The Vale of Glamorgan Council HQ in Barry

The new Conservative led Vale of Glamorgan Council has announced today that it intends to put  Education and Social Care at the forefront of its plans for the next 5 years.

Another priority for the new council is to be “financial restraint” and restraining increases in Council Tax.

Cllr John Thomas Conservative Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council

Council Leader Cllr John Thomas – who is a school governor at St Athan Primary – says Education is a huge part of the council’s budget . In terms of educational performance he wants the Vale Council – which is currently ranked second amongst local authorities in Wales – to be “at the top of the tree”

On Social Care Cllr Thomas says “There is going to have to be a bit of blue-sky thinking to make that work and deliver the services that the most vulnerable people in society need.”

The new Vale Council is committing itself to make savings wherever possible. Clrl Thomas says s  “There are cuts and savings to be made, but it’s about making sure that the money that is there is spent in the best way possible to help the people that we’re there to help”.

The new Conservative administration is also aiming to further improve the efficient of the council’s operations uin order to “keep Council Tax increases to a manageable level” [ the previous Labour administraton increased Council Tax by well above inflation in every one of its 5 years].

However Cllr Thomas – who is a farmer born and raised in Flemingston – is careful not to criticise the previous Labour administration – saying charitably of the Labour Vale Council under Neil Moore “I wouldn’t want to knock the previous administration because this is a difficult job.” 

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  1. PR says:

    And building all those new houses in penarth too let’s not forget them. You only got elected to stop that building but haven’t lifted a finger.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      It is a ” difficult job” perhaps Councillor Thomas should have a word with Teresa May who obviously finds it all a bit of a struggle to understand what’s going on.-
      as Oliver Cromwell said to an equally useless 17th Century Government.-
      You have sat too long for any good you may do”
      “In the name of God go”
      -as for “Education and Social Care” I find it incredible that In the Week the Scottish Communion of the Anglican Church recognised same sex marriage. Teresa May, a Vicar’s daughter, in a shameless bid to keep her job aligns herself with Ulster’s 17th Century retro Politicians

      • Mark Foster says:

        They are not 17th century retro politicians. They are 1960’s retro British politicians when there we no stabbings in the homogenous and proud British society, police did not need to carry guns, homosexuality between two men in private was a crime and death by hanging was the penalty for murder.

        You and your fellow politicians need to do some reading starting off with various books of the Old and New Testament and Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire so as to understand the forces at work here. If you and your kind were properly educated outside of Oxford University PPE we would never for example have had the problems caused by the creation of the State of Israel and you would know the difference between Sunni and Shia Islam.

      • M Miggs says:

        She hasn’t

  2. Gre local says:

    Blue sky thinking!!!!! Really! It seems all the Vale Cons think they have gone on an arts course

  3. AK says:

    ‘Education and social care at the forefront’

    …… it should be for any local authority

  4. Daft o dul says:

    Still unbelievable that the portico is such an obvious masonic symbol at the entrance to the Vale.

    It was added on after the original build and should be taken down.

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