A string quartet greets customers at the Penarth Wedding Fayre held at the council-owned Paget Rooms

Penarth Town Council is considering increasing the hire charges for the Paget Rooms, the Kymin and in West House – the council’s headquarters in Stanwell Road.

Tonight Penarth Town Council’s new Venues, Facilities and Events committee is to debate a recomendation from the Town Clerk to increase hire charges – including those for weddings all three venues.

The report says there hasn’t been a “significant increase in hire charges for many years “ and that the running of all three venues is being subsidised by the Penarth Town Council Precept – which this year was hiked to record levels by the council’s Labour-run administration.


It’s proposed that the Mayor’s Parlour at West House is charged out at £20 an hour with a £10 an hour rate “available at officer’s discretion” .

Labour Vale Councillors, Labour Penarth Town councillors –  and Penarth’s Labour MP –  don’t pay anything for  their use of the council premises to hold  “constituency surgeries”.  Labour Party political banners are erected on the front lawn of the taxpayer-owned building . Councillors representing other parties meet constituents elsewhere..


West House  has  been provided free of charge to the Labour Party for use by Labour MP Stephen Doughty for so-called “constituency surgeries” –  and for Vale of Glamorgan Labour councillors.

As the council report makes no mention of this ‘free use for the Labour Party’  concession , council-tax payers can only assume it will continue for another 5 years. No other political party is granted free use of West House . Conservative councillors hold their public surgeries at the Conservative Club next door . Meanwhile other West House charges are being increased:-

  • Charges for weddings/ civil-ceremonies at West House are to cost £175 per 90 minutes (weekdays), £200 for Saturdays and £275 for Sundays
  • From now on the Citizens’ Advice Bureau is to be charged for  its  use of rooms at West House on Thursday mornings.


The vintage limo awaits outside the classic Edwardian portals of the Paget Rooms

  • The hourly hire charges for the Paget Rooms are to rise to £24 an hour (Monday to Thursday) and £30 an hour Friday to Sunday.
  • There is to be a show-week rate for 6-day of exclusive hire of £1750 (commercial) and £1500 non commercial.
  • Filming is to cost a minimum of £600 for 3 hours
  • Penarth Town Council will retain an option to run the bar at events/shows taking 80% of net profit
  • Weddings/civil ceremonies at the Paget Rooms will cost £300 for weekdays and £350 for Saturdays and £500 for Sundays.


A BBC film crew sets up to film Decline and Fall with Eva Longoria at the Kymin, Penarth .

  •   Hire rates will be £11.50 per hour per room for “community use” whereas private and commercial use will cost £13:50 per hour
  • Filming will cost £600 (three hours minimum) with extra charges for use of the front lawn
  • Weddings/civil ceremonies at the Kymin will cost £300 for weekdays and £350 for Saturdays and £500 for Sundays.

The council says all the increases are necessary for the “continued viability of Town Council premises” .



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  1. Loose Boots says:

    Trouble with hiking up the prices means people will hire these premises less. Why don’t you reduce the prices, hiring will go up and you’ll make more money. These buildings will end up sat idle at these rates.

    • WatchfulEye says:

      Shhhhh, you’re making too much sense. The council lack the understanding of simple supply and demand.

      • Watchfuleye I know when sense prevails and all can gain things happen in most situations – I will shout a bit louder. Thanks for the positive endorsement. Maybe you could have a word with Hamish below who seems a little negative today.

  2. Hike the rates no problem BUT the internal team in events and admin and operations etc had better start delivering- not double booking and behaving totally unprofessionally on matters of management – we need an immediate audit on skills and abilities a swot now, as our money is not being spent wisely re customer service 20,000 plus to an individual to deal with this is NOT the way to go . I know our clients have suffered as a result of sloppy processes, no processes and it’s not good enough. I would like to meet as a representative voice of the I love sos Penarth team as I feel a new public private company should take over the marketing and customer service of the buildings and facilities mentioned for a better way forward for Penarths unique destination attributes and I include the Pavilion here – Penarth Ltd can do a much better job. Pacl out now

    • Betty Swallocks says:

      They need to upgrade their public relations then? Unfortunately, your pitch is a downgrade. Have you thought of a career change?

