Great shots of some of last night’s fireworks as seen from Penarth Esplanade – (Photographed by Duncan McKellar)

A 20-minute-long fireworks display on Penarth Pier provided an early climax for Penarth Town Council’s so-called  “Carnival Weekender”  last night – although further events – including a high-wire walk and an  RAF Falcons parachute display – are scheduled to take place later today .

Penarth Pier became a veritable volcanic inferno as thousands of pounds worth of fireworks were ignited. Many local residents s however were disappointed to find that the Penarth Head Park and its viewing platform – an ideal vantage point for watching the display – had been locked up and no one was allowed to watch from the headland.

What local council-taxpayers might have been able to see last night if they had been allowed entrance to Penarth Head Park … which they weren’t

It’s was the first time that the annual firework display has been held on a Friday night as opposed to the traditional Saturday.

The Bristol Channel turns into the Red Sea.  The spectacular fireworks display shot from the Esplanade (Photos Kevin O’Sullivan)

The changes are part of the council’s plan to up-date the annual jamboree, refresh the mix of events and spread attractions more evenly across the  period.

In previous years most of the events have been held on the Esplanade on a Saturday with the fireworks providing the climax of the evening to the what used to be Carnival Day- but the traditional parade of decorated floats mounted on the back of flatbed lorries has long gone. As part of the re-formatted “Carnival Weekender” the council also decided – with effect from this year –  to end the  “walking parades” of  costumed groups which last year were led by a bagpipe band onto the Esplanade .





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  1. Papa Lazarou says:

    Slowly being released from the council to the private sector

  2. Max Wallis says:

    A lot of disappointed people including small children went to the Penarth Head Park with its infamous viewing platform – but unlike previous years were met with locked gates. A rotten way to treat residents.

  3. Taffy says:

    And double parking allowed on bus route. Bus takes up to 30 minutes to travel 400 yards. Each year Penarth council intend to stop parking on one side. Need several years notice todo it!

  4. Jayflan says:

    Ha! That’s ironic. Can’t view anything from the viewing platform. You couldn’t make it up!

  5. philip dawson says:

    There’ll be even more disappointed adults and children who turn up on saturday night. What an absolute shambles this year’s event -or should that be non-event- has been. Long gone are the glory years of the Penarth Holiday Week.

  6. Anthony Eden says:

    Disappointed by the way that attractions were spread across such a wide area and such inadequate signposting too. There seemed plenty of room on the Esplanade for the craft sellers who were exiled to the cliff top and the decision to put the circus performers on the pier meant that the Esplanade was half empty, with the bulk of the attendees on the pier. And why move the petting zoo to the Kymin, again no signage, and the donkey rides were located there too! Hats off to the stallholders who turned out despite the poor weather, and to Tabernacle for their free cafe, but the Town Council’s organisation and marketing of the event, not good.

  7. CelticMan says:

    Unfortunately I have to agree with philip and Anthony’s comments – a shambles of a virtually empty esplanade on Friday and non existent signposting. Spreading the event too wide was commented on adversely last year by stall holders and visitors but obviously ignored.

  8. Grey local says:

    A programme of what was supposed to be on would have been useful. We only knew of the high wire walker because of the PDN so thanks we got there just in time to see it.
    Even less stalls on the prom this year. Perhaps due to the charges of £50 for a stall and £12 for a licence put many charities off. Why doesn’t the PACL invite the cliff top painters to show their fantastic display in the pier pavilion where lots could see it and it would bring income in to the pier pavilion cafe? Or maybe it’s seen as too lowbrow for them.

    • CelticMan says:

      That’s a really good idea 💡

    • 92 and a social butterfly says:

      I only knew about the high wire walk because of PDN so thank you, saw the posters about the cliff top crafts too late.

  9. mikeyorke says:

    Completely agree on the very poor advertising.

    Why not add banners in the town centre where the bunting is? And on the roundabout perhaps?

    There seemed to be a lack of information regarding what was going on during each day and only stumbled across things or saw them on PDN.

  10. Keith says:

    Agree with all comments on here – got to have been one of the worse advertising campaigns ever ?
    Also spread out too long – No community spirit ? – Park in Park @ Albert Road the high light – Well done to all the people involved in organising that

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