Tomorrow’s General Election contest in the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency is – in effect – a straight fight between Conservative candidate Bill Rees (left) and Labour candidate Stephen Doughty (right) ….and today the gloves came off.

With just hours to go before the polls open at 07:00 tomorrow morning for the 2017 General Election   (and what’s widely acknowledged a being just a two-horse race)  now the contest in Cardiff South and Penarth really IS getting personal.

In a surge of last-minute leafleting across the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency the Conservatives have launched an unprecedented personal attack on Labour candidate Stephen Doughty – labelling him as “complacent”  – and reminds the electorate  that Doughty voted in Parliament against triggering Brexit [opposing the majority view of voters in Wales].

The Conservative “attack leaflet” being distributed in Cardiff South and Penarth today

In contrast the leaflet provides voters with more background about Doughty’s Tory opponent – Bill Rees –   and reveals he is from a relatively “humble” single-parent background .

Welsh-speaking Bill Rees – we now learn – was born and raised in a single-parent household in West Wales” [Earlier biographical information on Bill Rees had simply said that he had “grown up milking cows in West Wales” – perhaps inadvertently giving the impression he was the scion of a farming dynasty] .

The leaflet goes on to say that Bill Rees “is from a humble background and was the first in his family to go to university, where he read economics” and adds that he “has a successful career in business and is married to the author Joanna Rees, with whom he has two children.” .

The leaflet doesn’t include pictures of all the protagonists but endorses the community involvement of Conservative candidates Bill Rees, (Cardiff South and Penarth), Alun Cairns (Vale of Glamorgan) and even of Labour’s Jo Stevens in Cardiff Central – but calls Stephen Doughty “complacent”.

A paragraph from today’s eve-of-poll Conservative “attack leaflet”

The leaflet says that Conservative candidate Bill Rees “believes that MPs should have an active role in the community, promoting local initiatives and always being available.”

Since 2012″  – the leaflet alleges – “Cardiff South and Penarth has had a complacent MP [Doughty’s name is not mentioned] who isn’t at the forefront of the community like Conservative Alun Cairns in the Vale or even Labour’s Jo Stevens in Cardiff Central. It’s time for a new MP.”

The Conservative leaflet claims that Stephen Doughty  “isn’t at the  forefront of the community”  – a criticism which may not be entirely fair as he has been involved in numerous community issues including this pro-Gaza anti-Israel march in Cardiff in July 2014 (Photo Jim Wood)

In another swipe at Doughty, the leaflet adds “While Bill [i.e. Bill Rees] is committed to making a success of Brexit, the Labour candidate in Cardiff South and Penarth [again, Doughty is not mentioned by name] voted against triggering Article 50 in Parliament.”

Meanwhile Doughty’s Labour acolytes have taken to Twitter to dub Bill Rees as “Banbury Bill” – a reference to the fact that, although raised in West Wales, Bill Rees currently lives in Banbury because of his work at the FTSE 100 company Centrica .

However, if elected, Rees has already undertaken to move immediately to the constituency – and probably Penarth. Doughty, on the other hand, did not reveal his home address on his nomination papers.

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  1. Frank Evans says:

    Labour. The lot if them are apologists for terrorists. Keir Starmr said terrorists have a right to a family life as well. NO THEY DON’T.
    Corbyn voted against every anti terror bill that came before parliament.
    Even Diane Abbott doesn’t know what is wrong her she said she is in good health and doesn’t want to caught out lieing.

    • Comrade Stalin says:

      This is the moment Diane Abbott was phoned by Corbyn to tell her she wasn’t well.
      Then they concocted a story about her long term illness, she has mild diabetes and is honest about it when a hoaxer e-mailed her. But she says she isn’t ill.
      Labour are a truly dishonest party, reminds me of the things Stalin would do.

      Comrade Abbott is not well, she has gone to nice farm in Siberia for well earned Holiday, she will be back soon!

      • Frank Evans says:

        Her aid to the left handed her his phone with the call. I suspect he knew what was being said. This was in a tube station 20 mins before the woman’s hour interview she pulled out of. I have sympathy for her but hate for corbyn I hope he get kicked out as labour leader.