    • Hamish Munnypenny says:

      Offering your services to promote Penarth Town Council would be more convincing if you found out where their responsibilities lie. They do not control the Pier Pavilion.
      Furthermore, a rudimentary grasp of the English language, use of grammar, spelling and punctuation, might prove to be a necessary requirement for a ‘public private’ company offering marketing and promotional skills. You might be better off if you offer your services elsewhere in that case.

  3. foxyman59 says:

    All I can say is typical Labour control …. that’s what happens when Labour are in charge ….. the Councillor’s take there exorbitant expenses minimum amount per Councillor is £15k per annum to attend closed meetings & the occasional Surgery great Job if you can get it !!! 😦

    • Is this really important? says:

      Pretty sure they don’t get paid for their work as a Town Councillor and you’ll find the Tories control the Vale with a little help of others.
      Besides these rates are silly cheap.

    • hopenotnasty says:

      Penarth town councillors are not paid. It is voluntary. At least Labour councillors make themselves available to their constituents. I think it is called being involved in the community. Something which other parties have scant regard for. Labour will keep on winning in Penarth while the other parties continue their lazy politics.

    • Ian Perry says:

      foxyman, may I suggest that until you do some research and thinking, you refrain from posting.

  4. Oh Hamish don’t be petty. I’m not offering my services actually. If you came and had a chat you would get a bigger perspective on matters – possibly ?

    • Hamish Munnypenny says:

      Nicki, you are mistaking an active, seven decade BS detector for ‘negativity’ and ‘pettiness’. As a self-appointed communicator, doesn’t your lack of realistic understanding of other people’s viewpoints hinder your progress?
      On second thoughts, don’t attempt to answer that question. There is a predictable pattern to your responses already.

  5. WatchfulEye says:

    The council is increasing the price of a service that already has a minimal demand, This price rise will surely be an example of government failure or ‘council failure’ in this instance- leading to a further misallocation of resources. Money should be invested into advertising these great venues and make booking process more accessible. The condition of the kymin’s interior is outdated and rather neglected in my opinion from when I visited last. Consumers will simply find other venues that are cheaper and offer a better service. I think the council need to do some serious thinking- then again, that may be hard with labour officials.

  6. Frank Evans says:

    Psy and display on the promenade. Raise badly needed money from people who most likely don’t live in Penarth.
    I’m sure the those who can afford the cars outside you know where can afford a few quid parking.

  7. John Powell says:

    The demand isn’t minimal, and the Paget rooms is very popular for Fairs etc,
    Some of which are for profit, and others for charity/community – the fees are reasonable but the admin isn’t that great, esp with regard to advertising events that the council has taken money to put on. Don’t agree with Foxy above that this is typical Labour, just a typical council, but the real issue is the inert layer of bureaucracy between the town council and assembly, viz: the vale council, it just costs and costs

  8. Anne Greagsby says:

    Small local Penarth community groups should be able to hire space free of charge. Why should we have to pay twice?

    • Dewi says:


    • Betty Swallocks says:

      Because there are staff who lock and unlock, and clean these venues, often out of normal hours, and these additional costs should not be borne by council taxpayers.
      If there are no charges imposed on those minority groups who use these facilities, then the cost has to be covered by increasing the precept, and making us all pay for the dubious benefit of minority interests. I don’t see why I should have to pay more to subsidise “small local community groups”.
      The reason they “have to pay twice” is to prevent those of us who have absolutely no interest in such organisations from having to pay more. If you want the space, then have it, but don’t expect council tax payers to cough up to subsidise you, any more than expecting a church congregation to pay more to let you use a parish hall.

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