The new road ends at the Queen’s Gate tunnels

Without much in the way of a fanfare, the new Eastern Bay Link Road – opened earlier this week – making it easier for drivers from Penarth to get to and from  the other side of Cardiff .

Initial reaction from the few drivers who know the new road exists – and is open –  is reported to be good. The new 1.2 kilometer road  cuts out  the tortuous and congested route and should improve traffic flow

The route of the new road

The new road begins at the “Queens Gate Roundabout ” (the other side of the tunnels from Penarth) and connects to the  Ocean Way roundabout in Tremorfa  – easing access to the East Moors area, Cardiff Bay and the Cardiff Central Enterprise Zone. It also provides a more direct route between the A4232 Butetown tunnel and Rover Way


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  1. AK says:

    Hooray – more 24/7 traffic lights to stop at.

    • Joe blow says:

      Are they? The tunnel roundabout ones weren’t?

      • AK says:

        Thank goodness – they must have found the off switch.

        They were certainly on at 2030, aĺl mine at red with no traffic in right.

      • Joe blow says:

        You seem to be right, the tunnel ones were on this morning at 10am, looks like they have changed the lot.

  2. sjleworthy says:

    Awesome. Shame they didnt utilise the initial ramp/flyover bit they made coming out of the tunnel.

  3. Clive says:

    But has the time come to rename Rover Way “The Cardiff Riviera”?

  4. Penileaks says:

    Yes, very nice and a pleasure to drive on, but why a 50mph limit going East and a 40mph limit going West ?

    • Joe blow says:

      It is weird.

    • Poly Amorous says:

      The 40mph limit is to accommodate the cycle path/pavement which is just on the one side

      • Penileaks says:

        That could make sense, however it throws up another question I suppose. How do cyclists and pedestrians leave Cardiff Bay in an easterly direction, as all the signs identifying it are facing people travelling towards the Bay and not in both directions and so I would assume that it is only for the use of cyclists and pedestrians travelling West. How do people leave ? Use the main east bound carriageway ?

  5. The BBC mentioned that the road was to be opened.
    It’s appeared in my SatNav and is showing about a 9 minute time saving onto the M4 eastbound but I suspect it will be more as it always underestimated the time through Cardiff

  6. Johnabutt says:

    Pity they didn’t finish the job, bypass Rover Way and link upto the motorway. Should have done it years ago!

  7. mikeyorke says:

    £57 million!!!! I’m in the wrong business

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