Fishermen who discovered this new hole in the Northern Promenade say it could be lethal for anyone walking the route at night (Photo :Marko White)

Local fishermen are warning that a large – and potentially dangerous – pit has now  has opened-up in the neglected half of Penarth’s sea-front – the Northern Promenade.

The Northern Promenade extends as far to the North of the entrance to Penarth Puer as does the remainder of Penarth Esplanade to the South.

The Northern Promenade encases an old Victorian sewer which is now collapsing (Photo Marko White)

There are concerns that – with no warning signs or barriers in place –  members of the public could easily fall into the unguarded pit – especially at night. As the route is a public footway, the hazard could expose the Vale Council to liability claims.

Penarth’s Southern and abandoned Northern Promenades constitute the full length of the Esplanade

The Northern Promenade was originally built as a continuation of the Southern Promenade  placing the pier entrance at what is actually the “mid-point” of the entire Esplanade.

What was once Penarth’s main brick-lined oval-section sewer, was laid within the Northern Promenade to carry sewage North along the base of the cliff and – via a dog leg bend out across the shore into the sea.

It was assumed Welsh Water would fill-in and make-safe all of the old Victorian brick-lined sewer. The Northernmost part of it however  was left untouched and open to the elements. (PDN Library photo taken in August 2015)

This sewer was subsequently adapted to deal with only storm-water and Penarth’s raw sewage was then pumped to Cog Moors treatment works instead via powerful pumps buried 25 feet beneath the Esplanade near Penarth Pier.

In the summer of 2014 Morgan Sindall – contractors of Welsh Water – carried out a £1,300,000 contract to lay a new replacement storm-water sewer pipe  running north along the shore line which was covered with rock armour.

The old and disused Victorian brick sewer beneath the Northern Promenade was supposed to have been sealed off and made safe – but the structure of the neglected promenade has continued to deteriorate.

How the Penarth’s Northern Promenade looked in 1900 – complete with public benches

Some residents say that the Northern Promenade should now be properly renovated to the same standard as the rest of the Esplanade – complete with railings,  –  and with public benches which were  a feature of the original Northern Prom when it was first built.

Such a scheme – they say  – would have the added bonus of doubling the perceived length of the existing sea front and would ease crowd congestion in the summer months on the stretch between the Southern section of the Esplanade between the Pier to the yacht Club

UPDATE: 12/7/2017  The Vale of Glamorgan Council has now fenced off the hole and says repairs will be carried out within a few days’ time

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  1. snoggerdog says:

    im fairly certain that welsh water “do up” or cement over the dardanelles to make it safer,but either the vale/penarth council turned them down,at the time i thought this was to discourage people from using the route,of course its done no such thing,im an old timer but i scramble over from the barrage to the front once or twice a week,cant we twin barry island seashore with penarth seashore ? im sure i can hear someone saying “dont be silly”

    • snoggerdog says:

      re the above ive left out “offered to”

    • whatsoccurin says:

      good luck snoggerdog-it is possible to walk around but the shore is quite slimy at times, so it is easy to fall,sprain an ankle etc. The Vale have made an excellent job of the Barry Island causeway-something similar at Penarth would be great-they may even run it straight around to the Barrage.

      • snoggerdog says:

        i do what people i meet tell me to do umpteen times a day whats occurrin, take care!

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    M’learned friends at the Vale of Glamorgan Legal Dept may be soon be hearing from their M’learned friends at Natural Resources Wales again
    Vale of Glamorgan Cormeston kamikaze Water Ski and Vole Destructon Scheme v The People of Penarth
    The 1957 Access Act is clear
    “People making use of their CRoW access rights are owed a duty of care by the Occupier. The duty
    does not include risks arising from natural features of the landscape (including lakes, rivers, ponds
    and trees) or injuries incurred while crossing a wall, fence or hedge (except when using a gate or
    stile properly) unless
    – the danger is due to anything done by the occupier– deliberately or recklessly—-
    to create that risk. —–In deciding the extent to which a duty is met, the courts must take into account
    the burden on the occupier, impacts on the character of the land, including features of historic,
    traditional or archaeological interest, and statutory advice from Natural Resources Wales.”—-

  3. Jackie says:

    What dies that mean in plain’English?

    Lets just get it done to enable visitors to walk to Penarth from the barrage!

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