  2. Mr rees has reached out to me proactively. The only person ever to do that in 5 years – re the pier pavilion sos campaign I matched about on and will support the advocacy programme and demands I on behalf of the I love Penarth community have demanded, now. pacl out Penarth pier ltd directors all brought to account and then taking the scary penalties of lack of governance and due diligence and commercial and marketing and space planning nouse – seriously lacking – trustees, chair, directors called to account in a public light of day meeting by independant arbitrators. Every penny of 6 million plus money from lottery funds given of our money, to be accounted for by independant auditors for forensic check. Bob Penrose is on the case with John Thomas now having lobbied constantly behind the scenes ongoing, and the chief exec and finance people in the Vale have been brought into that meeting. We are nearly there I believe – this is a critical test of the new leadership and Bobs fight for our cultural tourism icon and 2 new Penarth councillors first real case to sort – Open the doors, open the books take the hit from the last labour controlled council if necessary 1 million plus allocated plus oth r monies and put the right people in place so this abuse of use of public assets and money near ever happens in the Vale again. So I suggest if you care about. on our doorstep critical issues of public accountability of charities and the law in Wales the Ombudsman needing more power, and Vale executives and officers and local politicians and mayors and town hall teams etc , 125 year leases given why? , those bunkered down behind closed doors method of management – not on – then do give him your vote. I will I await mr Penrose feedback on the date for my requested meeting asap. enough is enough. For me, for all.we need the third sos meeting now

    • Sick of the same old politicians says:

      Just wondering how proactive he’ll be if he doesn’t win the seat!
      Probably won’t be if he does either!

  3. abbotseries1 says:

    He voted against triggering Brexit – in line with how his constituency voted in the Brexit referendum (both VOG and Cardiff). Or are you suggesting our local MP should ignore the wishes of the constituency when representing us in Parliament?

  4. Lord of the Bay says:

    So the extent of Doubting Doughty’s local community involvement is marching the streets with anti-Semites in support of Gazan terrorists. He’s certainly cut from the same cloth as his leader.

    Oh well, as long as his friends in Grangetown are happy.

  5. Andrew Worsley says:

    Just for the record the people of Gaza are not terrorists they are under siege from Israeli forces , as Israel continues its quest to steal all of Palestinians land. As it has already stolen and occupied three quarters of the land of another country by stealth and aggression . People who respond in kind to an invading force are not terrorists, but as French freedom fighters were known in occupied France in WW2 ‘The Resistance’ , the terrorist label is only used to excuse the aggressors and as a pathetic name calling just to demonise people they are abusing.

  6. grey local says:

    Bill Rees is a newcomer on the Vale streets only appearing for the election. Mr Doughty has been involved in many local issues including attending the “barrage walkway” meeting, interrupting his birthday celebrations to do so., his contribution was short sharp and to the point, where he expressly stated he was happy to be contacted about any local issues, unlike the other speakers who dribbled on but said nothing concrete. He regularly keeps his constituents up to date by his regular articles in the local press and, if you care to watch the parliamentary debates he can be seen to stand up to his party leader in the house of commons disagreeing with him on more than one occasion.

  7. Peter Church says:

    We are voting for a Government people. If you think Doughty is a decent chap or somebody that tries to get on every TV/Radio programme to big himself up. It not about them, we are electing a government tomorrow!
    May or Corbyn will lead it.
    Just imagine your council tax bill if Labour get elected and introduce their Land Tax Charge.
    That’ll knock the house prices in Penarth for six.

  8. Amanda Shapland says:

    Stephen voted in line with the wishes of his constituency (Thank God) for an MPS to have principles. Unlike May who went from being a remainer to brexiteer

  9. Mike Roberts says:

    had not seen that image of steven doughty marching under the socialist workers banners.
    the man’s as mad as the rest of labors leaders
    i am 23 and God help this country and me future if he and rest of labor get in power.

  10. Hugh says:

    Of course Doughty is complacent, because he knows he’ll be returned as the ‘useful idiot’ for voters in Butetown and Grangetown.

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