Stephen Doughty speaking at a gathering of fellow LGBT MPs in London yesterday

Stephen Doughty – the re-elected Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth –  has joined other so-called  “Out LBGT Parliamentarians “ [i.e. MPs who are Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgendered] in an open-air protest against a Conservative Government deal with the DUP which would  ensure a working majority in the Commons.

In the modest gathering,  approximately 14 politicians  – including Ben Bradshaw, Chris Bryant and Angela Eagle – stood holding placards and were addressed by Doughty who said “ We’re here today standing up as ‘Out’ LGBT  MPs and Parliamentarians   to speak up for the equalities and the rights of all LGBT citizens across the whole of the UK including Northern Ireland” .[ Cheers were heard at this point].

The MPs displayed placards at the demonstration

Doughty went on to say “And – you know- it is deeply, deeply dismaying  that Theresa May has had to cobble a deal together with the DUP who have such a terrible record when it comes to equalities, when it comes to  the rights of LGBT people not just in Northern Ireland but actually when they stood here against the Equal Marriage Act that we successfully passed here –  cross-party .”

The DUP [ a.k.a. Democratic Unionist Party] was founded by Northern Ireland Protestant Leader the late Ian Paisley. A deal between them and the Conservatives would – in effect –  shred Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s hopes of becoming Prime Minister.

The DUP said yesterday  “For as long as Corbyn leads Labour, we will ensure there’s a Tory PM.”

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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    When Teresa May warned of a “Coalition of Chaos” led by “Terrorist Sympathisers”
    she didn’t say she would be the one leading it.
    When Teresa May said there is no “Magic Money Tree”.
    She didn’t say it would not apply to whingeing, cry baby, thirty bob millionaire, seat losing Tory MP’s who are to receive handouts from the Taxpayer.
    Apparently some of “vote-less for Tess” and “Alun Cairns barmy army of losers” are experiencing (you won’t believe this) “Financial Hardship”. Benefit Cheats are everywhere these days !
    Some Good News! Tory Millionaires and MP’s shares and sales of Andrex Manufacturer Kimberly Clark have rocketed- apparently for fear of the Conservatives having to take on Jeremy Corbyn again
    With 150000 new Labour Members and the Bookies Favourite since the 8 June non Coronation of “vote-less for Tess” no surprise really

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Forgot to mention it looks as though Cameron was stocking up on Andrex and the equally useful DUP notepaper in 2015 . According to the Belfast Evening Telegraph (original source the UK Daily Telegraph.)
      Article by Belfast Telegraph journalist Jonathan Bell
      June 13 2017
      “Documents have been revealed outlining the deal the DUP and the —-Conservatives—- struck ahead of the—– 2015 General Election—— should the Northern Ireland party have held the balance of power.”
      The Daily Telegraph ( Jonathan Bell now quoting the original source) reports on the “confidence and supply” deal David Cameron’s Tory party struck with the then Peter Robinson led DUP. The paper says representatives for Prime Minister David Cameron held secret talks with the party over several days in the run up to the election and drew up a draft agreement.
      And in the DUP manifesto at the time, it outlined what it could look for in the event of a hung parliament.”

    • The Dry Stone Waller says:

      Philip, you are perpetuating fake news.

  2. Doughty must be really disgusted with his own Labour party then, I don’t recall him staging any mini protests when his own party are reported as apparently courting the DUP in 2010 and 2015……

    • Penileaks says:

      As history shows, Doughty runs with the hare and the hounds, depending on which he thinks will promote his political ambitions. Shallow !

  3. The Milkmaid says:

    I am gay.
    Change is always possible when there is dialogue and easier from within an organisation. I’m sure the Conservatives will learn from the DUP and vice versa.
    Why the good people of Penarth and Cardiff South voted for another term of this theatrical self-publicist is beyond me.

  4. Frank Evans says:

    Doughty on the radio talking about the tower block fire. His expertise? He lived in the area once. Talk about a rent a mouth.
    Why did so many vote for him…….
    You never hear him being interviewed about penarth, strange that.

    • Steffan says:

      Frank, your arrogance, or stupidity, is breathtaking. Stephen Doughty has just been returned with his share of the vote increased by 17%. I get that you don’t like him, you tell us at every opportunity, but does it ever cross your mind that you might be wrong?

  5. Penileaks says:

    I am not gay and never intend to be, but you should allow those who consider that they are, to live their life as they wish. As long as that lifestyle is not forced upon others, including you, then live and let live.
    I do not like Mr Doughty because he is a very poor politician in my opinion, who is only an MP because Alun Michael pulled strings to get him put forward as the local Labour candidate and the areas of Cardiff that he represents (???), will only ever vote Labour. His sexuality does not come into it, but just as The Milkmaid posted, he is indeed a, ‘ theatrical self publicist’

  6. Old McDonald says:

    Well said Milkmaid – penileaks your comment “and never intend to be” is crass ignorance

    • Penileaks says:

      ……because I like the ‘other side’ too much !

      • Hamish Munnypenny says:

        Heterosexuality is not a matter of choice. Your sexual orientation is discovered, not decided.

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