On May 12th 2016 local residents in Sully held a placard protest about plans to build unnecessary houses  on Cog Road, Sully . After years of being ignored by Labour – now the new Conservative Vale Council is listening to them and thousands like them  – and is taking action

The newly elected Conservative administration in the Vale of Glamorgan Council has thrown down the gauntlet to the Welsh Labour Government and demanded the housing targets imposed on the Vale by Labour should be reduced by “at least” 1,500 .

The previous Labour administration in the Vale had meekly accepted the controversial and widely criticised Welsh Labour Government diktat that 9,950 new homes (private and social housing) should be built in the Vale – even though there was scant evidence of population growth to justify this figure.

This highly productive agricultural land is on Swanbridge Road  – the site on which Taylor Wimpey want to build 350 homes – with more to follow. Vale Conservative Leader John Thomas has told the Welsh Labour Government   “We have a duty to protect and preserve our green spaces for future generations”

Now with the election of a Conservative administration in the Vale of Glamrogan Council, the Welsh Labour Government is being challenged head-on.

Cllr John Thomas (Conservative St Athan) Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council

The Leader of the Vale Council – Cllr John Thomas – says “We have a duty to protect and preserve our green spaces for future generations, and the new administration was elected having promised to oppose inappropriate development in the Vale”.

Cllr Thomas is also demanding review of all the housing targets that  the Welsh Labour Government is seeking to impose on the Vale of Glamorgan. He says the Welsh Government’s own statistics prove that the targets should be reduced significantly.

The Vale’s Conservative leader is now calling for an urgent formal meeting with the Welsh Labour Government’s  Environment and Rural Affairs Cabinet Secretary Lesley Griffiths.

The full text Cllr Thomas’s letter to Secretary Griffiths is as follows:

RE: Call for Review of Welsh Government Housing Targets (Local Development Plan)

I write to you in relation to the Vale of Glamorgan local authority’s Local Development Plan, with urgent reference to the housing targets identified by the Welsh Labour Government.

As you will be aware, the Deposit Plan was prepared based upon 2008 data for household projections.

Additional data has since become available, revealing Welsh Government projections to have been significantly higher than true levels of population growth – data which could enable the authority to significantly reduce housing development targets in the LDP.

Welsh Government projections for 2011 (published in February 2014) identified a need for a significantly lower figure than that identified within the Deposit LDP. Specifically, the 2011-based projections identified a need for just 5,778 dwellings over the lifetime of the LDP (using the Principal Projections) – or 7,399 dwellings if a 10 year average migration trend was utilised.

In either case, both figures are significantly below the 9,950 requirement identified within the Deposit Plan – a figure which was reached as a result of targets imposed by your government.

Further, the latest projections for 2014 appear to suggest that housing targets for the Local Development Plan could be reduced by at least 1500 properties.

It is my duty as the newly-elected Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan council to represent the interests of the constituents I serve, and it is my firm belief that the Welsh Government’s targets must be reassessed.

Housing policy, particularly when viewed alongside plans for required infrastructure improvements and greater service provision, must reflect genuine local need.

With Welsh Labour Government data having been proven inaccurate, there is an opportunity for your officials to reassess the target – enabling the local authority to revise the plan and reduce the housing development requirements in our LDP.

We have a duty to protect and preserve our green spaces for future generations, and the new administration was elected having promised to oppose inappropriate development in the Vale.

With that in mind, I would ask for a formal meeting with you at the earliest opportunity to discuss the Local Development Plan. I would also request an official review of these housing targets.

Kind regards,

Cllr John Thomas

Leader, Vale of Glamorgan Council

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  1. Chris David says:

    Well that’s a start. A pity they cant just say we don’t want or need any of this. WG please put together a plan to develop north of the M4. The populace there need to see their infrastructure developed. Land and the eventual housing will be more affordable. Around it you can encourage new businesses and reduce dilapidation. Develop an integrated transport plan to make travel to Cardiff and around the valleys for work affordable.It goes no. The new VoG council are showing signs of reality and sensitivity to the people that voted them in. But the WG are a feckless lot- more concerned with ideology that reality. They need to be resisted with vigour and persuaded to change their ways. They waste huge amounts of (other peoples) cash on vanity projects. Oh and please stop using nonsensical terms like “deposit plan”

    • Carwyn Jones says:

      Thank you for the advice Mr David. Feedback from someone with a track record like yours is always appreciated.

      • Chris David says:

        Ta- gold in the 400 meters- didn’t know you were a fan oh scaredy one 🙂

  2. AK says:

    Plenty of homes – too many ‘landlords’.

  3. Sarah jones says:

    Chris David – North of the M4 is already under scrutiny with planning applications in prime greenfield sites and many residents here are objecting strongly to all the while brown field sites sit there with no or very little interest from house builders. Plus the LDP here which was adopted shortly after the crash in 2008 like the vale has over inflated housing projections which are not needed and not achievable for house builders.

    If a review can be done in VOG then it can also be done North of the M4 in RCT and needs to be done asap. We need to save what we have left of our green FIELDS and push the Brown field sites…..

    • Chris David says:

      Yeas I agree- brown field sites should be a priority and builders forced to develop them or be starved of all land. In fact the WG could introduce a mixed building programme itself although it would need partners or it will be a right mess. As we’ve seen with the likes of the land sell off to Peter Pie man. I personally have no problem with brown field sites in the Vale either. What I am saying is there is more space and more need north of the M4. The communities need the injection in RCT and right up to Torfaen, Ebbw Vale, Merthyr and around- but yes done sensitively.. The Vale roads, doctors schools etc. just can’t take thousands of more and expensive housing units.

  4. David Moorcraft says:

    It cannot be said too loudly or clearly, the infrastructure : ROADS, Schools etc , around East Vale and toward Cardiff are already overloaded.
    Calls, for example for a Dinas Powys by-pass have been rejected. Traffic from Barry, Sully and Penarth toward Cardiff is daily down to a polluting crawl.
    The WAG seems happy to demand more house building without being able to address the chaos which would result.

  5. Chris Franks says:

    It wasn’t so long ago that that the same conservatives supported the Local Development Plan with the huge increase in housing. Also they voted against the addition of a bypass in the Local Transport Plan. Funny old world.

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