The effect of the controversial wakeboarding scheme on water voles has now been put on the agenda by Natural Resources Wales (Photo James Packer)

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) – the Welsh Government organisation charged with protecting the environment of Wales – has joined the growing clamour of opposition against the former Vale of Glamorgan Labour-adminstration’s proposals to set up a commercial wake-boarding centre at Cosmeston Lakes Country Park .

N.R.W  says in a frank no-holds-barred letter for the Vale of Glamorgan Council that it did not receive details of the wakeboarding scheme until May 25th – [ 21 days after the election in which the unpopular and heavily-criticised Labour administration was thrown out of office]  .

11,000 people have signed the on line petition opposing the scheme and scores have added their signatures in the streets of Penarth

The NRW says “We have significant concerns with the proposed development as submitted “ – and goes on to list a series of “requirements” –  making it clear that it will lodge formal objection is the council doesn’t meet its demands .

The tiny Starry Stonewort could stop the wakeboarding scheme

The NRW points out that the proposed wakeboarding circuit is within an SSI [ a Site of Special Scientific Interest]  where the Starry Stonewort [ Nitellopsis obtusa] grows. The NRW says it considers the  proposed development has the potential to damage these plants. 

The NRW also castigates the Vale Council’s inadequate “ecological assessment” and has to remind the council that – as part of a joint project – water voles are to be re-introduced to Cosmeston Lakes this year.

Cuttingly, the NRW points out  – no doubt to the embarrassment of Vale Council planning officers – that their “ecological assessment”  has not taken this into account .

Cllr Kevin Mahoney (Independent Sully)

Today Vale Cllr Kevin Mahoney (Independent Sully) says of the NRW’s letter “It appears, on the face of it, pretty damning to me  – and one must really wonder as to how much the outgoing [Labour] administration  – and the council officer who is trying to push this plan through –  really examined the implications before presenting them.”

Cllr Mahoney also takes a swipe at the new Conservative administration in the Vale,  saying  “It doesn’t really reflect that well on the incoming administration either,   – considering that they just allowed the application from themselves to progress anyway” and also notes a statement in the Penarth Times from Conservative Cllr Jonathan Bird “praising the scheme”.

In a rebuke to all concerned, Cllr Mahoney says “Surely these should have been aspects looked at by the Vale before the idea ever got off the ground?”


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  1. Peter Petherick says:

    That’s it then …. no wake-boarding at Cosmeston waters ….. Imagine the amount of protesters and tree huggers that would arrive at Cosmeston to protect the wildlife (and be totally justified) I would be with them …. if this application were to pass planning.

    • Frederick says:

      I trust your reference to ‘tree huggers’ is intended as a compliment.
      With a crew like this at the Vale, the wildlife at Cosmeston needs such caring warriors on its side.

      • Peter Petherick says:

        Synonyms for tree hugger
        noun environmentalist
        green activist
        Green Panther

    • Joe blow says:

      “Number” of protesters.

      • Peter Petherick says:

        noun: amount; plural noun: amounts
        a quantity of something, especially the total of a thing or things in number, size, value, or extent.
        “sport gives an enormous amount of pleasure to many people”
        quantity, number, total, aggregate, sum, quota, group, size, mass, weight, volume, bulk, load, consignment; More

      • Hamish Munnypenny says:

        Protesters are not ‘things’, so Joe Blow is correct.

      • Peter Petherick says:

        If there are differing groups of people …. Then the sum total of people must be an amount.
        I used the word amount because it is a weightier word than numbers. I used the word to convey that protesters and tree huggers come with Cars Vans Caravans Tents and more. I don`t want Cosmeston to change into a circus ground for the couldn`t care less.
        It`s just words …. not really worth my effort to explain .. I maybe right or I maybe wrong.
        My intention is genuine

      • Hamish Munnypenny says:

        If it’s not really worth your effort to explain, why is it worth your effort to continue to insist that people are things? The correct phrase is a number, or numbers, of people.
        Your case is diminished by poor use of words, particularly when the example you cite – “an enormous amount of pleasure” – uses the word ‘amount’ to refer to pleasure – which is a thing, and NOT to people.

      • Peter Petherick says:

        Fanny .. I apologise , you are obviously correct .. People are just numbers.
        Have a nice day … Peter

    • Peter Petherick says:

      Funnyfanny … Go put your head in the fridge.

      • Hamish Munnypenny says:

        I’m sure your lapse into name-calling will give a number of people a great amount of pleasure.


  3. Frederick says:

    Why hasn’t the thing been thrown out yet, that’s what I want to know.
    And who is this Jonathan Bird, reported to be publicly praising the scheme? He doesn’t deserve his surname with an attitude like that.
    I am beyond grateful to Cllr Kevin Mahoney – sharp as a beak and canny as a fox. If he issues posters of himself, I’ll have one on my wall. This isn’t the only issue he’s exposed.
    As for ‘the new Conservative administration in the Vale’, what a disgrace.
    I cannot understand how such an invasive scheme is still on the table in an SSI, a status alleged to protect the natural world.
    Makes me sick. For the sake of the wildlife, I hope Natural Resources Wales keeps on top of this.

  4. lesley withers says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with ‘Frederick’s’ comments about Kevin Mahoney. He is a politician who speaks the truth, exposes the ‘secrets’ kept from us and believes in total transparency.

  5. Michael Garland says:

    Sully and Lavernock Community Council together with the Saving Sully and Lavernock Group are holding a Public Meeting, at the Jubilee Hall, off Smithies Avenue,, Sullly
    On 29th June 2017 at 7.30pm.
    Topics to include :-
    Cosmeston Lakes Country Park – Wakeboarding. Facility
    Barry Biomas Incinerator.

    All are welcome. Please come along.

    Just because the application has been put on hold, don’t stop sending in your objections to the Planning Department and of course Councilor Thomas.
    Andrew RT Davies has offered his support in objecting to this proposal, no reply yet from Stephen Doughty MP, Vaughan Gething AM, Lesley Griffiths AM., etc.

    Thanks to Kevin Mahoney and Bob Penrose for their support and assistance

    Councillor Michael Garland (Lavernock Ward – Sully and Lavernock Community Council)
    TelL No. 07974108065

  6. The Farmer's wife says:

    Watch out Save Sully & Lavernock Ms.Page will be wanting to join you she hasn’t saved anything for a couple of days

  7. AK says:

    I’m sure the wakeboardiby would be less of a hazard to wildlife than the amount of litter left behind on the warm nights by visitors.

    I was running through early on Tuesday and was appalled by the amount of rubbish left behind, even in the forest trails as well as the lake area.

    What is wrong with these people?

  8. lesley withers says:

    The dog mess is disgusting too, it was all over the boardwalk this week.

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