The rather attractive arch of tree branches on the main road into Penarth has now been removed (Photo KOS)

Windsor Road, Cogan  – the main road into Penarth –  had to be closed this afternoon  for almost two hours because of the danger of a tree collapse.

Woodmen working for the Vale of Glamorgan Council brought down branches of a tree thought to be in imminent danger of collapsing onto the highway.

The council issued a Twitter notice at mid-day warning motorists that Windsor Road would be closed this afternoon whilst the urgent work was in progress  .

The road was re-opened once the dangerous branches had been removed (Photo KOS)

The tree – on the Cardiff side of the Brains’ railway bridge –  another nearby – had developed branches  which completely spanned the road but which, after  high winds and heavy rain of last week were considered to be in imminent danger to traffic passing below


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  1. Robert says:

    Not woodsmen, but arboriculturist.

  2. John64 says:

    Singular or plural? I hope he / she were arboriculturists and they were not woodsmen.

  3. Old McDonald says:

    Someone seems to have taken one down in Raisdale Road

  4. Sam says:

    Off topic but does anyone know what on earth the Vale is doing with its online library catalogue???
    It seems to have been down for WEEKS. Talk about potching.

    • Books are partially made from trees so not off topic at all.

    • Hi Sam

      The Vale library service is upgrading it’s library computer systems to an all singing all dancing all Wales linked in system. Full time and volunteer librarians are being trained on the system as we speak and an emergency holding computor system is in place while the transfer takes place over several weeks.

      I understand that the new upgraded system should come online on the 15th of this month.


      Kevin Mahoney

  5. Birkett says:

    The term is arborist.

  6. I drove up Windsor Road this afternoon and there long queues of vehicles due to stop go boards which would have added to the pollution.

    Windsor Road has lost some of its attractiveness so I expect the champaign glasses will be out in Barry again today.

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