attractive bet of all,  provided – that is –  there is a surge in support for the party between now and Thursday.

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  1. Eyes and Ears says:

    20/1 for Theresa May must be wrong. Or is it part of an offer?

  2. Ian Perry says:

    Dianne Abbott has made hundreds of TV appearances where she has been very articulate. Her recent slip ups have been highlighted by the press, whilst those by other politicians have been ignored, or given very little attention.

    Perhaps she’s over-tired, and/or has a health problem. She doesn’t seem to be the person she was in the past – at least in those specific clips that some have chosen to circulate.

    Now, where were we with strong and stable and not needing to have a general election?

    • Penarth says:

      She is a dishonest person. She claimed she was sick when she didn’t want to vote in parliament.

    • Peter Church says:

      Ian if you think the way Diane Abbott speaks is articulate you need to converse with people that have slightly higher IQ’s
      Her interview on Sky News was like some 10 year old who hadn’t done their homework and the teacher just have fun asking searching questions. Its no wonder the leadership of the Labour party “told” her to be sick and avoid any more interviews. This is the shadow home secretary not a cleaner in the offices of Westminster.
      But the real issue is, that so few people in the Labour party are willing to serve under Corbyn this is the best he can get.
      If Doughty wins I would not be surprised if he tried to get back in to the shadow cabinet under Emily Thornberry. (she of Bagpuss fame)

      • Ian Perry says:

        Are you referring back to that recent interview on Sky News where again she was clearly over-tired, and/or had/has a health problem?

  3. penarthblog says:

    The election will be decided by the VOTERS on Thursday, this is just a distraction.

  4. Peter Petherick says:

    William Hill … May to be Prime Minister …… .. She is 2/9 at this moment.

  5. AK says:

    I’m off to the pub until Friday

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