The main face of Penarth’s town clock  has now been blanked off

Shopper and visitors Windsor Road, Penarth will no longer be able to consult the reproduction  “Victorian” town clock on the roundabout to check the time.

One of the four faces of the clock – the one which faces Windsor Road – has for months been persistently telling the wrong time and evidently it’s not proved possible to replace the mechanism to keep it in synchronisation with the other three faces.

The unacceptable face of Penarth is the rogue one on the right

The Town Council has now blanked off the face with circular signage which says “Welcome to – Croeso i Penarth”  committing a Welsh language faux pas in the process. Strictly speaking, the Welsh greeting should read “Croeso i Benarth” – as there should be a soft mutation on the “P” of Penarth.

The clock was originally presented to Penarth by the local Rotary Club in 1987 – but from time to time, some (and occasionally all)  of the clock’s hands have failed to keep up with the times.

The clock, which is driven by mains electricity,  is also often affected by the weather .

Penarth's Town Clock may well find itself being decapitated again - as it was in 2009 - for repairs to be carried out.

Penarth’s  erratic Town Clock may well find itself being decapitated again – as it was in 2009 – for repairs to be carried out.

In 2009 Penarth Town Clock it was taken down for a comprehensive overhaul – but still developed faults when it was returned to service.

According to the Penarth Town Council’s accounts , in the year ending March 31st 2017 the Labour-run council spent over ten thousand pounds (£10,912.00p to be exact ) on the town centre clock.

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  1. Papa Lazarou says:

    I’d like to see Mr Doughty on the roundabout controlling traffic…a bit like the policeman in the old arcades under the mutistory car park on the front..

  2. Saw workmen measuring the clock last week , thought they were going to replace it.

  3. Chris Shamb says:

    That is an embarrassment, bring the clock back!

  4. mikeyorke says:

    That just looks a bit daft now doesn’t it

  5. Frank Evans says:

    How difficult can it be to have a clock that tells the right time on all four faces. Instead we had a four faced lair.

  6. The Farmer's wife says:

    Maybe if the Vale Council cancelled one of the Red Arrows flying over Barry next month for their transport show we could have the clock fixed. Oh dear sorry I forgot we are the poor relations in Penarth. How much do the Red Arrows cost for a flypast – anyone know – which category of our council tax does that come out?

    • Victor Y says:

      The Red Arrows pull in a lot of people to the festival which is great for the local economy so is a worthwhile investment. Personally, I think 3 working clock faces is more than enough and am glad that the council have decided not to spend our taxes on trying to fix a clock mechanism that we don’t need. So long as there is 1 clock there showing the correct time, preferably viewable from the main shopping area, then surely that is more than adequate.

      • Anne Greagsby says:

        Duh! The missing clock dace s the one that faces the shops. Are you the new defender of the labour party town councillors …or can’t they speak for themselves?

      • Victor Y says:

        No need to be so belittling and aggressive Anne. Just because I see the positive in something does not mean I am a defender of the labour party, I’ve never voted for them and in their current state probably never will. I appreciate you are all about political point scoring but your main tactic is to object to everything that you have no power yourself to change, fine, it’s your way, but you are wasting your time if you are trying to get political one-upmanship (womanship in your case) on me as I have absolutely no interest in politics.

        Anyway, if you seriously think that its that important to have 4 working clocks on the roundabout then by all means you can offer to pay for it.

  7. Mrs Tumble says:

    Come on NickyPage save the clock face campaign – you are slow off the mark here

  8. Anne Greagsby says:

    Congratulations to Penarths new town councillors who have already proven they more inadequate that the last lot. Can’t even get the clock fixed!? Plus allow backlane development in a conservation area, won’t discuss wakeboarding at Cosmeston…. (P.s. I live in Penarth)

    • Victor Y says:

      “Can’t even get the clock fixed!?”…or maybe they are trying to save our money to spend somewhere else that needs it more. Just a thought.

    • penarthblog says:

      It’s right and proper to continually criticise wrong doings whenever they crop up, but it’s my understanding that the planning application for the lane property and the Cosmeston development were passed by VOG not PTC. That said it’s right to condemn both.

      • NewsNet says:

        The wakeboarding application for Cosmeston Country Park has not yet been considered by the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Planning Committee.

  9. Mrs Tumble says:

    Victor Y – by Great for the local economy. – I assume you mean Barry – we don’t get much for our buck in Penarth.

  10. AK says:

    £10,000 ?

    The Council could fund 1000 wrist watches for that !

    Time for it to go – or get sponsors to fund the blank face

  11. Edward says:

    The sign is actually very nice and its Art Deco feel goes well with the town centre. It’s certainly an economical solution to the broken clock.

  12. Tim Russell says:

    arnt we all ignoring the elephant in the room…who spenrt 10 grand of our money on a repair which didn’t happen..some one is robbing us ..what happens when the other 3 clocks break down…more welcome signs??? perhaps there should be a rare£30,000 contingency in the budget for this inevitable maintenance !!!

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