Cosmeston Lakes Country Park’s newest resident – an endangered, specially bred, water vole – arrives to take up residence

More than 100 young water voles – one of Wales’s most endangered species  – are being released this week in  Cosmeston Lakes Country Park.

The re-stocking of Cosmeston with young water-voles –  specially bred at a hatchery in Mid Wales –  is being carried out by the Vale of Glamorgan Council in association with Wales’s envionmental organisation Natural Resources Wales (NRW) – . [The scheme was first reported by PDN here:  http://tinyurl.com/y7kkfscp ]

The Vale of Glamorgan and NRW have now published an on line video showing the young voles being released this week from captivity and being given their freedom on the banks of Cosmeston’s main lake.

Water voles have suffered a 95% decline since the 1960s –  largely due to a loss of habitat. To combat this, the Vale of Glamorgan Council has worked with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to develop a specially prepared environment in which they can live safely.

An NRW team is on hand at Cosmeston all this week to help the voles adjust to their  new envoronment . Food  – and the artificial nests in which the animals have been reared –  will be removed and the community of voles will be left to enjoy their new home.

Richard Davies of the NRW says “Water voles were once common in rivers, canals and ponds across Wales, and an important part of our environment. Habitat loss and predation by American mink have reduced their numbers and they’re now endangered. Our work to breed them at our hatchery in mid Wales and our partnership with local authorities, wildlife trusts and land owners to improve habitats and to set up new populations, will boost their chance of survival.”

The only threat the Cosmeston voles now face is the pending decision of the new Vale of Glamorgan Council on whether or not to scrap the previous Vale Labour administration’s  scheme to set up a commercial wake-boarding centre on Cosmeston’s largest lake.

The NRW says it will object to such a scheme.

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  1. Peter Petherick says:

    Check Mate …. I think.

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    Absolutely overjoyed that these so called Planners at the Vale have been exposed for the foolish poorly qualified vandals they are. Well done PDN and contributing objectors all heroes every one!

  3. djwatashi@hotmail.com says:

    Will they be advocating wakeboarding?!

  4. Frederick says:

    Very thankful to Natural Resources Wales for all their tremendous work in breeding this endangered species – their Mid Wales hatchery sounds wonderful – but I can’t imagine how they feel releasing these carefully-nurtured creatures into an environment under threat of the selfish, ignorant and money-grabbing wakeboarding plan.
    It should be clear – even to an idiot – that wakeboarding would threaten the habitat of the voles yet the Vale council appears reluctant or unwilling to throw out the scheme.
    Richard Davies of NRW is quoted here as saying voles and other endangered species are dying out because of habitat loss.
    Cosmeston should be cherished as a sanctuary for wildlife not seen as an opportunity for invasive human entertainment.
    I would ask why the wakeboarding scheme is still being considered and why nobody at the Vale appears to have the common decency to put a stop to it now.
    Might the council show some protective pride in providing an area for wildlife driven from elsewhere by greedy developers and other such predators?
    Thank you for recording the voles being released into their new home – it’s very moving to see these small, threatened creatures dive for cover.

  5. It seems to me that the left hand didn’t know what the left hand is doing! Let’s hope that the right hand knows what the right hand is doing.

  6. Michael Garland says:

    Still not a reason to stop objecting to this.
    The Planning Department are not displaying all the objections received in regard to the application on their website, trying to give an impression that not many people are objecting.

    • Frederick says:

      Very worrying. I do believe the ‘new Conservative administration at the Vale’ will try and push this through.
      In my opinion, they are as arrogant as the last lot – i.e. the higher the number of objections, the more determined they become to have their way.
      I’m at a loss to understand why wakeboarding in such an environmentally-sensitive area ever got this far.
      The biggest mystery now is the apparent, barnacle-like intent to destroy one of the last remaining havens for wildlife.
      Talk of voles, who will not benefit from this, so who will?

    • Anne Greagsby says:

      That is shocking. How can they get away with it?

  7. Chris David says:

    Yeas djwat- on the planning department led by Goldsworthy and a few of the thicker or own agenda councillors. .

  8. Clive says:

    The Voles have it

  9. Frank Evans says:

    Voles = Rats = Vernon = Disease Carriers
    Tax payers money spent on this.
    Next they will be building Seagull feeding stations.

    • Frank Evans says:

      Vermon. Bloody phone

    • Hamish Munnypenny says:

      If you regard voles as disease carrying vermin, I suggest you refrain from mouth-to-mouth contact with them. Your apparent one-man mission to sanitise your world by removing anything vaguely hazardous may prove impossible to achieve. Try a country walk in the daylight some time.

  10. The Farmer's wife says:

    Come on nickypage – i❤️TheVolesinCosmestonPenarthWalesTheWorldPRGUTheUniversecampaign

  11. Annegre says:

    Something very wrong here! The VoG Council Ecological Report on Cosmeston to the planning Committee says NO VOLES within 1km – (there is now) ‘considered of negligible importance within the context of the proposed construction footprint, and is thus not considered further within this report’ This investigation was done in January not the best time for an ecological study.

    VOLES (from the Ecological Baseline report to planning)
    Otter and Water Vole 3.34 SEWBReC returned no records of otter or water vole within 1km of the Country Park. 3.35 A thorough search of the Application Site and immediate surrounds during the initial site visit recorded no evidence of otter or water vole field signs. Additionally, no evidence of either species was recorded within the footprint for the cable system.
    3.36 Dense scrub habitat along the banks of the lake does, however, provide suitable cover for resting otter. As such, precautionary working measures and sensitive clearance will be required during construction onsite, as further discussed within Section 5 of this report.
    3.37 In contrast, bankside habitat adjacent to the proposed construction footprint is considered unsuitable for water vole, with both banks heavily eroded and subject to Cosmeston Lakes, Penarth Ecological Baseline Report C_EDP3861_01a 18 trampling by the public and waterfowl. An absence of aquatic vegetation renders the bankside habitat sub-optimal for foraging, although marginal scrub vegetation does offer some cover, albeit limited, for this species. Water vole is, therefore, considered of negligible importance within the context of the proposed construction footprint, and is thus not considered further within this report.


  12. Chris David says:

    Thank you Anneger- well I wont open the report- my system tell me its potentially harmful. But I will ask this, Did the VoG planning department commission this report? Q2 Did the waterboarding company pay for it?

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