Penarth Pier Pavilion is a pivotal part of Penarth’s tourist “offer”. Its partial closure -just 3 years  after £4,200,000 of public money had been spent on its renovation – infuriated local people.

Unconfirmed rumours have reached PDN that Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd (PACL) – the beleaguered “not-for-profit” company/charity which holds a 125-year-lease on Penarth Pier Pavilion –  is preparing to re-open the building on a 7-days-a-week basis next month.

It’s also rumoured that arrangements are also being made to staff the integral Pavilion Cinema – even though PACL had earlier claimed that its operation was not financially viable.

Local activist Nicki Page installed a protest banner across the Pier Pavilion entrance in March this year and is now banned from entering the Pavilion

If the rumours are right, they amount to a complete 180-degree U-Turn by PACL who  – only in February this year –  announced  the Pavilion Cinema would close indefinitely and close the Pavilion itself on 3 days out of every 7 as from March 6th 2017.

As of next month it appears there will be a total of 7 permanent staff at the Pavilion including a “cinema manager” and a “cinema and general events officer” – implying the cinema will be re-opened, although it’s not yet clear whether replacement arrangements have yet been made for the hire of movies for public exhibition.

The recent payment of a further £126,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund is for – amongst other things – the  engagement of extra staff [ See PDN  . Augmenting the 7 permanent or part-time staff are about 15 “volunteers”.

The new  – Conservative-controlled – Vale of Glamorgan Council was so concerned about the closure of Penarth’s “jewel-in-the-crown” that its leader, Cllr John Thomas, following discussions with Cardiff South and Penarth Conservative candidate Bill Rees, had ordered a review of the terms of the Pavilion lease [ as reported by PDN on June 5 2017 see ].

PDN‘s wholly accurate report of the implementation of a review was derived from unimpeachable sources but met with a “non-denial, denial” from PACL who said on its website  “We have not had any communication from the Council regarding such a review” . [ PDN Note: There would be no reason for the Vale Council to discuss such a review with PACL because, as the lessors, the Vale of Glamorgan Council already has all the necessary documentation on file in the council’s archives] .





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  1. Ben, I on behalf of the SOS I love Penarth campaign would like to meet and share currently held confidential information from inside, outside of PACL and the pavilion- from volunteers and team members, business people in the community which will need action before it goes to the press ideally, if you are available . I believe you are now the best person to manage this process after communication with Bob on the executive in the Vale and specifically two new Penarth councillors as public enquiries take so long, the people in the campaign would be satisfied with a special committee with independant chair, by the institute of arbitrators and a selected panel to get this and all accountable in PACL etc into the public light of day warts and all and please sort out this nonsense ban I have over my head would rather a halo 😇

  2. Yvonne Penny says:

    I know things take time to organise, but can’t they open now while the weather is good. Everything can then be sorted later, just get it open.

  3. Chris David says:

    So perhaps the VoG rep Mr Grey will now do the right thing and make publicly available, the Minutes and Management Accounts of PACL. A review of the lease is good and an end to this nonsense whereby the VoG and Bellamy of the HLF didn’t tie PACL to full reporting and disclosure. There’s signs we may be seeing and end to the amateurism in the VoG but sadly not the HLF which needs auditing and overhauling.

    • And a public apology to me on behalf of his current past councillors, tenant at the pavilion for the banning order etc – I’m serious – it’s cause me a lot of challenges and I am fed up with the nonsense

      • Chris David says:

        Another aspect Nicki. I’m just sticking to the core issues and however unfair the peripheral injustices are they are a distraction to the objectives. Good luck though.

  4. andrewsketty says:

    I wouldn’t get too excited by this to be honest particularly given PACL’s record to date. When they announced cinema closure and reduced Pavilion opening back in February they did say that ‘as the weather got better’ they would look to open the Pavilion every day and planned to reopen the cinema after the cinema.

    So if with the summer on the way they think they can capitalise on extra footfall on the Esplanade by temporarily reopening the cafe 7 days all well and good but remember they now have more competition now eg Crazy Cafe which having been there during the week last week found it busy and providing far superior food, drink and service. As has been said about PACL many times once you leave regulars go they find new places and may not return! With a poor offer in its cafe then PACL will struggle

    As regards the cinema I am not holding my breath and am not expecting it to reopen on the same basis as before when it provided an excellent programme via the ICO which we now know are not involved.

    I will be watching this space carefully

    And if the new administration are asking probing questions and reviewing the lease well all I can say is GOOD JOB AND ABOUT TIME TOO!

    • Sos I love ❤️ Penarth community group andrew, and all on the petition need please to carry on with us lobbying its relentless from behind the scenes fr our group

  5. Frederick says:

    SEVEN permanent staff? A ‘manager’, an ‘officer’ and Tony Hazell in charge…
    Will there be even more appointments to suck up the HLF’s 126k?
    I don’t have any faith in this outfit to make a success of it. Why should they now if they haven’t done so before?
    In my opinion, this charade is simply about using up the hand-out.
    The bottom of the pan is already in sight.

    • Ann Other says:

      Quite. Whose money are they wasting? Not their own, for sure. As Mrs Thatcher said, in the end you always run out of other people’s money. Maybe this is what is going to happen in the end.

  6. Robert Jones says:

    If it does reopen 7 days a week then those complainers must now surely show their support by regularly attending the venue to ensure it stays open.

  7. Ann Other says:

    Surely the payment from the Heritage Lottery Fund was hypothecated money specifically and only for getting help with business planning and renewal? I hope they have not used it to set themselves up in another version of the loss-making business that let us all down in the first place! It seems unlikely but their governance and management has been so moronic that one has learned not to discount the silliest activity. Anything, unfortunately, is possible.

  8. Chris David says:

    Indeed Andrew / Fredrick. Spend it while they’ve got it on those possibly (oh caveat) bogus headlines Bellamy endorsed. Just check out who’s got the money.

  9. It’s utterly unacceptable. Stop the payments heritage fund – do not pay to suggested new recruits based on outside advice NO WAY

  10. The Dairy Farmer says:

    If we are taking about apologies nickypage still no sensible joined up answer to the money you raised for cancer charity at Velindre hospital based in your events at Dorechester & St .Davids hotel only £1100 for a whole new unit you promised for cancer sufferers
    – if we are talking about transparency ……….

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