The Tabernacle Playgroup operates within the Tabernacle Church complex at Plassey St

Inspectors from the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) have paid a return visit to the Tabernacle Playgroup in Plassey St, Penarth following criticisms they made  of the child-care facility in  January this year.

The Tabernacle Playgroup operates from a hall within the Tabernacle Church complex and  is registered for up to  24 children aged two to five years old from 09.15 to
11.45, Mondays to Fridays.

The privately-owned playgroup has one “registered person” [ Sarah Pedwell] in charge, overseeing the day-to-day running of the playgroup with a deputy leader.

The latest CSSIW report on Tabernacle Playgroup – Penarth

The new  CSSIW inspection – carried out in April 2017 – has found that “the quality of leadership and management and certain operational issues have been improved to protect children’s safety and supervise staff effectively” and that the service is now meeting legal requirements .

“Non compliance” matters identified at the last inspection in relation to hazards and
safety, suitability of workers and employment of staff have been addressed.

The CSSIW has now made further recommendations  – including “adjusting a risk
assessment checklist” and “continuing to develop snack-time and use of incidental



The inspectors found that “children’s right to express themselves freely and to make independent choices is appropriately encouraged at the service.

What the CSSIW Inspectors call “the principles of a Gold Healthy Snack Award” have been reinstated at the playgroup . Children are offered a choice of fruit and toast. Tabernacle Playgroup acknowledged that independence during snack time is an area that “needs to continue to develop”.

The inspectors reported that “Fresh drinking water is now available for children throughout the session” and that Tabernacle Playgroup plans to “introduce a programme designed to promote dental hygiene”.

The report says Tabernacle Playgroup does not have a an outside play space, but “the main
play room is large enough to allow children to have opportunities for physical activities
indoors which includes trikes and a small climbing frame and slide.”

Only the English language is used at present but Tabernacle Playgroup says that “suitable [Welsh Language]  courses  for some staff are being considered”.

  • A risk assessment checklist is now in place and is carried out each morning.
  • Policies and procedures have been updated to ensure they are appropriate for the
    setting and the registered person is aware of her responsibility to review regularly.
  • Tabernacle Playgroup  has implemented recommendations from the Environmental Health Officer made in June 2016 and attention is being paid to infection control
  • Appropriate hygiene procedures are encouraged and practised and  hot water is  available for hand washing,
  • Children’s dignity is protected and safe practice procedures are employed during nappy changing/toileting procedures
  • A system for reporting of accidents/incidents is now in place and records are up to
  • A fire drills are now recorded more fully.

Overall the CSSIW Inspectors found that “the quality of leadership and management has significantly improved since the last inspection tand that no matters of non compliance are considered outstanding.”


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  1. Frank Evans says:

    I hope each baby gets a private cubicle to be changed and a religious lesson to boot!

    • God says:

      Frank, only you can read this. It’s all in your mind. Let go of your illusions. Embrace this life. It’s all you’re going to get.

  2. Hamish Munnypenny says:

    I hope they DON’T get any religion. It’s bad enough when indoctrinated adults still believe in imaginary friends, but brainwashing infants with fairy tales from the Middle East is tantamount to child abuse, and the origin of many of the problems in today’s world.
    These fictional stories of imaginary people are immoral, advocating genocide and murder, rape, slavery, wife beating and genital mutilation, amongst other things. No child should be subjected to these evil ideas.

  3. snoggerdog says:

    “the childrens right to express themselves freely”, as an adult could land them in trouble !

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