Labour’s Stephen Doughty delivers his victory speech with his crestfallen Conservative opponent Bill Rees (left with beard) having to just stand there and listen.

Labour’s Stephen Doughty has held Cardiff South and Penarth constituency – as predicted  – but with the highest number of votes Doughty has ever attained  – 30,182.

His Conservative opponent Bill Rees – (who, perhaps fatally, had his Deddington, Banbury, address prominently printed on the ballot paper) – managed to get 15,318 votes – improving on the  Conservatives’ previous candidate (Emma Warman)’s  vote in the 2015 General Election , but doing much worse than she had done in terms of share of the vote.

The results were :-

  • Stephen Doughty (Labour)  30,182
  • Bill Rees (Conservative)  15,318
  • Ian Titherington (Plaid Cymru) 2,162
  • Emma Sands (LibDem) 1,430
  •  Andrew Bevan (UKIP) 942
  • Anthony Slaughter (Green Party) 532
  • Jeb Hedges (Pirate Party) 170

The turnout percentage in Cardiff South & Penarth was  66.54% which was an increase on the 2015 election (when it was 61.4%) .

A total of  50,831 votes (for all parties) were cast , compared with a total of 46,667 in 2015. But that still means that only two voters in every three actually bothered to vote. Postal voting figures are awaited.

The most extraordinary feature of these results is the extra 10,216 votes which the Labour Party somehow conjured out of the constituency –  posing the question “where were all these voters, in 2015?”.

In his victory speech Stephen Doughty said he was ” humbled by support of residents” and was proud of having run a “positive campaign” .

The share of the votes by party worked out like this :-

The Labour share of the vote was almost double that of the Conservative candidate (Media Wales)

Craig Williams lost his Cardiff North seat in a disastrous night for the Conservatives

Whilst there were no surprises in Cardiff South and Penarth there was bitter disappointment for the Conservatives in the neighbouring constituency of Cardiff North where Tory candidate Craig Williams lost his seat to Labour and looked visibly shaken by the result.

In the Vale of Glamorgan however the Secretary for State for Wales –  Alun Cairns –  held his seat for the Conservatives with a reduced majority down from 6,880 in 2015 to 2,190. The results in the Vale of Glamorgan were :-

  • Alun Cairns (Conservative) 25,501
  • Camilla Beaven (Labour) 23,311
  • Ian Johnson (Plaid Cymru) 2,295
  • Jennifer Geroni (Liberal Democrat) 1,020
  • Melanie Hunter-Clarke (UKIP) 868
  • Stephen Davis-Barker (Green Party) 419
  • Sharon Lovell (Women’s Equality Party) 177
  • David Elston (Pirate Party) UK 127


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  1. The Tax payer says:

    Can’t really say what I would like to about this result. But can say I’m not looking forward to the next few years with the likes of Mr D looking after us 😢

  2. Louise C says:

    Cardiff south & Penarth have rejected Hard Brexit & austerity. Hurrah!

  3. Ford Prefect says:

    Excellent news for Penarth. It’s a shame to see the main Vale seat still clinging on to a tory, clearly people there enjoy government enforced poverty, but its a God result elsewhere in SE Wales.

  4. Philip Rapier says:

    We ran out of Champagne at Coop own label of course.
    Thanks Carwyn and Jezza you are both brilliant. Wales is proud of you both!
    Thank you to Alun Cairns for doing a “runner” out the backdoor in Wrexham. Good training for Teresa soon to be exiting the back door of No 10.
    Happy Wedding Anniversary to Mr and Mrs Andrew RT Davies who were away celebrating.
    All future elections in Wales will now be held on 8th June in their honour.

    • Penarth says:

      Yes it’s an overall labour majority. Corbyn on the way to the palace get more champagne ready.

  5. CoexistinPenarth says:

    Many many congratulations to Stephen Doughty! A well deserved win and very proud of Penarth keeping the Tories out!

  6. A hugely reduced majority for Cairns surely?

  7. Lucie says:

    All we can do is brace ourselves,With Mr D in charged of our fate🤔

  8. Chris David says:

    Well Philip I know you’re an able man and you have to follow your heart. But labour in Wales and Labour in Penarth have been a disaster. Jeez Doughty- why cant Labour come up with some talent around here! Still the cons are a pretty dreadful lot. So, chaos in UK will resume with this result. Might be fun but Brexit will now be a (bigger) farce. SNP down- good, the Jocks must have heard about the budget deficit (nearly as big as bankrupt Wales) at last. But hey Carwyn’s going to scrap the Barnett formulae in Wales. As if he has such power and his opinion matters. Just another lightweight huffer puffer, like our very own grandstander Doughty.

  9. Henry Curran says:

    Frank Evans, Peter Church, Chris David, all the other made up names, your boy took one hell of a beating!

    • Frederick says:

      Is ‘Henry Curran’ a ‘pseudonym’ too?

    • Peter Church says:

      Henry Curran 🙂
      So we have rent a mouth Doughty in as our MP.
      Can you tell me exactly how this will change our lives Penarth?
      Conservative Government
      Labour WAG
      Conservative Council
      Labour Town Council

      What has changed?

