The Sea Cadets’ training ship John Jerwood passing Penarth Pier en route to Cardiff Bay

Passing Penarth en route for Cardiff Bay yesterday was the Sea Cadets’ training ship John Jerwood with some of her crew of young 12-18 year old cadets lined up on the foredeck in traditional Navy-style.

The John Jerwood is  used as part of the Sea Cadets’ training programme for 12 to 18-year-old recruits – teaching them “teamwork and social responsibility through a range of activities based on seamanship and maritime skills”.

Sea Cadets line-up on the foredeck in traditional Navy style on entering port

The 24 metre vessel gives the young uniformed trainees big-boat experience – which the organisation regards as crucial part of their naval instruction.

The Sea Cadets  have a busy and very active base in Penarth (TS Glamorgan) where young people learn maritime traditions,  disciplines and skills.

The Penarth Sea Cadets’ hut is technically a “ship” – called T.S. Glamorgan

The Sea Cadet Corps is a nationwide voluntary uniformed youth organisation for 12-18 year-olds which dates back to the Crimean War. It was formed from what then were called “Naval Lads’ Brigades” –  set up in Victorian times to help orphans in the back streets of British port cities.

There are now almost 400 Units based across the UK with a membership of  13,000 cadets.

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