One of the cars is winched onto a breakdown truck on Westbourne Road

Penarth police and breakdown truck was called to  the scene of an accident at the junction of Augusta Road and  Westbourne Road yesterday.

Two cars appeared to have collided at the junction-  which is something of an accident blackspot. It’s not known if there are any serious injuries but both vehicles sustained serious front-end damage.

Police at the scene of today’s crash at Augusta Road (Photo Richard Williams)

One of the cars had to be winched onto a breakdown recovery wagon to be removed from the scene.

Local residents say its the latest of a series of accidents at lower Westbourne Road. Further details are awaited.


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  1. Clive James says:

    This junction and the next with Forest rd should have speed bumps.

  2. sjleworthy says:

    i’d hardly put speed humps on a junction, but i agree Westbourne Road seriously needs speed restrictions in place. that road is treated like Plassey – a speedway. this speed also lends itself to people who cut corners horribly at these junctions.

  3. whatsoccurin says:

    turned into Westbourne Road from Lavernock Road-a lady was just parking ON the corner, causing a major traffic hazard-Unusually I sounded my horn but her look was of the “I always park here” variety-that is the main problem in Penarth, ignore minor traffic and parking restrictions, youngsters riding motor cycles and old bangers around which are invariably uninsured, bits of graffiti and minor ante-social behaviour etc-but if you do the problems do not go away-they just get worse.

    • DRT Andrews says:

      I guess you must know what you mean but it’s a closed book to the rest of us. “Youngsters……invariably uninsured”. Source?

      • AK says:

        On the contrary, at the car show in Barry the other week there were many examples of ‘modified’ small cars whose mainly young owners must pour a great deal of money.

        Unfortunately their driving skills don’t always match those of Penarth’s highly skilled and faultless elderly drivers.

  4. Me says:

    It’s the same along the length of Lavernock and Redlands Roads, the crossroads with Wordsworth is particularly fraught with danger with a blind crest and excessive speed.

  5. Chris Shamb says:

    This is an accident blackspot, what will it take until something is done about it?

  6. PR says:

    Well, if anyone knows the middle aged driver of BMW HEII NNE please tell them they drive like an idiot around Penarth ignoring the speed limit, and hopefully when (not if) they crash they only hurt themselves. He’s obviously compensating for something very small.

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