Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell) attempts to raise a second supplementary question on the issue of “seagull-safe” black bin bags at Question Time in this week’s Vale of Glamorgan Council meeting.

The issues of black-bin bag collection intervals and of “seagull-safe” bin-bags has been raised in Questions to Cabinet Members at the Vale of Glamorgan Council by Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell).

Cllr Wilson’s written question was “Could the Cabinet Member direct me to any Vale of Glamorgan Council Report in which it is suggested that the introduction of four-weekly black bin-bag collections was planned, as suggested in many of his colleagues’ election leaflets?”

Cllr Geoffrey Cox has cabinet responsibility for Neighbourhood Services and Transport.

Responding Cllr Geoff Cox – cabinet member for neighbourhood services and transport said: – “The comments concerning black-bag collection  in the leafelts you refer to related to the actions of a number of authorities in Wales  who are considering reducing the frequency of collections to three or even four weekly. Our residents read the national press, would have seen these comments and we were merely reassuring them that if elected, we would not be reducing our black-bag collection frequencies”

Cllr Wilson came back with a supplementary ; “Could you confirm that there is any plan for four-weekly black-bag collection in the Vale ….and the second question I am going to ask you quickly on this is in your leaflet you claimed that  you were going to introduce seagull-proof bags ….”

At the point – realising Cllr Wilson was attempting to ask two supplementary questions rather than just the permitted one – the Mayor Cllr Janice Charles intervened .

Cllr Wilson however ploughed on: –  “Are you going to introduce seagull safe black bags?” – helpfully adding, presumably for the benefit of any councillors who might not yet have grasped the point,  “so that seagulls cannot attack these bags”.

Cllr Cox provided inaudible reassurances on collections but – as he was not obliged to do – did not answer the disallowed second supplementary question on seagull-safe bags.

[PDN Note: Under the Vale Council rules of procedure each councillor is allowed to  submit one written question in advance for an oral reply from a member of the Vale cabinet during the council meeting.  When that initial answer has been given, the questioning councillor is allowed to ask one supplementary question without prior notice.]



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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    I would not expect a Con-Ind Vale Coalition Councillor from Cowbridge to understand this problem as they probably have a butler to put their bin bags out and never see the mess themselves.
    The whole Vale of Glamorgan Council as usual are completely ignorant of the facts and their obligations to Wildlife. All species of gull are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
    Therefore the obligation is on the householder to place the foodstuff waste in the “Caddy” to avoid gulls pecking black bags. The Con-Ind Vale Coalition should NOT waste Public money on so called seagull proof bags However should the householder require the Vale must make available for PURCHASE a “black or grey” version of the garden waste bag in which the black bag may be placed awaiting collection.
    The Cowbridge Councillor’s butler will love it. Improved hygiene for the servants and no harm to the gulls.

  2. Vorvox says:

    Is feeding seagulls illegal?? There are still those that do in Penarth.

    I never put food in black bags but have found that even dirt wrappers is enough to attract our flying friends. I have taken to spraying my black bags with a chlorine based bathroom cleaner. This keeps them and the equally well fed foxes away.

    • snoggerdog says:

      the lesser black backed gulls & foxes are not well fed,they eat what we throw away,we also take their habitats off them,then they have the nerve to slink down our streets looking for scraps,if you are looking for well fed sit on a bench in windsor rd,you may even see me puffing past,old well fed little fella!

  3. AK says:

    Tie a building brick to the handles and it won’t blow away.

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