It now seems that cars – as well as bikes  – are going the wrong way around the roundabout at Penarth Marina,  at the bottom of Dock Hill – a spot already notorious for cyclists ignoring the rules of the road .

Footage has reached PDN of three cars in succession taking a “short cut” from the Marina up Dock Hill without circumnavigating the “Mermaid” roundabout at the bottom of the hill.

Locals say this is most likely to happen when there is a traffic tailback of cars queuing to enter the Cardiff Barrage car park .

Some cyclists already ride the wrong way around the roundabout at the bottom of Dock Hill. Now cars heading up Dock Hill are following suit in the opposite direction

Despite the arrow chevron markings , impatient drivers are passing the roundabout on their left hand side and driving straight up the hill – often coming into head-on situations with vehicles coming down the hill in the opposite direction.

One local resident said it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident.



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  1. Dave says:

    On a bike coming down the hill you are high enough up to see enough to negotiate the roundabout safely whichever way you choose, rightly or wrongly. For car doing the opposite from the bottom they clearly have limited visibility. The number plates are visible on these cars surely they can be advised by the police on their behaviour.

    • Marina Car Owner Resident says:

      Dave What a Stupid statement, you are Not obviously aware and have no knowledge of the speed Some of these cyclist Illegally approach this roundabout downhill. May I suggest you visit this site between say 8-9am and then you can speak from experience

    • Philip Rapier says:

      This is sadly indicative of the appalling Traffic Management policy of the Vale of Glamorgan Council. From inflicting Toxic Fumes on Windsor Road and the adjoining – Cogan-Primary / Cardiff Road Primary School Dinas indifference to the Safety of Cyclists and Pedestrians They simply do not care.
      Please Cardiff come and take us over. We need and surely deserve proper Traffic Control and other of your much higher standards such as Street Sweeper Vehicles scrubbing and disinfecting our Pavements too.

  2. Zuby Majeed says:

    i walk to work over the barrage around 7am. im shocked to see the number of cyclists whizzing down the hill and ignoring signs and going the opposite way around the roundabout there.

  3. JTR69 says:

    This is clearly a badly designed junction. I am guilty of cutting this corner on my bike as it is actually safer than going around the right way. But I wouldn’t do it in a car because I have a licence to lose.
    I cycle this route to work and I generally consider myself to be a safe cyclist and feel guilty doing this, but it is actually safer. A terrible junction to negotiate.

    • says:

      Errmmm when is it ever safe to drive around a roundabout the wrong way? Hate to break it to you but you are not a ‘safe cyclist’.

      • JTR69 says:

        Please re-read my comment. I said it was safe ‘er’. Neither way is safe around this roundabout but the straight route is the least unsafe.

  4. J24 says:

    The roundabout here is a waste of space. It should just be a corner with a T-junction into the car park. It seems everyone is guilty of doing something incorrectly here, many a time I’ve been coming down the bank to turn left and a car driver has pulled out from the marina without even looking or stopping. It’s actually pretty difficult to see up the hill from the marina end. It’s also annoying and not easy for pedestrians to cross it. Just an example of poorly designed infrastructure.

  5. Joe blow says:

    It is often safer on a bike to straight-line the roundabout because it can be very slippery at the bottom of that hill and easy to skid or lose control if you have to brake and hit a wet patch. As long as you can see there is nothing else around it is safer and more time and energy efficient to go straight across.
    As for this fixation with going the wrong way around a roundabout, have no cars ever overtaken any other cars on the wrong side of the road?

    As for

    • Peter Church says:

      I find it safer in my car to knock over cyclists rather than over take them and put myself in danger by being partially on the opposite carriageway.

      This is yours and most cyclist bizarre logic!!!
      Me first, sod the rules of the road.

      • Dave says:

        Surely you will scratch your Audi doing this…………..

      • Victor Y says:

        Talking about intentionally knocking people over is in very poor taste don’t you think Peter, particularly given the recent terrorist attacks in London?

  6. AK says:

    Traffic lights, that’ll be the answer !

  7. Victor Y says:

    I’ve seen a cars do this a couple of times too and at both times there were no queues in to car park so either the drivers were confused by the roundabout or were just intentionally ignoring it. On one occasion I had to do an emergency stop to avoid having a head on collision with the other car because they had also cut across on to the wrong side of the road as I was driving down the hill.

    There is also another place in Penarth where I’ve seen drivers on the wrong side of the road and that’s on Stanwell Rd on the approach to the traffic lights with Plymouth Rd heading away from the town centre. I’ve seen this happen at least 5 times, the last 2 being only last week. On each occasion there has been a queue of 3 or more vehicles waiting at the red light and the offending cars approach the back of the queue and then just drive on to the opposite side of the road to go around them. I can only assume that they think the queue of cars are all parked. Only once has the offending car continued on through the red light, on 2 occasions they’ve pulled in at the front of the queue, and the other times they’ve realised their error and reversed back up Stanwell Rd to the back of the queue. So it just goes to show its not only cyclists who do things wrong on the road.

