Labour’s heavily criticised wakeboarding scheme at Cosmeston Lakes may be torpedoed by the Tories

The controversial scheme to install a commercial wake-boarding circuit on the largest lake in Cosmeston Country Park may be dead in the water.

The wakeboarding scheme is a left-over legacy the previous Labour administration and of its main proponent, the former Deputy Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council – Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour Stanwell).

On December 14th Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour Stanwell  – (then deputy leader of the Vale Council) had sought to minimise the impact the wakeboarding scheme would have. But she – and the Labour administration in the Vale of Glamorgan Council –  were booted out of office in the May 4th elections.

Cllr Kevin Mahoney (Independent Sully)

However after the Labour administration in the Vale lost its control of the council on May 4th, Cllr Kevin Mahoney (Independent Sully) “called-in” the planning application for the scheme for consideration and examination by the full planning committee – thus preventing the scheme being decided by just a Vale staff planning officer on a “delegated” basis.

Cllr Mahoney has also now contacted Cllr John Thomas, Leader of the Conservatives on the Vale Council  – whose administration has now taken over from Labour. Cllr Mahoney  asked Cllr Thomas for “a reconsideration of the whole plan”.

Wildfowl at Cosmeston Country Park need now have no trepidation about getting back into the water

Cllr John Thomas Conservative Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council

Cllr Mahoney said in his letter to Cllr Thomas “any such proposals need to be in keeping with the overall tranquility and concept of the country park. In this instance wake boarding on the main lake which must damage the nesting and breeding patterns of the wildfowl as well as wrecking the peaceful nature of the surrounding area cannot be considered in the same manner as other successful wake boarding centres around the UK.”

Now it’s been confirmed that Cllr Thomas has put the wakeboarding scheme “on hold” until a full presentation is made to the Conservative-controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council cabinet. 



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  1. Ben says:

    This is excellent news! Lets hope that the whole scheme is binned permanently. Maybe the new administration could look into removing the eyesore (viewing platform) on Penarth Head another BAD idea that sadly got through 😞

  2. Zapper says:

    2 right….

  3. Paula Davies says:

    There is an application submitted to the planning cmte for wakeboarding at Cosmeston. What is the status of this application now? What does putting the wakeboarding proposal on hold actually mean? I have been out campaigning and distributing leaflets about the scandal of considering wakeboarding in a nature reserve. When can we be assured it won’t happen?

    • NewsNet says:

      As explained in the news item, the application will not now go planning committee until a presentation has been made to the Vale of Glamorgan Council cabinet.

    • The possible situations and chain of events that may occur from the latest action by John Thomas are these :-

      The planning application will not now be heard until a presentation is made to the Vale of Glamorgan cabinet at a forthcoming cabinet meeting. Dependent on any decision to progress the application to the planning committee for a decision following the presentation, myself (or any other councillor for that matter) has the opportunity to call such a decision in to the relevent scrutiny committee for discussion at which point the scrutiny committee might refer it back to the cabinet with it’s recommendations or just agree that they are quite happy with the application to progress.

      If the cabinet are still happy with the proposal the application will proceed to a planning committee meeting for approval or rejection.

      I must confess that I was very disappointed that the incoming administration just allowed this proposal which had been put forward by the outgoing Labour administration to continue to wend it’s way though the planning process.

      At least the incoming administration and it’s leader, after prompting, have now had the decency and common sense to temporarily halt the progress and call in for examination in fine detail the merits or otherwise of this idea.

      And have left themselves the option to stop it in it’s tracks if the argument in favour of progressing doesn’t add up in their opinion.

      • mikeyorke says:

        Hi Kevin

        What can residents/public do to help the argument to halt this entirely?

        A petition? Protests? SSI reports?

        This wake boarding centre simply cannot go ahead and at the moment there is still a chance.

        Cheers in advance

      • Mike Yorke

        I would suggest that any one who wishes that this proposal stops, write to the leader of the Vale council John Thomas, as well as the regeneration and planning cabinet member Jonathan Bird with their views, it is much easier for this plan to be stopped at source in a cabinet meeting if it is felt to be a poor idea than allow it to rumble through to a planning meeting.

        I would also contact your local councilors with your views, yet again I am astounded that to the best of my knowledge not one Penarth councillor has publicly condemned, or even commented on the wake scheme.

        They’re your councillors they’re there for you to contact them and let them know your views whether you oppose or support any particular scheme. Either way ask them to represent your views to the Vale of Glamorgan administration and ask them what they have done, if anything, over this matter so far. Ask them what their views are on the matter and how they intend to represent ward residents views.

        This is what councillors are for, use them, just a month ago they were all round your houses begging that you elect them to represent your views so why not take them up on their offer, thats what they’re there for.

        This is what I’ve done and expressed my view as a resident of the Vale in addition to be able to call the application in for consideration by the full planning committee as a councillor.

