“Silver Wind” passing Penarth Pier early this morning.(Photo Phillipa Pickford)

For any disappointed would-be MPs who be feeling the need to  get away from it all this morning, the luxury cruise ship Silver Wind might be the answer.

Silver Wind passed Penarth Pier this just after o6:30 this morning morning – bound for Cardiff Docks – the latest of a several visits by cruise ships to Cardiff and Newport this summer.

The compact-sized cruise liner gives passengers (there are only about 280 of them ) the impression of being on their own a luxury super-yacht (Photo Phillipa Pickford)

The Silver Wind offers “al fresco dining with panoramic ocean views, warm clubby spaces for evening cocktails with friends” and most suites have ocean views .

Silver Wind left Holyhead yesterday afternoon and spent Election Night at sea, docking in Cardiff at 07.30. She’ll then head for the Thames where Tower Bridge will be opened for her .

Cruises cost around £11,000  per person – but with the possibility of a high-taxing Corbyn Labour Government around the corner, it could be the ideal opportunity way to use up some spare cash before the taxman grabs it.

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  1. Old sea dog says:

    £11,000 you’d get the Queen’s Grill Suite on the Queen Mary.
    Cruises can be had much cheaper than that – around £100 a day each, five star all inclusive luxury.

  2. Young sea dog says:

    I believe you have got your Salty Wires crossed. The Queen Mary was Retired in 1967 and is a Floating Hotel in Long Beach California. Perhaps you meant the Queen Mary 2 (QM2).

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