The General Election votes in the Cardiff South and Penarth Constituency were counted at Cardiff City Hall (Media Wales)

The Electoral Commission Wales has revealed that no checks are carried out to establish whether students who are legally dual-registered to vote at both their home address and their university or college address – have broken the law by voting twice in the General Election.

Students are legally-entitled to register to vote at both their home addresses and at their uiniversity address.

This arrangement  gives students aged 18 and over  a “double franchise”  – and the right to cast 2 separate sets of votes in council elections . It’s a factor which may partly account for the quirky results of May’s local council elections in Penarth

However the right of students to vote in two different places in council elections is supposed NOT to extend to General Elections – in which its technically illegal to vote more than once.

There are more than 15,000 students in Cardiff – more than enough to swing the election result in any constituency. With little or no life-experience in the real world, some commentators claim that the majority of students have a naive, simplistic  and  – some would say – plain stupid political attitudes.

Now it’s feared that some students – who were promised by Labour an end to tuition fees –  may have used their double-registrations not only to vote twice in local government elections (which is legal) but also to vote twice in General Elections (which is illegal).

The Electoral Commission can’t institute more rigorous without a change in the law.

The Electoral Commission for Wales has admitted no checks carried out before or after a General Election to establish whether a student has voted in both locations – more than likely by the postal ballot – which the Commission recognises is wide-open to fraud.

More students in Wales than ever before are now reported to be cheating at their examinations and, it’s feared, are bringing the same kind of irresponsible attitude to bear when casting their votes.

In Cardiff South and Penarth – which has a high population of students – there was a massive drive by the Labour Party to encourage students to register and to vote. Across the country 9 out of every 10 students were registered to vote with the overwhelming majority of them voting – legally or illegally – for Labour.

Defeated:Craig Williams lost his Cardiff North seat in a disastrous night for the Conservatives

In some  Cardiff constituencies Labour appeared to have done backstairs, anti-democratic deals with the Green Party persuading the Greens not to put up candidates – which could otherwise have detracted from the Labour vote in marginal constitucies.

The Green Party were thanked by Labour after dopdid a deal with Labour after doing a deal not to put up dandidates in stand in Cardiff North and Cardiff Central constituencies.

Green Party deputy chair Anthony Slaughter has said on Twitter than his party has received “acknowledgement / thanks” from Labour for not putting up candidates in the marginal seats of Cardiff North [where Labour defeated the incumbent Conservative candidate Craig Williams] and in Cardiff Central, which Labour retained.

93% of students entitled to vote had registered in time for this month’s  General Election – more than 55% of them saying they intended to vote Labour and – in practice – far more them them voting Labour under the “guidance” of preponderantly left-wing lecturers.

The Electoral Commission says all it can do is to apply the law as it stands and it would be up to the Government to tighten up the legislation applying to student and postal voting.

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  1. Hamish Munnypenny says:

    Reaching for a reason for the poor performances by certain candidates with an explanation based on little or no evidence is how conspiracy theories get going.
    This is mere speculation, when the straightforward explanation, as evidenced by the general election results across the country, is that people are fed up with the Tories. Years of austerity for ideological reasons, having been told it was absolutely necessary, is not in the interests of everyone, but only in the interests of the very wealthy.
    Most people have had enough of lies and manipulation by right wing politicians.

    • Danny Oakentrode says:

      The idea that students were swayed in local elections on May 4th by the promise of the scrapping of tuition fees in the Labour manifesto leaked on May 11th does not ring true.
      Labour underperformed in the local elections, only to surpass expectations in the General Election. I suspect it was a popular manifesto that made the difference rather than the “plain stupid political attitudes” of some students mentioned in the article. This popular appeal is much more obviously why the Labour Party have surged in the polls since their manifesto appeared, as well as capturing the youth vote.

    • Ann Other says:

      But didn’t the Conservatives get the largest number of seats and also attract more votes on a national basis than in the previous election? They didn’t lose, did they?

      • Hamish Munnypenny says:

        They would have if the election had been a week later. Instead, the whole country has lost, with a weak and wobbly Theresa May clinging to the last vestiges of power, and having to make dodgy deals to achieve anything at all. If that counts as a Conservative win then it’s time to wonder what they represent – the good of the people, or keeping their lucrative incomes safe.

    • I’ve had more than enough of lies and manipulation by all politicians no matter which party they belong to.

  2. Betty Swallocks says:

    An interesting notion, but lacking credibility as few students have two addresses in the same constituency.
    The likelier explanation is that Conservative campaigns were lacklustre and unappealing to the majority of voters where they lost.

  3. Chris Franks says:

    A real scandal is they way money donated to the DUP is not publicly recorded unlike every party in Wales. There is no clarity about where they allocate their funds or what they do with it. Then there are the allegations relating to the difference between ‘national’ spending and local spending.

  4. Anne Greagsby says:

    The green party had no money to stand in those seats anyway. Slaughter tried and failed to do a deal with Plaid Cymru to stand down in St Augustines.

  5. Philip Rapier says:

    On the 4 November 1839 George Shell a 15 year old apprentice carpenter and Chartist from Pontypool was shot dead on the streets of Newport along with 19 other Welshman. Why?- because they wanted one man one vote.
    The Tories finally were defeated on this issue in 1950
    The Labour government in 1930 attempted to abolish the university constituencies, but was defeated in the House of Commons. Although the members for the university constituencies were usually Conservatives, in the later years Independent candidates began to win many of the seats. In 1948, the Labour government abolished the university constituencies, with effect from the dissolution of Parliament in 1950, along with all other examples of plural voting.
    To suggest the routing of UKIP and vote less Tess was any thing other than her being a self inflicted victim of a Maggie Thatcher style ego trip is ridiculous.

    • Frank Evans says:

      I heard they put up a lovely mosaic in Newport to commemorate this. But the labour council tore it down for a capitalist shopping centre. 😅

  6. Mark Foster says:

    Fear not. The Electoral Commission has now carried out their statutory duty to report that that the breakdown of votes for Stephen Doughty in the General Election was as follows:

    Legal Immigrants 10%
    Illegal Immigrants 22%
    Postal Votes from Somalia and Sub-Saharan Africa 25%
    Postal Votes elsewhere 10%
    Students Voting Twice 3%
    Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Trannies 7%
    Homosexual Scoutmasters 5%
    Jihadists from Libya 9%
    Twisted Labour Party / Hope Not Hate Supporters 8.9%
    Philip Rapier and Family 0.1%
    Normal Heterosexual Married Couples in Penarth 0.0%

    The Electoral Commission have decided not to take any action in this matter because its not in the Public Interest, just like their co-conspirators in the Crown Prosecution Service failed to prosecute Sivaruby Sivagnanam for Driving without Due Care and Attention in her Labour Party advertisement.

    • Betty Swallocks says:

      Mark, if your argument had any weight or substance whatsoever, you wouldn’t have to make things up.
      You have undermined any credibility you might have had by presenting fiction dressed as fact.
      You have undermined your own case with a very poorly framed and poorly presented pack of lies.

    • Betty Swallocks says:

      Oh, and it doesn’t even have the merit of humour.

  7. AK says:

    I thought it was quite amusing.

    But let’s be honest, since there is no need to produce a polling card or any other form of ID at the polling station, the whole thing is wide open to fraudsters.

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