There’s been a steady stream of voters at this temporary Portacabin polling station in the gardens of The Oystercatcher pub near Tesco in Penarth Marina where the exercise of .democracy can be combined with a quiet drink

Seventy one polling stations across the sprawling constituency of Cardiff South and Penarth opened at 07:00 this morning for the start of polling in the General Election.

The Cogan polling station is in the Hebron Hall extension. The entry is on the left.

The polling stations range from the red-brick Hebron Hall extension (tucked away in side street in Cogan – above) to a portacabin installed in the gardens of the Oystercatcher pub in Penarth Marina which is likely to prove a very popular balloting venue.

Constituency voters informed by the Labour Party computer programme to cast their votes at the library at the Star Centre in Splott will find the  centre is closed and there is no polling station there

For this General Election, the ever-efficient Labour Party has wheeled out its fancy new “Where to I Vote” website . Enter the post-code, and the site will instantly provide the address of the polling station and a helpful map of how to get there.

…Unfortunately it seems some of the addresses on the Labour Party computer are “fake” – like the ‘Star Community Centre in Splott’ .

The original Star Centre on Labour’s map was closed in 2016, but –  despite this –  today people have been turning up to vote at the new Star Centre – where there is there is no polling station. Staff are redirecting them to the Moorland Community Centre.

A full (genuine) list of all Cardiff South and Penarth polling stations is on   http://tinyurl.com/yasz2btt

Cardiff City Hall is the venue for tonight’s count of the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency

The count for Cardiff South and Penarth will be conducted at Cardiff City Hall  starting after 22:00 tonight and continuing until possibly as late as 08:00 tomorrow morning .

“Counting Assistants” – employed just for the night – will be attending a training session at the City Hall at 21:15 . They are warned by Cardiff County Council that “The count will be a very long event and count staff will be expected to remain until the count is final.  You should not apply if you believe that you will have difficulties with staying until at least 8am.”

The Penarth House with the most election posters on it is probably this one  overlooking Dock Hill . It has a total of 4 Theresa May window posters and 4 Bill Rees placards on the balcony railings . Whatever the result of the election – at least tomorrow the householders will be able to see out of the window again


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  1. Louise C says:

    3 cheers for the count staff. Doing the drudgery of democracy.

    • Frederick says:

      Are they not paid?

      • Louise C says:

        Just because people are paid doesn’t mean you can’t thank them.

      • Frederick says:

        All those people doing repetitive jobs day in, day out – the drudgery of call centres, factory production line work, check-out assistants – and we’re supposed to make a fuss of people staying up one night every five years doing something historic?
        Daft and unnecessary thing to say – must be your ‘Let them eat cake’ moment.

    • Mark Foster says:

      Hey Louise, ave u got a pic 🙂

  2. This is the response I got from their website. “Unfortunately, we can’t find any address in your postcode.”

    Fortunately my letter tells me where to go.

  3. Chris David says:

    Note to all Doughty voters. You can only put your signature- sorry cross on paper at the Star Centre. Official instructions are; if no one’s there shove a postcard through the door.

  4. Matthew says:

    5 more years of Doughty what a sobering thought! Let’s hope he decides to put some time in for his constituency this time around.

  5. Chris David says:

    What- the Falkland’s? Doughty will be voted in not by Penarth but areas where they no no better. Labour has failed wales in Wales and Doughty is a lazy grandstander, but make no difference. That’s de-mock-racy.

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