Penarth’s D class lifeboat returns to base after yesterday’s Sully Island rescue

Two more people were collected by lifeboat from Sully Island yesterday and brought ashore to waiting HM Coastguard officers at Swanbridge.

The two unidentified people – of unspecified ages and genders –  had been marooned on the island by the rising tide. It is RNLI policy not to divulge details of people who are rescued.

The constant Sully Island rescues and the regular call-outs to broken-down motor-vessels have again raised the issue of whether there is scope in Penarth for a commercial “AA-style” breakdown, sea-taxi  and salvage towing service the area – such as is common the the USA. Such a service – it’s said – would allow the lifeboat crews to focus on emergencies where life is genuinely in danger .

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  1. whatsoccurin says:

    Yes-it was a routine sort of week-end-was that the “blink or you’ll miss it” festival-artists doing their stuff-a few “gambos” down the slope-no procession, no Vulcan fly past, no stalls on the the Promenade!-a “do” that only Penarth Councillors could be proud of-or is there more next week-end?

  2. Jean Thomas says:

    Why is there no “hooter” that would tell the people on the island that it is time for them to leave; if they don’t take any notice then they should pay to be rescued; the RNLI is, after all dependent on donations to survive.

  3. Penileaks says:

    An AA style service might indeed work, but why not provide it through the RNLI ?
    I realise that they are probably registered as a charity and should therefore not make a profit out of any such venture, but surely a reasonable charge could be made for such ‘rescues’ and placed in the Penarth, or national RNLI coffers ?

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