A loose section of the metal “Brains” sign dangles above the Windsor Road – a danger to all traffic (Photo David Moorcraft)

Penarth Police had to close Windsor Road  – the main route into, and out-of,  Penarth this afternoon –  because part of the familiar “Brains Bitter”  brewery signage on the railway bridge above seemed in danger of falling onto the road below.

Traffic had to be diverted through Cogan to get into Penarth .

The railway bridge – which has only 14 feet of clearance above the road surface – has been struck several times by heavy lorries and other high-load vehicles but has usually emerged from post accident examinations without noticeable damage. Perhaps no one looked closely enough at this part of the rusty signage.

Police blocked both approaches to the railway bridge and pedestrians were escorted by officers

This time however part of the signage forming the central Brains logo proclaiming “It’s Brains You Want” appeared to have come adrift and was dangling like a guillotine over the roadway .

The railway bridge frequently receives the attention of graffiti vandals.

The billboard alongside the railway bridge is to be used to promote this summer’s Penarth Downhill Derby


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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    “It’s Brains you want”
    Couldn’t agree more, brains and compassion are desperately needed from the Conservative Controlled Vale Council. The intelligence to recognise and bring to an end the excessive Traffic Pollution of Windsor Road and the respiratory health risks to Cogan Primary School Children.
    Intelligence and courage are also needed for the Vale Councillors to stand up to the Westminster and WAG mindless demand for thousands of unnecessary houses in Sully and Cosmeston which will only serve to ensure traffic pollution is made worse.

  2. Peter Church says:

    Rusted, dilapidated, in urgent need of repair. True for most of the UK infrastructure!
    The rail line viaduct over to Barry “Island” has bit missing and other sections rusted completely through.
    I’m not sure what Philip Rapier is on about, maybe he needs another coat of treatment, he ranting messages are seeping out again.

  3. AK says:

    Incredible the number of motorists who were unable to figure out an alternative route!

    Just as well the closure was after the school run

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