The garage in Windsor Terrace Lane which is to be converted into an residential apartment.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s planning officers have approved  the re-development of a recently-built garage in Windsor Terrace Lane as residential accommodation – despite objections raised by Cllr Neil Thomas – the former chairman of Penarth Town Council’s planning committee.

The architects had explained their clients wanted carry out the development to provide “accommodation for their elderly parents that will remain ancillary to the main house”  which would consist of “essentially a large 1 bedroom flat” with its  own private garden .

Cllr Neil Thomas (Labour) lost his seat on Penarth Town Council and now represents St Augustine’s Ward on the Vale Council

However Cllr Thomas (Labour)  – who lost his Cornerswell seat on Penarth Town Council at in the May 4th Local Government elections –  had objected. He now represents St Augustine’s Ward on the Vale of Glamorgan Council and sits on the Vale Council’s planning committee.

Councillor Thomas had submitted a written objection to the plans to convert the garage in Windsor Terrace Lane into a home – saying:-

“I am particularly concerned about this application as it is in a well used lane with particular parking problems already. The fact that this proposal seems to be designed to be separate accommodation to the main house leads me to believe that it would become a  Separate dwelling in time. I am aware that a number of minor accidents have already occurred at the junction with Windsor Terrace Lane and Albert Road and this was raised as an issue on the doorstep during the recent election campaign. There are a limited number of parking spaces (3 I believe) at this point on the lane which I think are well used. These would be lost. I do not support this application.”

Cllr Thomas’s objections – notwithstanding his former status as chairman of Penarth Town Planning Committee – have not persuaded the Vale Council’s professional planning officers, who have given the go-ahead for the development.


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  1. JTR69 says:

    Glad to see this approved. I think that the back lanes should be populated and help alleviate the housing shortage.

    • That Condor Moment says:

      There are better ways of alleviating the housing shortage. Rear lanes can be dangerous, cars going by, no vision splays and front doors opening directly onto a rear lane/road with no pavement.

    • Anne Greagsby says:

      Not likely as any property in this location is not going to be affordable which is where the shortage of housing is.

  2. Anne Greagsby says:

    The Penarth town plan presumes against back lane development. This will encourage more applications of this type which is a retrograde step. Doesn’t Penarth heritage and conservation areas need better protection? This planning cmte sounds worse than the last lot.

    • JTR69 says:

      Retrograde step..? Let’s build on the fields surrounding the town and create a conurbation then shall we?
      These back lanes are effectively mini ‘brownfield’ sites which require no further infrastructure to be implemented. Think about it, populating the back lanes are a highly effective way of increasing housing stock.

  3. Lucie says:

    Yes and after all they are doing it for there elderly parents.To house them and look after them.😆😆

    • Hamish Munnypenny says:

      There is no objection to them looking after their elderly parents. The issue revolves around what happens to the new dwelling when the property is sold, and will the two dwellings be sold separately in the future.
      Furthermore, what happens when other people get the same idea? Will it lead to a host of new dwellings clustered around the lane? It may be setting an unfortunate precedent.

  4. Robert Jones says:

    What’s wrong with having someone living up your back passage?

  5. John Powell says:

    Poor elderly parents!

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