        And to be fair John Thomas has taken the trouble to reply and inform me that the proposal is now on hold while the cabinet hear a full presentation by officers of the merits or otherwise of the proposal. Hopefully this will give the cabinet members a fuller picture of all aspects of the plan and whether the Vale should go ahead with it’s own application.

        At least this administration is initially listening to residents concerns on this matter and calling for more information before progressing whereas the outgoing Labour shambles just ignored thousands of signeees on the petition handed to them and ploughed on with the scheme regardless.

  4. Frederick says:

    It worries me it’s ‘on hold’. It should be blown out of the water.
    Why is such a selfish, money-grabbing farce in a sanctuary for wildlife still being considered?
    Some people need their heads examined.

    • If there’s a planning application then it has to go through due process. It cannot be just be “blown out of the water”.

      • Thats incorrect Martin.

        Any planning application can be withdrawn at any time before decision by the applicant. As in this instance it’s the council seeking the permission for themselves they can decide not to proceed any time they wish.

      • Frederick says:

        You watch them approve it. Tory encouragement of ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ and s0d the wildlife.
        And yet there they are, in another post on here, attempting to ‘protect green fields’.

    • Anne Greagsby says:

      Planning notices are up in Cosmeston. I hope the presentation and discussion proceed asap. The officers are supporting it. Who is presenting the alternative view? Until its binned the campaign continues to stop any wakeboarding in Cosmeston. The park belongs to the VoG council so they can just say no as the landowners surely.

      • Chris David says:

        And WE own the VoG- lets hope the new regime remember this. If by the officers you mean Goldsworthy and crew they are not working in the interests of the community. Changes need to be made in that Department.

  5. David Moorcraft says:

    Yes , I hope that this hare-brained scheme is “sunk” without trace, Cosmeston Park doesn’t deserve “jazzing-up”.
    If wake-boarding really is “needed” or wanted by anyone, put it at the Western, -now unused – end of Barry Dock where there is already rowing and sailing going on.

  6. Chris David says:

    He said it should be- not it can be Mr Coffee. Well I for many really do hope this is sunk and we’ve seen the last of Liz Burnett’s hare-brained schemes. We should remind ourselves as well that the VoG planning department led by Goldsworthy is suspect. So well done Kevin Mahoney and yes lets hope the new administration will work for the people, our environment and not the ego of a few rash Philistine councillors. Bitterns before boarding 🙂

  7. Max Wallis says:

    The planning application of last Nov was ‘validated’ on 19 May (application form dated 23 May) and has endorsement from VoG officer Bob Guy dated 25 May.
    “The future of this Country Park relies on it appealing to a wider range of visitors. Whilst many are happy with the park as it is, other visitors are looking for more varied opportunities for leisure. Hence the Council has been working with a range of potential partners to introduce new activities. In doing so, we are securing an income, to support the country park in the context of reduced budgets. It is essential that new income is identified if Cosmeston is to be protected from those reducing budgets. In discussions with potential partners, many have not progressed because they do not fit the special nature of Cosmeston, which is rightly cherished by many. In the case of wakeboarding, I am very comfortable that a balance has been struck. This important growing sport will attract tourists as a regionally important centre, boosting local spend in B&Bs, shops and restaurants, whilst offering a new opportunity for local residents to also enjoy the outdoors. It is to be welcomed.”
    Like Kevin Mohoney, many will be disappointed that the new Council leadership (western Vale Tories) did not squash this pretentious talk, but allowed a key officer to press ahead with the scheme. Will they eventually concede to public pressure from Sully and Penarth?

  8. Michael Garland says:

    Paula, pLease don’t stop campaigning and everyone please keep sending in your objections to the Planning Department in order to stop this ridiculous plan. The more objections from the public the better.

  9. Johnabutt says:

    It needs to be denied planning permission, which the full council can do, just like the project at Sully recently.

  10. Max Wallis says:

    The public has to give planning objections. Yet this officer, Bob Guy identified as “OM Regeneration” is accepted as a ‘consultee’ giving the Council view. Note that he shows no awareness of the designation of the Lakes as a “Local Nature Reserve” so activitis should not disturb or harm that. He talks of it being “essential” to make money, yet this is not relevant under planning law. He promotes it as “regionally important (wakeboarding) centre, boosting local spend in B&Bs, shops and restaurants”, yet all this is inadmissible under planning. What to do over an officer who so unprofessionally promotes an ‘economic regeneration’ project?

  11. Michael Garland says:






  12. Chris David says:

    I have written by email to all councillors representing the St Augustine’s ward asking them whether or not they will be voting against the proposed waterboarding at Cosmeston. Early days but as yet no replies.

  13. Michael Garland says:

    Sully and Lavernock Community Council and the Saving Sully and Lavernock Group are holding a

    Public Meeting.
    At the Jubilee Hall,off Smithies Avenue, Sullly
    On 29th June 2017 at 7.30pm.
    Topics include:-
    Barry Biomas Incinerator
    Cosmeston Lakes Country Park – Wakeboarding. Facility

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