    • JonMartin says:

      I have reported this very fact to the Vale some years ago; one more than one occasion, they sent an ‘inspector’ who found no fault. Not true. I believe as there is a slight curve in the road, or if there are vehicles ahead of you, you simply do not see the lights that are effectively slightly to your left. One day an accident will happen, as a car will pass through a red light along Stanwell Road and at the same time a car will pass through the junction from Hickman into Plymouth Road.

      I actually sent them pictures of cars two abreast opposite the shops in Washington Buildings (Snells etc etc). The driver was totally oblivious as the issue

  8. Lm says:

    A few months ago I was going down the hill and my car was nearly hit by a stupid motorist coming around the corner and ignoring the roundabout!
    How did the guy pass his test?
    My heart was in my mouth and I had to swerve out of his way!

  9. Plainjane says:

    At the weekend saw a car go the wrong way down the one way dock hill triangle road and nearly cause a collision with a car coming up – not to mention the numerous cyclists who regularly travel fast down the wrong way also

  10. Max Wallis says:

    JTR69 speaks for many cyclists. Going down Dock Hill, the visibility of cars from the Haven is very limited – coming to a near stop on the changing camber is not easy and less safe than straight across when the way is clear. The left turn is also difficult – we rely on cars sticking to their side of the road leaving us space to swing out. But if a vehicle bypasses cars queuing through the roundabout – to make the turn up Dock Hill that you describe – we would suffer. Particularly as it’s a bus-route, that queuing to enter the barrage car-park has to be stopped.

    • Plainjane says:

      I regularly cycle down dock hill and never feel the need to cycle straight across the roundabout. Braking at the junction is only an issue if you are going too fast, which far too many do

  11. sjleworthy says:

    Never seen this before. Me thinks these drivers are either lazy or poor drivers. Or both. I understand cyclists doing it as so many do their own thing and ignore road rules and etiquette anyway, but it’s a lot more dangerous for cars to do it.

  12. Truly amazing confessions here from a number of contributors both car drivers and cyclists. one rather revealing comment from one of the cycling transgressors is that they don’t go round the wrong way in their car because they have a licence to lose but do so on their bikes presumably because there is no licence to lose.

    Exactly the reason why all cyclists should be required to undertake and pass a highways cycling test before being allowed on the road and if holding a car driving licence should acrue points on that if caught breaking the law.

    It’s about time that the laws and penalties on cyclists driving on the highway were massively tightened up in order to protect them from themselves as the most vulnerable users of the roads

    I have used this junction thousands of times over the years and have never once felt the need to go round it the wrong way, I’m clearly not travelling as fast as those cyclists and drivers on here who are struggling to negotiate a fairly simple roundabout.

    • CelticMan says:

      I agree.

    • Vic says:

      ” if holding a car driving licence should acrue points on that if caught breaking the law.” an interesting idea but a bit unfair as its biased in favour of people who do not hold a driving licence.

    • Cyclist says:

      Why bother tightening up on the laws and penalties when no one ever enforces them.
      When was the last time any parking enforcement officers deviated from the town centre. There are double yellow lines around several of our churches and schools with cars parked all over them during services and drop off/pick up time!

  13. snoggerdog says:

    blame it on the bossa nova.

  14. Dave says:

    At 7am in the morning most cars are heading towards cardiff and not coming up the hill from the marina. Any cars going down the hill are trying to rat run the marina to cardiff to get priority at the tesco roundabout on windsor road. Therefore anything coming from the barrage carpark or marina is quite rare at that time of day and hence at 7am risk is low. Regardless of what is right and wrong you can write here to the end of time and nothing will change, but it is good to wind up people. Probably good one for Jeremy Vine.

    • Lm says:

      I was going to Tesco when I was almost knocked aside by some maniac coming up the hill and ignoring the roundabout
      I know why don’t we all ignore the Highway code and roundabouts some inconsiderate people do and if caught should be prosecuted
      Or are they too busy using their mobile phones whilst driving!

      • snoggerdog says:

        “i know why dont we all ignore the highway code” your idea is already in operation L.M., if wardens came up the north ward they would be on double one i saw the other day,was a 4×4 fully in salop st widthways pretending to be “parked on the albion corner!

  15. Fishhenge says:

    I’ll happily drive around and around the roundabout all day and night in the right direction and at the speed limit. Where there’s blame there’s a claim!

  16. Lm says:

    I think 4×4 vehicles should be banned from ordinary roads and only allowed on motor ways
    The trouble with these large vehicles people think they are invincible and can do as they please they can also cause very serious injury if the hit anyone
    Up the revolution!

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