The existing zebra crossings on Plassey St are just painted on the road surface. The revised ones would be installed on flat-topped speed humps

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is considering the installation of flat-topped speed humps at the two zebra crossings in Plassey St .

The council says that  “Although recent surveys indicate that average speeds are not above the posted speed limit, there are instances where vehicles have been recorded travelling in excess of the 30mph restriction. With relatively high traffic flow there is a perception that Plassey St exhibits excessivwe vehicle speeds and is unsafe to cross”  

The police speed camera van in Plassey St. recorded 5 drivers an hour exceeding the 30 mph limit

The plans will come before Penarth Town Council’s planning committee on Thursday this week.

The cost of installing the original zebra crossings was met by Section 106 cash paid by Crest Nicholson in respect of the Penarth Heights development .


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  1. sj11ashby11 says:

    This is definitely required, people do not seem to see this crossing for some reason, I have almost been run over myself several times, and a lady nearly run over a blind man on the crossing last Friday….. Where are peoples brains

    • whatsoccurin says:

      fair point but I do not think speed is the problem it is visibility-may be coincidence but I often see large delivery lorries parked on the zig-zags or ON the crossing itself meaning that even at a crawl your view is virtually non-existent, and I only go that way because the Windsor Road/Plassey Street roundabout is so dangerous.

  2. Chris David says:

    I thought speed bumps had now been discredited on multiple grounds? Stopping speedsters especially in built up areas is a must but is there a better way?

    • DRT Andrews says:

      Not like you to be stuck for a solution Mr David. Maybe you’re not infallible after all.

  3. AK says:

    They don’t need speed humps. They need a police presence and / or working cameras to book vehicles who park on the zig zag lines.

    • Betty Swuttox says:

      The problem is that the police presence may involve parking on double yellows or blocking the pavement, and eating chips.

    • Victor Y says:

      Why not add the police helicopter constantly hovering over it to your list too.

  4. PR says:

    So how about installing some along Redlands Road and Lavernock Road where the speed limit is almost always exceeded instead?

    • Local Eye says:

      Well I live on Lavernock Road and yesterday afternoon it could have been the TT races past our house. Speeds in excess of 70 mph are not uncommon and the decibel level is way past legal limits.
      If the police and local authorities can park up a speed camera van in Plassey Street
      then rich pickings to be had here.
      Perhaps our new Plymouth Ward councillors might like to pursue this local safety issue on behalf of all residents living here.

  5. Frederick says:

    Why are there so many traffic ‘issues’ in this town?
    I don’t see it to this extent anywhere else.
    If it isn’t parking or speeding, it’s some other perceived infringement of ‘regulations’.
    What kind of people live here?
    Inconsiderate idiots who think they can do as they please or whingeing busybodies with the privilege of no greater concerns?

    • Matt says:

      Penarth drivers are the most dangerous and least considerate I’ve ever come across. It really is quite bizarre and I have no idea why it’s this way.

      • The Tax payer says:

        You are so right Matt. I can drive for hours outside Penarth with no problems or stress but as soon as I get back to Penarth it all starts.
        Some of the people that drive in the Penarth area are so inconsiderate and don’t give a flip about anyone else.
        Some of the problem is that the Police are just as bad and it’s to much trouble for them to issue tickets and turn a blind eye

    • DRT Andrews says:

      Poppycock the lot of you. You must lead very sheltered lives or need to get out and about a bit more. Penarth is a doddle compared to most built up areas throughout the UK.

  6. Yotty says:

    Just take the road surface off either side. Ever noticed how cars slow down on resurfacing works?

  7. Zapper says:

    People seem to use Dinas road for land speed records as well.

  8. mikeyorke says:

    This should have been done a long time ago. I mentioned it to the previous council and they dismissed it saying cars “speed up between them”. Well yes, but they also slow down at the crossings. Too many times I’ve waited at the crossings and cars just zoom past unaware. One day it’ll be a child that’s hit and it’ll be all too late.

    • snoggerdog says:

      the reason they put a crossing at the dingle rail station was because a vietnamese lady got knocked down & killed,otherwise even today i dont think there would be a crossing there.

  9. penarthblog says:

    At first glance this seems a good idea but with more research needed. But speed bumps are only one solution, road narrowing is another way of reducing speed although that could reduce capacity. Another solution used widely in other parts of Europe is the use of chicanes in combination with other street furniture, benches and tree planting for example. But the overwhelming messages I get from comments on here is the lack of enforcement and not just Plassey Street, but other places and that has to be addressed.

  10. simples says:

    Speed bumps ineffective and damage vehicles. 20mph speed limit and 24 hour enforcement cameras with publication of all speeding motorists.

    • Victor Y says:

      Just changing to 20mph does not actually work without making changes to the road geometry and to police it with cameras would also cost a small fortune as you’d need them everywhere. Anyway those who already ignore the existing 30mph are going to also ignore the 20, so it would be a complete waste of money.

      Far better to use that money on focusing on roads where a high percentage of cars regularly break the speed limit at locations where the risk of a collision is high.

  11. Fishhenge says:

    Zebra speed humps would be a start. The next mass I’ve improvement would be to cha neg the priorities on Glebe, Arcot and High Streets so the traffic has to slow down or stop in five locations.

    • Victor Y says:

      Changing the priority is an interesting idea, but it could also create 5 new accident black spots if not done properly.

  12. Dave says:

    Plassey Street was resurfaced and turned into a nice smooth race track like surface. Other roads in town, particularly Archer road etc have been left alone and are bumpy to the degree that they are speed restricting like natural speed bumps. That is the way to go and saves money, just never ever repair roads and they will turn into rutted self policing lanes.

  13. Alan Armstrong says:

    Pity the council didn’t concentrate on making road surfaces driveable Plymouth And forest roads are a good example They are an utter disgrace for a top seaside town, what must visitors think?
    As for speed humps they should be if not already illegal the damage they cause to vehicles is criminal. Perhaps the council would rather spend money on litigation ??

  14. Penileaks says:

    Putting flat topped speed humps at the crossing points will do little to slow traffic approaching these crossings in fact all it will do to the speeding vehicle is to launch it higher as it hits the poor pedestrian on the crossing.
    I’m not in favour of speed humps generally because of the damage that they cause to vehicles, but some of the speeds that people drive at along the Stanwell Road between the railway bridge and the Cornerswell Road junction are pure lunacy. According to other posters on here, the situation is the same in many other areas of the town. Is it not time that our revered (and expensive) Police Commissioner takes some action ?

    • Local Eye says:

      Penarth needs a week’s blitz on all the main roads and accident blackspots by traffic enforcement officers to get the message across. Be interested to know how much manpower has been reduced by over the past 5 years as speeding and poor driving skills are endemic.

    • snoggerdog says:

      i was talking to lord lucan the other day & he said he thought he saw our P.C. deep in conversation with the scarlet pimpernel !

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