So far only one member of the new Penarth Town Council has had a “Member’s Interests” form put on the council website . All Vale of Glamorgan councillors had theirs on line weeks ago

Although 8 weeks have elapsed since the May 4th Local Government Elections, the Labour-controlled Penarth Town Council has still not published the legally-required  Notification of Members’ Interests for 15 of its 16 members.

Each councillor, at the start of each new term of office, is required to fill in a Register of Member’s Interest form which details the following information – which the council is bound by law to make public:-

  • Where each councillor lives (i.e. home address) ,
  • What they do for a living,
  • Who employs them ,
  • Who – if anyone –  has paid them election or other expenses – and how much
  • Any local corporate body in which they have more than a £25,000 stake
  • Any contracts they have with the council through their business interests if any
  • What parcels of land or property they have a beneficial interest in within the council area
  • Any premises or land they rent from the council
  • Any body on which they represent the council
  • Any public authority to which they belong (eg are they magistrates?)
  • Any charitable body to which they belong
  • Any body to which they belong, the purposes of which include the influence of public opinion (eg a political party).
  • Any trade union or professional association to which they belong
  • Any private club or association in the coucnil’s area to which they belong (e.g British Legion or Freemasons)

The Member’s Declaration from Cllr Rhiannon Birch is the only one one Penarth Town Council’s website – and it’s more than 5 years old

So far the completed form of only ONE current councillor has been placed on the Penarth Town Council’s website – for Cllr Rhiannon Birch –  and that’s a five-year-old form which was filed originally in back in 2012.

Meanwhile a form for Cllr Rhiannon Birch’s mother  – the former councillor Mrs  Janice Birch – is still on the web site even though Mrs Birch retired in April this year and is no longer a member of the council. None of the  forms for any of the other current councillors has yet been placed on line.

The Conservative controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council placed its new 2017 set of Members Interests Forms on line for public inspection several weeks ago – including those of four “twin-hatted” Penarth Town Councillors who are members of both councils.





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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    According to PDN’s list then it is possiblle to be a serving Councillor and have millions of pounds worth of shares in the likes of Taylor Wimpey, Crest Nicholson or Barretts without declaring it.
    What hope is there then to stop the London based Con- Duped Coalition Government bullying the Welsh Assembly and Vale to build useless unnecessary houses in Sully?
    Obviously the Tory/Independent Coalition on the Vale will agree to anything the Welsh Government says as long as they avoid the houses being built in Cowbridge

  2. Papa Lazarou says:

    A slippery councillor…is as common as an honest burglar

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