Newly elected Cllr Ruba Sivagnanam (Labour St Augustines) takes her eyes off the road and speaks to a video camera whilst driving a moving car. RoSPA says she is not wearing a seat belt

The road safety organisation RoSPA has criticised  newly-elected Vale of Glamorgan Councillor Ruba Sivagnanam (Labour St Augustines) for filming an internet party-political broadcast whilst driving a car.

Cllr Sivagnanam – who also uses the name “Sivaruby ” –  is seen in the video at the wheel of a moving car – not wearing a seat-belt and repeatedly taking her eyes off the road and looking into the camera lens to trot-out a series of recycled left-wing cliches.

RoSPA  – the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents  – told Media Wales / Wales on Line (which has published the video)  it was “very disappointed that a poor example of both distraction, and driving without a seatbelt, has been set”.

Vale Cllr Sivaruby Sivagnanam (Labour St Augustines)

Cllr Sivagnanam – who is employed by Cardiff South and Penarth Labour MP Stephen Doughty as a “senior case worker” –  was elected to the Vale of Glamorgan Council for the St Augustine’s Ward of Penarth for the first time in the May 4th local council elections.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) said drivers should concentrate on the road. Michelle Harrington, RoSPA road safety manager for Wales, told Media Wales  “All drivers need to be aware that the law requires them to be in proper control of their vehicle, or careless or dangerous driving laws can be applied. Any secondary activity puts extra demands on the driver, which may reduce their driving standard. It may cause the driver to become less observant or to make worse decisions about how to control the vehicle safely. This lower standard of driving means that a driver is more likely to fail to anticipate hazards, and is at greater risk of being involved in, or indeed causing a collision.”

In the video – which was filmed after May 4th 2017 –  Cllr Sivagnanam appears as an elected Vale of Glamorgan councillor and, as such, would have been subject to the council’s Code of Conduct which has to be observed by all members . The Welsh Labour Party has yet to make any comment on the matter .

The video can be viewed on

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  1. Lucie says:

    Dose anyone take her seriously……..?

  2. Philip Dawson says:

    I trust she will be prosecuted?

  3. Joe blow says:

    Once in, they think they are untouchable.

  4. Modom says:

    The film could be used in evidence for her prosecution. Stupid, stupid, stupid….

  5. Lucie says:

    There all untouchable one rule for them one for us.

  6. Steffan says:

    Looks like you lot have found a new target for your bile. At least it’s giving Lis Burnett a break.

  7. Mark Foster says:

    We the people demand that Alun Michael prosecute this woman, or resign.

    • Hamish Munnypenny says:

      “We”? Is that a symptom of a multiple personality? You don’t have the right to speak for me, or ‘the people’.

    • Louise C says:

      The CPS prosecute. The police investigate.

      • Mark Foster says:

        You really believe these institutions operate independently like in the fire in the Penarth Leisure Centre and the Health and Safety Executive, which was an accident, OK.

      • Hamish Munnypenny says:

        So, this theory is that it’s a conspiracy? Wow, where did you discover all this secrecy? You must have a magical touch on the internet.

  8. Cogan nomen says:

    As you can clearly see , the lady has both hands on the wheel . A quick peek to the left is permissible .

    • Victor Y says:

      I agree, after all the comments above I was expecting her to be constantly looking in to the camera, however I don’t understand why she had to do it whilst driving and could have easily been walking through one of our lovely parks. I was actually more concerned about how close the mug of tea was to that open laptop, now there’s an accident waiting to happen.

    • Joe blow says:

      No seatbelt.

      • Victor Y says:

        Although I think its foolish not to use a well proven safety device such as a seat belt, but not wearing one is unlikely to be the cause of an accident so is only a danger to the driver and not anyone else. Actually if anything they may drive slower because they would hopefully be aware that if they did have a head on collision then they would likely end up exiting the car using their face to punch through the windscreen, which is entirely their right. Not wearing a seat belt is breaking the law, but I am not a police officer so can not do anything about that,

  9. Louise C says:

    Sivaruby & Ruby. As difficult to understand as James & Jim?

  10. Frank Evans says:

    Stupid person. Putting the lives of others at risk.

  11. snoggerdog says:

    what cyclist?

  12. Ann Other says:

    The left-wing cliches are also dangerous to the well-being of others, of course.

  13. Lucie says:

    At the end of the day,we all make mistakes.

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