      • Andrew Richards says:

        What has changed Peter Church? Stephen Doughty’s share of the vote increased by almost 17%, despite his detractors here; a Cinservative government propped up by s handful of political dinosaurs; a resurgent Labour Party; a lame duck PM living on borrowed time; young people energised and motivated; a change to a Conservative run Vale council; a Town Council with largely different membership. Not a lot really.

  10. Chris David says:

    Ummm. not a made up name in my case and NO my boy didn’t win. Who is my boy?

    • Henry Curran says:

      You make my point for me Mr David. We are very clear who you don’t support, Labour, Doughty, Welsh Government, Burnett, VoG, PTC, Plaid, Welsh language, charities. Much less clear where your sympathies do lie. Go on, tell us.

    • Cogan nomen says:

      Hmm – methinks you’re not all you’reade up to be some days .

    • Andrew Saurus says:

      Made up name? Perish the thought.

  11. Chris David says:

    Atheism, reality and peace for all. Greens- when they’re ready. Long time off but you’ll all be green one day- or perish. Growth economics is doomed. Its success relies on population growth and resource depletion. (See PWC fifty year on report) Neither sustainable. Opt in for Welsh language. Preserve WL without starving services of half a billion a year (within an £18.4 budget deficit that Labour have NO plans to end). End of Welsh assembly and awful Labour control. Its just a big council anyway. Doughty demise a bonus. Burnett’s burnt- long may the fire burn. VoG may improve now- lets see. PTC could be good, but not of much use as its stands, no power and Labour logistics.Plaid have a great manifesto but don’t have the talent, and they support – or may even increase the ludicrous half a billion spent on WL. Charities! Many many worthy ones. But an overhaul needed and the end to the leaching which includes paying directors huge salaries that detract from the cause. Implementation of a social work programme where fit benefit recipients work in the community. We have a huge labour force sat at home while services suffer- nuts. Just normal fair reality stuff really. No Mr Curran or whomever I don’t make your point.

  12. PR says:

    I voted for Doughty, I’ll be honest and say I don’t think he was as good a candidate as Bill Rees. But, the conservatives under May have been at best uninspiring, the election campaign was deeply flawed and at it’s heart was a manifesto that I felt I could not support. May herself repeated “strong and stable” endlessly but demonstrated time and time again that she was anything but. What I find shocking is how many people in the UK still supported her in spite of the conservative government’s poor track record and also their determination to ignore any kind of social conscience and propose some pretty awful policies which are blamed on austerity and at the same time handing out tax cuts and peerages to hedge fund managers who donate to get them into power.

    • Chris David says:

      I think many will understand your standpoint PR. Why not state your nane?

  13. I would assume that parachuted in defeated conservative candidate Bill Reeves will still be staying in town until he has sorted out the pier pavillion mess as he promised to do.

    There’ll be one very disappointed PR guru if he doesn’t honour his previously stated commitments.

    • Lucie says:

      And the crazy traffic by the golf club in lavernock !Cars going so fast with children in them,I have to walk my children who are over 12 to the bus stop,and have to rely on my elder neighbour to cross them (and the other children who want to go to the bus stop) when I work!But to certain people of the vale say there are no more than 3 Cars an hour😒what time of day are they up🤔

    • Chris David says:

      Lets hope ay! I also hope you can delve a little.

  14. Dan Potts says:

    As predicted another lost deposit for slaughter and a 1.7 % reduction in vote share and beaten by UKIP it’s about time he took the hint and gave up.

    • Peter Church says:

      He got slaughtered again 🙂

      I’m going to change my name to “Mr Duly Elected” and stand.

  15. Has Mr Doughty published the liist of Charities that he promised to give his outrageous pay rise to on this very website two years ago yet?

    The pay rise was a despicable £10,000 pa whilst public sector workers made do with 1% so I make that £20,000 to charitable causes that Mr Doughty was due to hand over by now. I’d appreciate the help of either Mr Doughty who I know looks in, a member of his staff or anybody else who may be able to provide a link to the list.

    • Chris David says:

      Doughty lies. He promised me some answers under an FOI he claimed he had no obligation to answer but would anyway. Despite a reminder he just didn’t provide the information or opinions sought. So Come on Mr Doughty tell us about your salary forfeiture and charity giving. You’ve taken enough from them!

  16. Dan Dare says:

    I find it so funny that Carwyn Jones and Owen Smith are now Corbyn supporters. They didn’t mention him during the whole campaign. What’s even funnier is that some in Labour circles have convinced themselves that they in fact won the election.
    Maybe the best is yet to come, will Stephen suddenly realise that he likes Corbyn after all and accepts another job?
    He could be Shadow Under Secretary for giving UK money to overseas terrorists.

  17. Lord of the Bay says:

    Stephen Dotty already starting to crawl back up Jezza’s backside. I see he tweeted last night that his resignation from the Shadow Cabinet was “a long time ago”. So much for the “I’m an independent mind” bs from his election campaign. He’s nought but a snake.

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